bedroom office

21+ Bedroom Office Ideas That Work

Whether you want to listen to music, watch a movie or play games while you work, the bedroom office is the perfect spot. The idea is simple: incorporate your personal computer into a room dedicated to relaxation. This space gives you all the tools you need to make the rest of the day productive. So, lets consider some wonderful bedroom office ideas…

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ikea alex desk ideas

17+ IKEA Alex Desk Ideas for a Cool Home Office

As an IKEA hacker, there are a few things we all know about IKEA furniture…good quality products at affordable prices. This is the very thing that makes the so popular. However, it does leave us with a slight issue, far too many homes contain the same kinds of furniture and far to similar styles. This leaves a problem with individuality. In this post, we will consider IKEA Alex desk ideas and the IKEA hack you can do to add a little more of your character.

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small home office ideas

27+ Small Home Office Ideas That Make Working From Home Easy

As modern working patterns develop, more and more of us will find ourselves working remotely…basically we will be working from home. A source of happiness for many or misery for some, that is for another article. In this one, we will be bringing you some small home office ideas, something to help you consider the options you have.  

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