basement kitchen ideas

31+ Basement Kitchen Ideas With The Wow Factor

Basement kitchen ideas are a great way to spruce up an otherwise plain basement space with limited storage options because these spaces aren’t used as often as traditional kitchens. This means that homeowners don’t need to spend extra money on expensive renovations like they would if their kitchens were located on the main floor. The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can give your basement kitchenette a touch of elegance without having to spend too much money or time!

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17+ Red Kitchen Ideas With Real Flavor

As people become more adventurous with their kitchen designs, one of the biggest beneficiaries is the color red. This vibrant color isn’t a natural choice for many…it’s bold. dramatic and shouts character. However, for a select few, it’s the perfect color to personalize their space. In this post, we consider red kitchen ideas, what you can expect and how you can introduce red into your kitchen.

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Teal kitchen ideas

19+ Teal Kitchen Ideas To Wow Your Friends

As part of our series into green kitchens. today we will be looking at teal kitchens. This wonderful color is a product of cyan and green. The result is a deep, rich color that oozes style and class. In this post, we take a look at a number of teal kitchen ideas to help focus your kitchen decor and design ideas.

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baby blue kitchen ideas

22+ Baby Blue Kitchen Ideas For a Fresh Look

As kitchen colors get more adventurous and move away from accepted norms, like a plain white kitchen cabinet, things definitely get a little more exciting. A blue kitchen is now considered perfectly acceptable and as it goes, bang on trend. In this post, we consider the slightly more niche, baby blue kitchen ideas. We will consider the merits of this blue color and view some lovely kitchen design examples.

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turquoise kitchen ideas

19+ Turquoise Kitchen Ideas To Make You Smile

There is a strong argument to be made that the turquoise color is the perfect kitchen color…versatile, calm and romantic. With the huge range of colors available for your home décor, turquoise is making a huge comeback from it hay day in the nineteen fifties. In this post, we consider some wonderful turquoise kitchen ideas. See how the colors and tones really help create a wonderful space.

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navy blue kitchen ideas

21+ Navy Kitchen Ideas That Wont leave You Blue

A navy kitchen? Not something that you may have considered until recently. The color blue has been a timeless color around the home, but blue in the kitchen area is a recent phenomenon. We know that interior designers love their blue colors, so why has it taken so long to introduce a blue kitchen? In this post, we will consider some navy kitchen ideas.

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purple kitchen ideas

31+ Purple Kitchen Ideas With Real Personality

There are many that would love something as outlandish as a purple kitchen, few however are brave enough to try…the white kitchen steadfastly remains the most popular choice! If you do get it right though, a modern purple kitchen can be astonishing. Once the preserve of the ultra-stylish, increasingly we are seeing more people get onboard with the purple hue in contemporary kitchen design. In this post, we will consider some purple kitchen ideas and how colors can work together to create a great space.

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Grey and White Kitchen Ideas

21+ Grey and White Kitchen Ideas That Impress

Kitchen colors are always a hotly debated topic, and no color inspires more opinion than grey. To some, it is a dour color that is difficult to integrate with other color schemes. For others, it is the height of cool, a trendy color that gives of a cool minimalism vibe. Whatever your opinion, you have to agree that when done right, it delivers a fantastic, premium feel. In this post, we will consider grey and white kitchen ideas, showcasing some wonderful examples below.

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