shabby chic living room decor ideas

25+ Wonderful Shabby Chic Living Room Decor Ideas

Perfectly imperfect…a wonderful description of shabby chic decor that really gets to the point. There are no clean lines, perfect surfaces or clinical looks, everything is what it is…if it is what it is…according to shabby chic…it is! In this post, we will be showcasing a number of shabby chic living room décor ideas. You will see the variety of styles that reflect the shabby chic style, you will notice that it is not based on furniture from one genre…rather, it is the vibe it gives off.

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gothic living room ideas

17+ Delicious Gothic Living Room Ideas

Gothic styling is more than a trend, it is a reflection of personality. Today, we will be showing you Gothic living room ideas. Our images showcase what an ideal Gothic living room offers…the furniture, the colors, the styling…and the little details that make a real difference…

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Built in bookshelves

19+ Built in Bookshelves Ideas That Ooze Style

In this post, we consider built in bookshelves ideas. We all know that a bookshelf can add a ton of value to a the look of a living room, home office, dining room and kitchen, the built in version simply adds to that look. It gives a very impressive and satisfying appearance. A built in bookshelf is a custom creation and are a little more expensive than the norm. These bookshelves are great for small, and unusual spaces…

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living room dining room combo ideas

21+ Living Room Dining Room Combo Ideas

If you are looking for living room dining room combo ideas for your home, then you have come to the right place. Having a place to entertain your guests in your home is important but also making it work with your décor is something else. Including a dining room in a living room is the perfect combination of both. Living room and dining room combo design ideas are always a great way to get the most out of your living space.

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hygge living room ideas

15+ Hygge Living Room Ideas That Leave You Feeling Warm

As the long winter nights draw near, what better way to embrace life’s simple pleasures than to retreat to a hygge-style living room? These are spaces that are designed with comfort and coziness in mind, serving as a safe haven from the cold winter weather. In this post, I will showcase some fantastic hygge living room ideas, helping you to bring your vision to life.

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moroccan living room ideas

17+ Moroccan Living Room Ideas to Get the Look

Today, we look at Moroccan living room ideas that will give your room a refreshing new energy. Moroccan styling is nothing new, in fact aspects of it have found their way into our homes for many decades. With the prominence of boho design, Moroccan decor has allowed boho design the freedom to deliver more vibrancy to its ethos. Whether that is through the colors or fittings, they add a whole load of authentic style…

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