childrens attic bedroom ideas

16+ Children’s Attic Bedroom Ideas That Work

Noisy children are an affliction for some parents…I jest of course, but there may be an element of truth in this. What better way to reduce the noise in your house, than by putting them in the room furthest away…ladies and gentlemen…the attic. In this post, we will look at children’s attic bedroom ideas.

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Built in bookshelves

19+ Built in Bookshelves Ideas That Ooze Style

In this post, we consider built in bookshelves ideas. We all know that a bookshelf can add a ton of value to a the look of a living room, home office, dining room and kitchen, the built in version simply adds to that look. It gives a very impressive and satisfying appearance. A built in bookshelf is a custom creation and are a little more expensive than the norm. These bookshelves are great for small, and unusual spaces…

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yoga room ideas

27+ Yoga Room Ideas That Look and Feel Good

As yoga becomes more popular, it is an activity that you can practice in the home. In this post, we take a look at some fantastic home yoga room ideas. Creating your own little space means that you save time and the expense of a yoga studio. Whether it is a little corner in your living room, or a spare room, this interior design post will help you see what is possible. 

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