11+ IKEA Nursery Hacks That Work

ikea nursery hack

Get inspired with our IKEA nursery hacks

We all know the benefits of shopping at IKEA. They offer some pretty robust furniture that is safe and importantly, well priced. The downside of course, is the generic nature of it. It can look pretty plain which is not ideal. The solution…the humble IKEA hack. Taking a piece of furniture that either re-imagines it or customizes it to give it that personal look. Welcome to our round up page of some of the best IKEA nursery hacks out there.

ikea nursery hacks
IKEA nursery hacks

These IKEA baby nursery ideas will leave you inspired

ikea hack baby room
ikea hack baby room – Vintage Revivals

Tasteful IKEA Gulliver cot hack

This incredibly tasteful hack from Vintage revivals shows what can be achieved for very little money. They have managed to create something special, spending only $20 above the cost of the Gulliver cot from IKEA. Click the link below the picture to read how they did it. An example of a great IKEA nursery hack that can easily be replicated by even the most basic of DIY’er.

ikea nursery hack storage
ikea nursery hack storage – Sarah Sherman Samuel

Stunning IKEA Tarva hack

This is an absolutely stunning Tarva conversion that takes a pretty ordinary piece of furniture and turns it into something so sumptuous, it beggars belief. Is it really the same think? Utterly transformed into a piece of furniture that would easily be classed as premium. With the ability to paint it to your taste, you can totally match the theme of your nursery decor. Read more about how it was achieved using the link below the image.

baby room ikea hack
baby room ikea hack – All About Ami

IKEA Latt hack to deliver a colorful look

Transforming an IKEA Latt table and chair set takes very little effort compared to the wonderful results. Simply the cost of a few cheap materials and cloth, you are on the way to something very unique. Click on the link above to find out how they achieved it.

ikea hacks baby room
ikea hacks baby room – Your DIY Family

Simple IKEA Bekvam hack that delivers

Simple IKEA hacks are a win/win for most people…little effort whilst making the most out of the solidity of IKEA furniture. The IKEA Bekvam is sold as a spice rack…but it makes a great book rack. Simply add a touch of color to make this a perfect piece of furniture for any nursery. Read how ‘Your DIY Family’ achieved this on the link above.

baby ikea hack nurseries
baby ikea hack nurseries

IKEA RASKOG utility cart

This IKEA Raskog cart is sold as a multi functional piece of furniture that has a multitude of uses. The nursery is no exception, it acts as a perfect storage place for your babies things, that you need access to quickly and frequently.

baby ikea hack – Ish & Chi

IKEA Besta & Alexa unit hack

Combining two different ranges of units can create a whole new look. This incredibly functional bench is a combination of the Besta and Alex ranges at IKEA. Simply placing them together, in addition to some soft cushioning delivers a very functional design. See how Ish & Chi achieved this on the link above.

ikea hack baby
ikea hack baby – Squirrelly Minds

Simple IKEA Drona boxes as storage

Sometimes the simplest of hacks can deliver very eye catching results. Simply adding some tassels to these IKEA Drona boxes created quite the eye catching design. See how Squirrelly Minds delivered their IKEA hack above.

ikea baby nursery ideas
ikea baby nursery ideas – Livethemma

Create a colorful look with IKEA LOSJÖN hangers

Update your nursery room with the help of IKEA LOSJÖN hangers, they fit pretty much in any room. Attached with either self-adhesive tape or with screws, they create a colorful yet practical look. Find out more at IKEA.

nursery shelving ideas ikea hacks
nursery shelving ideas ikea hacks – Freshmommyblog

Make a IKEA Lack clothing rack

Check out the link above to find out how Fresh Mommy Blog created this great hack. The tools are simple, the cost minimal. This is essentially an IKEA Lack shelf with a rail screwed beneath it. Obviously, it is not designed to hold a huge weight, but for a nursery holding a few baby clothes, it is perfect.

ikea hack nursery baby
ikea hack nursery baby – Husligheter

A wonderful IKEA Regolit lampshade re-imagined

This great IKEA Regolit hack shows what can be achieved with a little creativity…isn’t it stunning! If you want to create something similar, click the link below the image to see how Husligheter did it.

ikea ideas nursery
ikea ideas nursery – Thislittlestreet

Make a book bin that delivers plenty of style

This simple IKEA hack takes a pre-made piece of furniture and adds some legs…it really is as simple as that. IKEA do a variety of ranges that will meet the needs here such as Besta or Lack. Then it is a case of either making the legs or buying them from Amazon. Screw them together and voila!

ikea hack nursery
ikea hack nursery – Arinsolangeathome

I hope that these IKEA nursery hacks have fired your creative spirit and taken your design ideas to new heights. Remember, you don’t need to be an expert DIY’er to achieve these looks, some pretty rudimentary skills are enough to transform some basic furniture. Share your creations on Pinterest and don’t forget to tag us in!

nursery ideas ikea hacks
Nursery ideas IKEA hacks

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