ikea nordli ideas

17+ IKEA Nordli Ideas That Rock

We love a good IKEA hack at Houszed and the IKEA Nordli, is a great range of IKEA furniture that provides a great basis to get creative. With IKEA’s infamous build quality, robust furniture and great value, you can be assured that you will add value. In this post, we consider some IKEA Nordli ideas which will help you gain a different perspective of the range, how you could arrange them for optimal results and some real life hacks that show how you can get creative.

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ikea pax ideas

21+ IKEA Pax Ideas With The Wow Factor

The IKEA Pax wardrobe range has long been a favorite of many a IKEA hack specialist. The reason is simple, this closet system range really takes the hard work out of things, allowing you to focus of the value added, creative aspect of your wardrobe ideas. In this post, I will look at some IKEA Pax ideas that will inspire you to deliver your very own IKEA Pax hack.

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ikea alex desk ideas

17+ IKEA Alex Desk Ideas for a Cool Home Office

As an IKEA hacker, there are a few things we all know about IKEA furniture…good quality products at affordable prices. This is the very thing that makes the so popular. However, it does leave us with a slight issue, far too many homes contain the same kinds of furniture and far to similar styles. This leaves a problem with individuality. In this post, we will consider IKEA Alex desk ideas and the IKEA hack you can do to add a little more of your character.

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ikea alex

18+ IKEA Alex Ideas & Hacks That Inspire

We all know that IKEA deliver excellent furniture that is well built, robust and a perfect platform to transform them into something special. Judging by what people have already done, in todays post, we highlight some great IKEA Alex Ideas. Taking the basic IKEA Alex product, they have upcycled them to add style and value. These IKEA Alex Hacks are simple to achieve, yet deliver a whole new look. Take a look at the ideas below to get your creative juices flowing.

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ikea nursery hack

11+ IKEA Nursery Hacks That Work

We all know the benefits of shopping at IKEA. They offer some pretty robust furniture that is safe and importantly, well priced. The downside of course, is the generic nature of it. It can look pretty plain which is not ideal. The solution…the humble IKEA hack. Taking a piece of furniture that either re-imagines it or customizes it to give it that personal look. Welcome to our round up page of some of the best IKEA nursery hacks out there.

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ikea ivar hack

21+ Wonderful IKEA Ivar Hacks That Add Value

If you are looking for a simple IKEA hack that you can complete within a day, look no further than these wonderful IKEA Ivar hacks. This Ivar cabinet is available for less than $100 and sets the basis to up-cycle this cabinet to something wonderful. Not only are they robust items, they are also the perfect surface to paint, which makes the task all the more easier.

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chic ikea hacks v1

8 Chic IKEA Hacks That Look Incredible

We all know that IKEA are great at providing solid, robust furniture at a very competitive price. However, generic is a word that would describe it perfectly…who wants the same furniture as everybody else? There are a community of people who love nothing better than taking IKEA furniture, and upgrading it into something special…you would barely recognize it in some cases. In this post, i will show you a few chic IKEA hacks that deliver that magic…

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