art deco bathroom ideas

27+ Wonderful Art Deco Bathroom Ideas

The art deco movement dates back to the roaring twenties. As a French term that means decorative art, it was an art nouveau theme that celebrated success. With strong emphasis on geometric shapes and bold color, The biggest beneficiary for this style was the bathroom. In this post, we will show you some great art deco bathroom ideas to help you get started.

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blue bathroom ideas

27+ Beautiful Blue Bathroom Ideas

Elegant and stylish, a blue bathroom can take your style statements to a whole new level. As a color that is naturally associated with water, it is a color that promotes calmness and cleanliness…a natural fit for both a contemporary bathroom or traditional bathroom. In this post, we will look at blue bathroom ideas that deliver plenty of inspiration.

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transition flooring ideas

25+ Stylish Floor Transition Ideas That Catch the Eye

There was a time where a transition between different materials was done in straight lines, separated by a plate of some sort. Although this served a function, visually, it was not very impressive. Fortunately, times are changing and new design standards are more prominent. In this post, we will look at floor transition ideas, giving you some great examples on what can be achieved.

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attic bathroom ideas

31+ Attic Bathroom Ideas That Add Value

When most people consider what to do with their attic, the first port of call is an additional loft space for storage, or an additional attic bedroom. However, an attic space is perfect for an attic bathroom. The additional space is perfect to create something special. In this post, we will consider some attic bathroom ideas to help guide your future decisions…

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toilet sink combo for small bathrooms

27+ Best Toilet Sink Combo for Small Bathrooms

You may well have already decided that a toilet sink combo…often referred to as a combination unit, meets your needs in a small bathroom. As you may well have gathered, they solve an issue of the lack of bathroom space fantastically well. This post is designed to consider a combined toilet sink combo for small bathrooms.

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basement bathroom ideas

31+ Basement Bathroom Ideas That Make You Smile

If you are lucky to have a basement that you are looking to turn into a functional space, add value with a basement bathroom. They work really well alongside a basement bedroom, working in tandem to create a great experience for a guest. A basement bathroom is high on the wanted list when it comes to home design, so take a look at these basement bathroom ideas. Look at how they utilise space, color and light to create these wonderful spaces.

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kids bathroom ideas

25+ Kids Bathroom Ideas That Rock

One thing that everyone who has kids knows is that your child’s bathroom needs to be kid-friendly. There are many items on the market today that help with this problem, but it seems like every week, there is a new product on the market. The following article will give you tips for designing your new kid-friendly bathroom idea or updating an old one. You’ll also get information about new products on the market.

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small powder room ideas

31+ Small Powder Room Ideas That Inspire

Don’t be fooled by the name; powder rooms are intended for more than just powdering your nose. The term is a throwback to the days of old, when only ladies were allowed in the living room and had to wait in the foyer until they were introduced. The term is also said to have originated in the late 18th century, when it was used to describe an auxiliary room that was used to store gunpowder for soldiers. Whatever, the reason, we definitely know what it’s used for. In this post, we consider small powder room ideas.

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