living room dining room combo ideas

21+ Living Room Dining Room Combo Ideas

Having a place to entertain your guests in your home is important but also making it work with your décor is something else. Including a dining room in a living room is the perfect combination of both. Living room and dining room combo ideas are always a great way to get the most out of your house…

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ikea norden gateleg table hack

15+ IKEA Norden Gateleg Table Hack …These Work

The IKEA Norden gateleg table has been one of IKEA’s best sellers for a while now, and for good reason. It is smart, functional, cheap and perfect for a small space given the table size. This makes it a great piece of furniture for a starter home, but it also sits well in established homes given its versatility. In this post, I will discuss and show you the IKEA Norden gateleg table hack

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dining room decor color

21+ Dining Room Color Ideas to Inspire

Getting your dining room color right is much more complicated that you might initially thing. Most people will try and blend the décor to match another room in the house, like the living room. Others want to create a unique room that will deliver the right ambiance as an entertaining space.

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