japanese soaking tubs

17+ Japanese Soaking Tubs for Total Zen

The Japanese soaking tub, or rotenburo, is an essential part of the Japanese bathing experience. But what exactly is it?

As a culture, the Japanese love soaking in hot water, from the Japanese onsen (hot spring bath) to the luxury of a hot tub in the backyard. The Japanese soaking tub combines the best of both worlds.

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subway tile ideas

33+ Subway Tile Ideas That Deliver Timeless Design

Subway tiles have been around for many years and they remain as popular as ever. Although they are available in a plethora of styles and colors, the basic shades remain the most popular. What is it that makes them so popular? The main reason is the cost, they are cheap….very cheap. This is important to a significant segment of the tile market, but don’t let the cost fool you. This is a classic tile that can deliver a designer look to match any high end tile design…

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art deco bathroom ideas

27+ Wonderful Art Deco Bathroom Ideas

Born out of the success of the roaring 1920’s, ‘art deco’ was a theme which celebrated success. Its actually a French term meaning decorative art…beginning there and spreading all over the world. With a strong emphasis on geometric shapes and bold colors, bathrooms were a key room for this design trend. In this post, we will show you some great art deco bathroom ideas to help you get started…

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