yoga room ideas

27+ Yoga Room Ideas That Look and Feel Good

As yoga becomes more popular, it is an activity that you can practice in the home. In this post, we take a look at some fantastic home yoga room ideas. Creating your own little space means that you save time and the expense of a yoga studio. Whether it is a little corner in your living room, or a spare room, this interior design post will help you see what is possible. 

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fireplace candle ideas

23+ Wonderful Fireplace Candle Ideas

There was once a time where every fireplace roared with a fire. With heating solutions moving on and more emphasis placed on the environment, the fireplace is fast becoming redundant. However, the form the focus point of the room and in many cases, are utterly beautiful. In this post, we look at fireplace candle ideas and how you can make it look wonderful…

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moroccan tiles ideas

19+ Moroccan Tile Ideas That Inspire

When it comes to pattern tiles, there is one style that has stood the test of time…literally hundreds of years worth of testament…the colorful Moroccan tile pattern. First introduced into Europe by the moors, they are adorned in some of the most important buildings in Europe. Trends come and go but somethings are so unique, they just stay. In this article, we show you some fantastic Moroccan tile ideas that are sure to get you creative ideas flowing….

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coffee shop decor ideas

27+ Amazing Coffee Shop Decor Ideas

With the coffee market getting more and more competitive, coffee shops really have to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. Obviously, the quality of the coffee served makes a difference but visually, nothing is more important than the image you send out. In this post, we will look at coffee shop décor ideas…

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