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Get Inspired with these home decor styles

If you have a love for different interior design styles, then you probably spend a lot of time looking at home decor styles and trying to get ideas. With so many different styles out there, the possibilities are endless! From country home décor to modern home décor, there is no shortage of designs that will work with your personal style. However, learning about a different style may not be enough. You also need to understand what styles complement each other so you can create stunning rooms in your own house. In this post, I will describe some popular home décor styles that should get you feeling like an interior designer.

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Home Decor Styles With The Wow Factor


Rustic home décor can be described as anything that has a natural and primitive feel. This usually includes designs and pieces inspired by nature and wilderness, such as wood paneling, stone walls and floors, antler chandeliers and animal print bedding. Rustic also encompasses an appreciation for heritage-based crafts such as pottery, weaving and stitching which you will often see used in rustic wedding décor or other special events such as barn weddings or rustic themed corporate events.

To create a rustic home décor style, there are some main elements to include: burlap textiles; wicker furniture; reclaimed/vintage pieces; a neutral colour palette like grey, browns and dark greens; woven rugs in natural shades; wooden furniture with a natural finish or design; white Christmas lights and glass hurricane lanterns. A farmhouse style is very comfortable with this look, a farmhouse decor being a personal favorite of mine.

When adding midcentury rustic elements to your home décor, be sure to select pieces that have been crafted from quality materials such as reclaimed wood, sturdy wicker and fabric derived from organic, natural fibers. If you don’t already have these types of things in your house then think about purchasing them second hand or from an antique dealer to ensure they fit the theme of rustic home decorating style.

classic home decor styles


Modern home décor is an interior design style that uses clean, straight lines and focuses on minimalism for a simple yet appealing aesthetic. It is heavily influenced by the modern architectural movement which favors large open spaces with abundant natural lighting. If you want to create a modern space in your home consider painting your walls stark white or using a gray color palette because both will make your rooms appear larger, brighter and more contemporary. Then place only the essentials in your rooms such as furniture pieces that have an austere appearance without too many flourishes or adornments. A modern interior design style, bedrooms should contain a comfortable mattress on a simple bed frame, while living rooms should have streamlined sofas upholstered with leather or other hard-wearing fabrics in neutral colors e.g. grey/beige.

You can also decorate your home in a modern style with the help of some simple accessories like black and white patterned rugs, glass or metallic coffee tables, steel ventilated shelving units, sleek vases filled with blooms in geometric shapes and white Christmas lights strung up to create an ambient glowing effect. When it comes to tech-related items try to only include the things you really need because excess tech paraphernalia will date your space.

There are many ways that you can add elements of modern design into your rooms without breaking the bank or needing to hire expensive interior designers. All you have to do is remove any items from your rooms that don’t fit in with this aesthetic – for example anything made of wood such as floorboards and furniture pieces will instantly date your space if they are not painted/stained white or gray. Also take care to avoid homeware pieces that feature traditional, ornate designs because the overall effect will be gaudy rather than contemporary.

You can also ensure that all of your decor items are sleek and streamlined by choosing them based on their appearance alone – whether an item is actually useful shouldn’t influence your decision to keep it in a modern home. Instead pick things for their appearance first e.g. does this lamp have clean lines? Is it made from aluminum or glass? Once you’ve picked out all of the modern looking pieces then make sure they’re displayed neatly so that no surface has too many knick-knacks or ornaments on it.

different types of home decor styles


Traditional home decor is a design style that focuses on classical and traditional elements such as classic paintings, prints and furniture. It was popular in homes during the Victorian era and can still be seen in many English pubs today thanks to this period’s popularity with British tourists.

If you’re looking to put together a space that has a formal appearance then traditional design is the best choice for your décor theme. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to throw out everything that isn’t Victorian because there are plenty of pieces from other time periods and cultures which will blend in perfectly with this look e.g. Oriental rugs, Asian pottery and Egyptian statues and vases. Keep in mind though that if an item has been manufactured in a non-traditional manner (e.g. it’s made from plastic) then it won’t suit this design aesthetic and should be removed or replaced with a more traditional item.

Traditional decor spaces include rustic taverns, formal living rooms and Victorian style homes where interiors are filled with dark wood furnishings such as mahogany tables and chairs, plush velvet sofas and antique dressers or hutches that double up as TV cabinets. If you want to give your space a more luxurious appearance then finish off the look with thick patterned carpets and gold plated home accessories like lampshades and sculptures

Once you’ve cleared out all of the non-traditional items in your room use stark black and white portraits to create focal points on the walls while covering lampshades with dark fabric to stop them from standing out too much.

To create a traditional look in your home simply think about what features are prominent within this design style e.g. rich colors, period furniture pieces and antique decoration items then choose a color scheme that you can work into your décor theme. For example, if you’re working with a room that has dark wood floors then pick jewel tones for the rest of your décor to offset the darkness of the space or else go for gold and silver metallic finishes which will also look well against wooden surfaces. Also make sure you use plenty of textured fabrics like velvet sofas and wool/cashmere rugs because they tend to be common in Victorian homes where comfort was favored over practicality.

