shabby chic dining room ideas

19+ Beautiful Shabby Chic Dining Room Ideas

Having an integrated look to your home is what gives it that consistency. That consistency is important to deliver a designer look. When it comes to shabby chic design, consistency is everything, after all, you cannot successfully pull off this design ethos in a single room. In this post, we will look at shabby chic dining room ideas and what you need to consider to get the look…

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black and white bathrooms ideas 1

25+ Amazing Black & White Bathroom Ideas That Will Excite You

In most cases, black and white bathroom ideas are timeless, elegant, and classy. This color combination opens up people’s emotions, some consider it dramatic, while others consider it conservative. Whatever the opinion…it certainly creates opinions. From art deco to ultra-modern, we have a range of inspirational images to help you with your white and black bathroom design ideas…

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green and white kitchen ideas

33+ Green and White Kitchen Ideas That Totally Pop

Green and white kitchen ideas: a fresh, vibrant design trend that will stand the test of time! We all know that green reflects a number of things, from nature to good health. The color green is really on trend at the moment in interior design, bringing nature indoors and creating kitchens that are both stylish and natural…

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shabby chic hallway ideas

17+ Shabby Chic Hallway Ideas That Please the Eye

The shabby chic style is making a huge comeback in home decor, a big return for distressed wood, fabrics and soft furnishings, and a whole host of vintage touches. A shabby chic look can transform even the most modest hallway into a charming entryway that makes a big statement. Here are some shabby chic hallway ideas that will have guests jumping with joy…

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rustic bathroom ideas

31+ Rustic Bathroom Ideas That Will Surprise You

The rustic bathroom is a top trend for those looking to add cozy charm to their homes. A Natural material is commonplace, wood, tile, and stone paired with vintage touches create a space with timeless appeal. Whether you’re doing a full remodel or simply looking for small rustic bathroom ideas to add rustic flair, there are many ways to infuse rustic design into your space…

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yellow kitchen decor ideas

26+ Yellow Kitchen Ideas That Make the Sun Shine Indoors

Underrated…that’s the color yellow for you. Yellow kitchens are making a big comeback after years of being in the wilderness. They can be bright…they can be mellow…there is almost certainly a shade that is perfect for you. We have already discussed the merits of blue kitchens and green kitchens, now it is time for the yellow kitchen to shine. In this post, we will show you some great yellow kitchen ideas to help spark some creativity!

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shabby chic bathroom ideas

19+ Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

Shabby chic interior design remains as strong as ever for the simple reason…it is individual. In a world where most items are conformist, shabby chic makes an effort to be unique. It is for this reason that the trend will remain. What makes something Shabby chic? It is the appearance of age, antique or simply well used. In this post, we will look at shabby chic bathroom ideas…

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Grey and White Kitchen Ideas

21+ Grey and White Kitchen Ideas That Impress

Kitchen colors are always a hotly debated topic, and no color inspires more opinion than grey. To some, it is a dour color that is difficult to integrate with other color schemes. For others, it is the height of cool, a trendy color that gives off a cool minimalism vibe. Whatever your opinion, you have to agree that when done right, it delivers a fantastic, premium feel. In this post, we will consider grey and white kitchen ideas, showcasing some wonderful examples below…

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