backyard hot tub design ideas

31+ Amazing Backyard Hot Tub Ideas

People buy hot tubs for a variety of reasons. For some, it is simply for relaxation, others buy them for the status symbol they afford you. For some it is adding value to their home, while a portion of buyers buy them purely for the health benefits. Whatever the reason for buying a hot tub, one thing is for sure, people absolutely love them. In this post, we will showcase some great hot tub ideas…

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potting bench ideas

24+ Garden Potting Bench Ideas That Inspire

A potting bench can literally save you from agony! As any experienced gardener will tell you, the aches and pains that come as a result of your gardening passion are real…damage can really build up over time. All that bending down and leaning over has a real consequence to your knees and joints. In this article, we will showcase some garden potting bench ideas…

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diy herb garden

25+ Cool DIY Herb Garden Ideas

The smells…beautiful. Imagine walking into your kitchen to be confronted by the most intoxicating smell of fresh herbs. There are real tangible benefits to growing your own herbs. For those of you that have never grown any herbs at home, you are missing out. They are so easy to grow that even a novice would have no issue successfully growing herbs. You don’t even need an outdoor space to do it…

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diy fire pit ideas

19+ DIY Fire Pit Ideas That Wont Break the Bank

What better way than to spend an evening with friends…wiling away the hours sat outside, a roaring wood fire in a backyard fire pit keeping you warm. It is a reality for many…a dream for some. It really doesn’t have to be…you can literally make your own DIY fire pit for a fistful of dollars. In this post, we will demonstrate the best DIY fire pit ideas and show you where to find the instructions.

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backyard waterfalls

25+ Backyard Waterfalls That Relax Eyes & Minds

There are few sounds in life that are as relaxing as the sound of trickling water. Just five minutes listening to running water can ease away the stresses of the day. Backyard waterfalls are a sensory experience of the highest order…not only do you have the sounds; you have the sight of flowing water as well as the light and reflections coming from it. For those that have a water feature in their garden, it quickly becomes the focal point of the garden.

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