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Industrial interior design is a style of home décor which takes inspiration from basic construction, machinery and the working class. It often features large metal frames and supports, glass windows and dark paint finishes along with simple shapes to create minimalist, high contrast rooms that give off a rustic farmhouse feel. If you’re searching for a way to make your home appear more masculine or if you want an easy way to transform your space from traditional style to modern then industrial design may be right for you.

You can’t go wrong with choosing metallic pieces as accents because they’ll look fantastic against a clean white backdrop and will also help bring a sense of shine into any room without making it too glamorous. Of course, there are plenty of other ways that you can achieve a stylish industrial look in your home.

For example, you can use wide plank wooden flooring within your design to create an authentic ‘workshop’ feel while painting the walls black and white which will contrast starkly against the wood and give off a strong masculine vibe. Adding concrete or brick tiles on portions of the floor will help break up the monotony of solid color while also creating visual interest with their unique designs. Alternatively, if you’re looking to design an industrial space that’s more open-plan then consider placing some wooden beams across your ceiling so that they sit above eye level while still appearing natural enough to be part of the architecture rather than just an added decoration piece.

Once again don’t forget about texture because it’s incredibly important when trying to create an industrial look. There are plenty of textured fabrics that you can choose from such as wool rugs and leather sofas, however for a more modern approach use concrete tiles and steel railings in the place of traditional floor coverings and wall décor.

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Casual design is a popular choice when designing your home because unlike formal designs, this style doesn’t put strict restrictions on color schemes, furniture pieces or textures – making it much easier for people who want to take their time decorating their homes yet still come up with a final result that looks fantastic. The entire point behind casual style is to make your space feel easy going and open, so it’s important to use neutral colors in your design and frequent splashes of bright color here and there for accents.

Casual design is also an excellent choice if you have kids or pets because the lack of intricate patterns, extensive furniture pieces or small accessories often makes it easier to clean up any messes that are made within the home without leaving too much damage behind. This décor style can be achieved by using lightweight curtains which allow enough light into a room but don’t cover the windows completely when closed, combined with wooden furniture pieces painted in natural tones such as white and cream, however you can go for darker wood finishes if you prefer a more traditional look.

In terms of flooring choose something that looks stylish but that you can easily clean such as hardwood or ceramic tiles because they’re both simple to maintain and often look great when paired with casual design. Alternatively if you’d like to add plenty of interest into your space then consider using a mixture of different flooring types; for example place dark wood flooring in some areas, while opting for natural stone tiles in others and keep the rest of the floor bare so that it’s easier to sweep away any dirt.

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Eclectic design is a great choice for those of you who want to experiment with different styles but find that staying within the confines of one doesn’t allow your creativity enough freedom. The entire point behind eclectic design is to take inspiration from multiple décor genres including industrial, modern and transitional style, and mix them all together to create a unique look that’s entirely your own. This can be achieved by using industrial metal furniture pieces such as filing cabinets or framed mirrors placed against natural wood furnishings (such as wooden credenzas or wall units made out of pine).

When it comes to color schemes it’s best not to limit yourself because if you feel like painting your walls industrial silver then go ahead, however do make sure that after this decision has been made you keep everything else relatively conservative. One of the best things about eclectic design is that it’s very flexible so there’s no need to worry if a piece doesn’t work out as well as first thought, just move it into another area where its presence won’t be as prominent and try something new instead.

Eclectic style can also be mixed with other styles such as industrial and casual to produce a unique look so don’t be afraid to experiment with different color schemes and furniture pieces until you’re completely happy with the end result. It may take longer than usual but, in the end, I guarantee that your space will be truly personal to you which is what interior design is all about!

popular home decor styles


Contemporary design is an excellent choice if you want to give your home a modern makeover but don’t want to go with the ultra-modern look, instead creating something that feels more stylish and elegant. This style often tends to be very minimalist in nature which means it only uses the bare essentials when it comes to furniture style and accessories. For example, using a set of sleek black leather sofas against a white back drop will create a contemporary interior design style, as well as neutralizing any bright colors or patterns that could otherwise distract from the overall décor style. Exposed brick is particularly popular with this style.

In terms of color schemes use soft pastel shades such as cream, beige, grey and light blue for most items within your space including walls, flooring, furniture, artwork and even accessories. Make sure that whatever color is used it remains light because the goal is to create a calm environment where your room doesn’t feel cluttered or overcrowded with items.

