guitar room ideas

33+ Guitar Room Ideas That Hit The Right Note

Guitar room ideas are very subjective. For some, they are are room to simply store your guitars. For others, They are much more than that. It is a space to relax, a space to create, a space to innovate, a space to practice, a space to record…only then is it a space to store your guitars and equipment…

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vanity room ideas

27+ Vanity Room Ideas That Deliver Beauty

Traditionally a space in the bedroom, where one would apply makeup. That is of course the traditional view of things, but not much has really changed. A focused space like this means that your items can easily be organised. It also means that you aren’t standing at a bathroom sink trying to apply makeup. In this post, we take a look at some vanity room ideas…

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dark brown brown sofa living room ideas

37+ Dark Brown Sofa Living Room Ideas That Inspire

Is this a difficult color to work with? A dark brown sofa is always going to split opinion. For some, it’s a reminder of yesteryear, a color that has long been removed from the fashion circles. For others, it is a rustic and robust color that works perfectly in the home. In this post, we continue our series on couch and sofa colors…

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pots and pans storage ideas

21+ Pots and Pans Storage Ideas That Deliver

Today, we take a look at pots and pans storage ideas. Most of you will understand the frustration that a limited amount of kitchen storage can cause. Organising pots and pans efficiently can create a lot more storage space. This is especially important if you have a small kitchen…

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