japanese kitchen

17+ Japanese Kitchen Ideas for Ultimate Zen

Japanese style kitchens are everywhere these days. They’re so popular that even some of the big American home design brands like IKEA and Home Depot are stocking them for customers who want to add a touch of Japanese style to their kitchen renovation. But are these kitchens really “on trend?” Or are they more of a passing fad? Let’s take a look at some Japanese kitchen ideas.

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two tone kitchen cabinet

21+ Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets That Are Bang on Trend

One of the hottest design trends in the kitchen are two tone kitchen cabinets. Traditionally, kitchen design has focused on a mono color, using backsplashes and countertops to add touch of contrast. The popularity of two toned cabinets changes all that. The character of the cabinet color takes the lead here, adding contrast that draws the eye.

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outdoor kitchen ideas

19+ Outdoor Kitchen Ideas That Work

Get inspired with some great outdoor kitchen ideas. The summer is here and it’s time to invite your friends over to grill and hang out in your backyard. One of the big trends in home design right now is outdoor kitchens. The benefits of outdoor kitchens are clear: they create a seamless transition from indoor rooms to the back yard, and with the right appliances and supplies they’ll make you feel like you’re eating in a chef’s kitchen.

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pantry ideas

23+ Pantry Ideas That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

Take a look at some of these pantry ideas to really get your creative mind going. In this post, we discuss some of the most common aspects of pantries, looking at the what, when and why’s. We will then show you some great pantry design ideas that should give you a great basis to move forward with yours.

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blue kitchen cabinets

21+ Amazing Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

When it comes to new trends, this might be the one this year that really takes off. In this post, we will look at blue kitchen cabinet ideas and see how they are bringing a new level of style to the kitchen area. Blue is not a color that is historically associated with kitchens, but when you think about it, it is actually a color that makes sense…

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green kitchen inspiration

15 Green Kitchen Ideas That Will Make You Jealous

Gone are the days where the standard issue kitchen was either white or some other bland offering. Instead, times have changed…people are more bolder in their choices and its a good thing. Green kitchens are great…not only do they look great, the color itself lends itself well to the kitchen area…freshness, health and vitality…all words associated with green. In this post, we will show you some great green kitchen ideas that work well, highlighting some particular aspects…

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