When working with contemporary design make sure you use elements such as lighting carefully too because they play an important part in creating a stylish look. For example, using chrome pendants or lamps against white walls and floors will give your space a modern edge while keeping things neutral at the same time which means no matter how much your style changes over time there will be no need to redecorate!

different home decor styles


Transitional designs are best described as being casual but classy all at once, offering homeowners a comfortable home that’s great for both everyday living and entertaining guests. This style is a great choice if you like to surround yourself with comfortable furnishings and live in a relaxed environment while still desiring something that has an air of sophistication to it. When it comes down to decorating your space use natural materials such as wood, stone and leather for walls, floors and furniture pieces, however don’t be afraid to add bright color accents such as yellow or green into the mix because this will prevent your home from looking too conservative.

Items such as area rugs will also play an important role when decorating transitional spaces so make sure that you invest in high quality floor coverings made of wool or cotton which can be added to just about any room within your home for instant impact. Try using large mats in neutral colors for your entryway and bedrooms, small area rugs in the living room or dining areas and even lampshades or pillow covers with bright prints if your style is more bohemian.

modern home decor styles

Natural/Boho chic

If you’ve always dreamed of having a simple and uncluttered space to relax in but your budget doesn’t allow for it, then creating a natural or bohemian style home is the perfect solution. It can be created using just about any pieces that may already be lying around your house. This style will often use lots of neutral colors such as brown, cream and light blue when choosing paint, furniture and décor items so there’s no need to spend money on anything new if you don’t want to!

By adding in touches like chunky wooden tables, rag rugs and large wall art you’ll achieve the laidback bohemian look without having to worry about spending too much time or money on redecoration which means there’s nothing stopping you from kicking back and relaxing in your new space.

different styles of home decor

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Scandinavian design uses soft colors and neutral tones throughout so even though it’s a contemporary style there’s also an air of simplicity about it which gives this design the ability to fit into just about any room within your home, no matter its size or shape. In order to achieve this look, use simple wooden furniture items such as cabinets, desks, coffee tables and chairs for a classic appearance that will never go out of fashion, then add in light colored walls using shades such as white or cream for a clean look that won’t make your space feel cramped.

By opting for wooden floor coverings in either a light or dark shade of brown you’ll create the perfect backdrop for Scandinavian style so never be afraid to mix and match your furniture items, especially when it comes to placing lamps, cushions and rugs around the room.

A good tip is to use soft shades of pink or green against white walls while adding in pops of bright color using accessories such as throw pillows.

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French country

French country style uses a lot of deep warm colors, whether subtle or vibrant to create an elegant look that looks fabulous in both large and small spaces. By choosing pieces made from materials such as reclaimed wood, distressed metals, stone or even marble, you’ll achieve that perfect rustic style and feel which is often paired with antique furniture items for the ultimate French country look.

When it comes to decorating your space use rugs throughout, especially ones with dark floral prints against light colored flooring because this will make the pattern really stand out. Try painting walls using shades of salmon pink or teal, adding matching drapes over windows and even installing wooden beams across ceilings where possible to give your home that true French countryside effect.

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Victorian era

If you want to give your home an elegant look but don’t have the budget for extravagant pieces then Victorian style is extremely cost effective because it can be achieved using just about any items that are around your house. This type of design is famous for its use of decorative moldings, chandeliers, stone fireplaces and even heavy curtains so there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy this type of appearance if your space already has these features in place. Simply by adding in new furniture items such as cabinets, desks, coffee tables and chairs will achieve this look within no time at all!

When it comes to decorating start with floor coverings like rugs which will instantly bring warmth into your room. Next add soft furnishings including throws over sofas and armchairs, layer up cushions to give your space a dreamy appearance while also choosing floral wallpaper designs to create an authentic Victorian feel. Then invite friends over for dinner parties with crystal chandeliers lighting the way!

types of styles for home decor

Shabby chic

If you’re looking for a chic yet relaxed style that balances modern and vintage pieces then Shabby Chic design is perfect for you. This type of design uses light pastel color schemes with soft furnishings such as couches, beds and rugs in order to achieve a comfortable elegance which is ideal for any interior style. The best thing about this look is that it can be created using just about anything around your home so there’s no need to spend a lot of money when decorating because the result will be just as impressive!

When putting together your room start by making sure walls are painted in light colors such as white or cream, add matching drapes or even create your own from lace fabrics or material that match your overall décor scheme. Next layer up furniture items by placing cabinets, rugs and small coffee tables around your living room to create that relaxed yet stylish appearance while also adding in light chandeliers or candles which will make your space feel soft and dreamy.

different design styles home decor

By now you should have a good idea of what home decor styles to choose from and how to achieve them. Even if you’re on a tight budget, making small changes such as painting walls white or cream will make all the different in your space.

Plus giving your home a new look whenever you get the chance will not only make you fall in love with it all over again but also motivate you to keep up the appearance so that it looks great for many years to come.

Keeping on top of trends is important because this is how you’ll transform your living space into something more stylish and interesting which is exactly what we should be aiming for when decorating our homes.

Now get out there and transform your home to suit your taste today!

home decor styles

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