two tone kitchen cabinet

21+ Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets That Are Bang on Trend

One of the hottest design trends in the kitchen are two tone kitchen cabinets. Traditionally, kitchen design has focused on a mono color, using backsplashes and countertops to add touch of contrast. The popularity of two toned cabinets changes all that. The character of the cabinet color takes the lead here, adding contrast that draws the eye.

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blue kitchen cabinets

21+ Amazing Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

When it comes to new trends, this might be the one this year that really takes off. In this post, we will look at blue kitchen cabinet ideas and see how they are bringing a new level of style to the kitchen area. Blue is not a color that is historically associated with kitchens, but when you think about it, it is actually a color that makes sense…

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green kitchen inspiration

15 Green Kitchen Ideas That Will Make You Jealous

Gone are the days where the standard issue kitchen was either white or some other bland offering. Instead, times have changed…people are more bolder in their choices and its a good thing. Green kitchens are great…not only do they look great, the color itself lends itself well to the kitchen area…freshness, health and vitality…all words associated with green. In this post, we will show you some great green kitchen ideas that work well, highlighting some particular aspects…

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concrete kitchen ideas

21+ Concrete Kitchen Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Whether you think that concrete kitchens are a passing fad or here to stay, one thing is for sure, they are impressive…very impressive indeed. Who would have thought that the same material you find you sidewalks made from, could look so beautiful? See for yourself…I have curated a number of concrete kitchen ideas that should really get you thinking…

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urban backyard design

A small garden doesn’t mean that your vision needs to be small. A little creativity and big ideas, can transform a small urban garden into your own little heaven. The key to designing your perfect small garden, backyard or even patio, is in the planning….


tiny urban backyard ideas
chic ikea hacks v1

8 Chic IKEA Hacks That Look Incredible

We all know that IKEA are great at providing solid, robust furniture at a very competitive price. However, generic is a word that would describe it perfectly…who wants the same furniture as everybody else? There are a community of people who love nothing better than taking IKEA furniture, and upgrading it into something special…you would barely recognize it in some cases. In this post, i will show you a few chic IKEA hacks that deliver that magic…

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For those of you looking to create classical zen gardens…you won’t regret it. A space for contemplation, they are a great place to reflect on your sense of wellbeing, reduce the stresses in your life and focus your mind. The benefits are time served and well established. In this post, we will be showing you some zen garden ideas that will help you create yours.

A classic zen garden is an aid to meditation that were first created by monks… 


modern zen gardens
living room dining room combo ideas

21+ Living Room Dining Room Combo Ideas

Having a place to entertain your guests in your home is important but also making it work with your décor is something else. Including a dining room in a living room is the perfect combination of both. Living room and dining room combo ideas are always a great way to get the most out of your house…

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moroccan living room ideas

17+ Moroccan Living Room Ideas to Get the Look

Today, we look at Moroccan living room ideas that will give your room a refreshing new energy. Moroccan styling is nothing new, in fact aspects of it have found their way into our homes for many decades. With the prominence of boho design, Moroccan decor has allowed boho design the freedom to deliver more vibrancy to its ethos. Whether that is through the colors or fittings, they add a whole load of authentic style…

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how to style shelves display

How to Style Shelves Like a Pro

One of the most difficult things to get right are shelves…what do I put on them, where and how many things should I have on there. The simple fact is that so many people get this wrong. The number of wonderfully stylish homes I have been to, are let down by the arrangements on shelves and their bookcases. In this post, we will show you how to style shelves… properly!

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japanese living room

11+ Japanese Living Room Ideas for Total Zen

Japanese interior design is not all about trends, there is a sense of history and culture that is very central to it. It is this appreciation of it that helps us understand why it is like that and the purpose it serves. If you are searching for Japanese living room ideas, you are in the right place. In this post, I will show you some great images to draw inspiration from, and detail the concepts that lie behind this distinctive Japanese decor style…

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shelf styling

One of the most difficult things to get right are shelves…what do I put on them, where and how many things should I have on there. The simple fact is that so many people get this wrong. 

