orange kitchen ideas

19+ Orange Kitchen Ideas That Will Make You Glow

Are you ready for a bold new modern kitchen? Well, if bold is what you are looking for, nothing comes close to a bold orange kitchen. It’s dramatic, impactful…and high risk too with this bright color. It is in line with the recent trends we are seeing of bolder colors in home kitchen decor. In this post, we take you through some orange kitchen ideas…

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teal kitchen ideas

19+ Teal Kitchen Ideas To Wow Your Friends

As part of our series into green kitchens. today we will be looking at teal kitchens. This wonderful color is a product of cyan and green. The result is a deep, rich color that oozes style and class. In this post, we take a look at a number of teal kitchen ideas to help focus your kitchen decor and design ideas…

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outdoor kitchen ideas

19+ Outdoor Kitchen Ideas That Work

With the summer almost here, it’s time to take a look at your outdoor space. Create a space in fresh air, where your friends and family can hang out. One of the biggest trends right now is an outdoor kitchen design. These versatile spaces are great for al fresco entertaining. In this post, we consider some fantastic outdoor kitchen ideas…

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navy blue kitchen ideas

21+ Navy Kitchen Ideas That Wont leave You Blue

A navy kitchen? Not something that you may have considered until recently….but it’s clear, they are getting more and more popular by the day! The color blue has been a timeless color in home decor, but a blue kitchen idea is a recent phenomenon. We know that interior designers love their blue colors, so why has it taken so long to introduce it into kitchen cabinetry? In this post, we will consider some navy kitchen ideas that showcase exactly why they are so popular…

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black kitchen designs

31+ Black Kitchen Ideas That Make a Bold Statement

In this post, we consider black kitchen ideas. With what was once considered a controversial choice, there is no kitchen color that divides more opinion than a black kitchen. Some people absolutely love the boldness and impact that it delivers…others think they are too dull. Regardless, the impact they deliver can be stunning.

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