air plant display

49+ Air Plant Display Ideas That You Will Marvel at

If you’ve never seen an air plant, it really is something to marvel at. They don’t work like a conventional plant, they don’t have roots. They attach themselves to other plants and use their leaves to absorb moisture and nutrients. They are the perfect home plant which can be displayed in a number of ways. In this post, we consider air plant display ideas, what you can do to add some style to your displays, and showcase some great ideas…

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basement bathroom ideas

31+ Basement Bathroom Ideas That Make You Smile

If you are lucky to have a basement that you are looking to turn into a functional space, add value with a basement bathroom. They work really well alongside a basement bedroom, working in tandem to create a great experience for a guest. A basement bathroom is high on the wanted list when it comes to home design, so take a look at these basement bathroom ideas. Look at how they utilise space, color and light to create these wonderful spaces.

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green sofa living room

49+ Green Sofa Living Room Ideas That Will Make a Statement

In this post, we take a look at green sofa living room designs. A green sofa probably isn’t the first color that springs to mind when sofa shopping, it definitely falls into the niche category. However, done well, this sofa color that transform a room, turning the dull into magic. We consider why the sofa ideas below work, offering opinion and commentary…

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black sofa living room

47+ Black Sofa Living Room Ideas That Deliver Style

A black sofa isn’t the staple of a bachelors apartment!. It is probably one of the most versatile colts out there to build your interior design around. The flat nature of the color allows you to focus the eye around different aspects of your interior design. In this post, we take a look at black sofa living room ideas that do precisely that.

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