Open shelves are a wonderful way of showcasing your life. Over the years you may have picked up little pieces on your travels, been awarded trophies…or simply collected some nice pieces that mean much to you. Displaying these is a way of communicating to all what you are about and your personality.

shelves ideas
hygge bedroom design ideas

17+ Cozy Hygge Bedroom Design Ideas That Work

If you are reading this, I guess you have already heard of Hygge decor. You will know that it isn’t just an interior design trend, it is a way of life. Originating in Denmark, it is a Scandinavian style that is geared towards finding joy in everything. Given the cold winter months of that part of the word, a hygge home is all about not focusing on the cold and darkness, instead finding joy in the coziness and warmth of your home, and the joy of your family…

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ikea kura beds ideas

25+ IKEA Kura Bed Ideas & Hacks

The potential of the IKEA Kura bed was quickly realized by people looking to create a special space for their kids room. Taking a safe, solid wood bed from IKEA at relatively low cost, and transforming it into a unique design using an IKEA hack. It is simply amazing and you have to credit those who take the time you do so. In this post, we will do just that…showcasing IKEA Kura bed ideas and the potential of making the most of a Kura bed hack.

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blue and gray bedroom ideas

18+ Blue and Gray Bedroom Ideas That Make You Happy

Gray and blue are a combination that has gained increasing traction in recent years. As decor trends move forward, it is a look that becomes increasingly popular, and for good reason. In this post, we will look at blue and gray bedroom ideas, and show you a few color combinations that can deliver you a stunning looking bedroom…

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bachelor bedroom ideas

25+ Bachelor Bedroom Ideas That Deliver Results

As a bachelor, I’m sure that making a great impression is high on the wish list. You want the masculine space, the vibe, the clean lines, you want the style. Take a look at our bachelor bedroom ideas to get your creative juices flowing and build your design idea…

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built in bookshelf ikea hack

It’s a great way of getting all your books out of the way, and organized, and there is something very satisfying about having a shelf that has been built into the wall.

built in bookcase
subway tile ideas

33+ Subway Tile Ideas That Deliver Timeless Design

Subway tiles have been around for many years and they remain as popular as ever. Although they are available in a plethora of styles and colors, the basic shades remain the most popular. What is it that makes them so popular? The main reason is the cost, they are cheap….very cheap. This is important to a significant segment of the tile market, but don’t let the cost fool you. This is a classic tile that can deliver a designer look to match any high end tile design…

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art deco bathroom ideas

27+ Wonderful Art Deco Bathroom Ideas

Born out of the success of the roaring 1920’s, ‘art deco’ was a theme which celebrated success. Its actually a French term meaning decorative art…beginning there and spreading all over the world. With a strong emphasis on geometric shapes and bold colors, bathrooms were a key room for this design trend. In this post, we will show you some great art deco bathroom ideas to help you get started…

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attic bathroom ideas

31+ Attic Bathroom Ideas That Add Value

When most people consider what to do with their attic, the first port of call is an additional loft space for storage, or an additional attic bedroom. However, an attic space is perfect for an attic bathroom. The additional space is perfect to create something special. In this post, we will consider some attic bathroom ideas to help guide your future decisions…

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Many people love visiting Japan because of the wide range of attractions available, like the tranquil gardens, snow-capped mountains, and shrines. However, often overlooked are the unique Japanese bathrooms. In this post, we will consider just that and showcase some wonderful Japanese bathroom ideas.

A Japanese style bathrooms is not only functional, but they also provide extra relaxation and comfort for all the senses.

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japanese style bathrooms
backyard hot tub design ideas

31+ Amazing Backyard Hot Tub Ideas

People buy hot tubs for a variety of reasons. For some, it is simply for relaxation, others buy them for the status symbol they afford you. For some it is adding value to their home, while a portion of buyers buy them purely for the health benefits. Whatever the reason for buying a hot tub, one thing is for sure, people absolutely love them. In this post, we will showcase some great hot tub ideas…

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potting bench ideas

24+ Garden Potting Bench Ideas That Inspire

A potting bench can literally save you from agony! As any experienced gardener will tell you, the aches and pains that come as a result of your gardening passion are real…damage can really build up over time. All that bending down and leaning over has a real consequence to your knees and joints. In this article, we will showcase some garden potting bench ideas…

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diy herb garden

25+ Cool DIY Herb Garden Ideas

The smells…beautiful. Imagine walking into your kitchen to be confronted by the most intoxicating smell of fresh herbs. There are real tangible benefits to growing your own herbs. For those of you that have never grown any herbs at home, you are missing out. They are so easy to grow that even a novice would have no issue successfully growing herbs. You don’t even need an outdoor space to do it…

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by James Hawksby

Kitchen colors are always a hotly debated topic, and no color inspires more opinion than grey. To some, it is a dour color that is difficult to integrate with other color schemes. For others, it is the height of cool, a trendy color that gives of a cool minimalism vibe…