tree branches decoration ideas

19+ Tree Branches Decoration Ideas That Will Surprise You

As home decor becomes more adventurous, a trend we can all agree works well is bringing nature indoors. In this post, we take a look at tree branches decoration ideas. They are a fantastic way to add a natural element to any room, which can change the vibe. Given the unique shape of any given decorative branch, it also creates a unique piece of furniture that adds character to any space…

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toy storage ideas

47+ DIY Toy Storage Ideas That Really Hit the Mark

If you have kids, you know that storage for your kids toys is an absolute must. You know how it is, within a blink of the eye, you have hundreds of toys…from a stuffed animal to toy cars! In this post, we take a look at DIY storage ideas, ideas that you can create yourselves. Even a basic DIY enthusiast can undertake these tasks…

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wood accent wall

49+ Stunning Wood Accent Wall Ideas That Impress

Boring walls are a cardinal sin in interior design. Whether you choose to paint or wallpaper, that is up to you. However, have you considered a wood accent wall? This relatively new trend incorporates a designer element to the wall, using engaging patterns to peak a persons interest. It adds character and detail to a room in a less traditional way…

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vanity room ideas

27+ Vanity Room Ideas That Deliver Beauty

Traditionally a space in the bedroom, where one would apply makeup. That is of course the traditional view of things, but not much has really changed. A focused space like this means that your items can easily be organised. It also means that you aren’t standing at a bathroom sink trying to apply makeup. In this post, we take a look at some vanity room ideas…

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dark brown brown sofa living room ideas

37+ Dark Brown Sofa Living Room Ideas That Inspire

Is this a difficult color to work with? A dark brown sofa is always going to split opinion. For some, it’s a reminder of yesteryear, a color that has long been removed from the fashion circles. For others, it is a rustic and robust color that works perfectly in the home. In this post, we continue our series on couch and sofa colors…

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