screened porch ideas

22+ Screened In Porch Ideas That Rock

Creating spaces in a home is not only a great way to add value, but it also makes a home more enjoyable to live in. A screened in porch does just that. It is a place that offer you seclusion, somewhere to relax and unwind. It’s also a place where you can host guests too. It is these kinds of versatile spaces that people really desire in their homes. In this post, we take a look at screened in porch ideas.

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deck skirting ideas

27+ Deck Skirting Ideas That Deliver

Decks make wonderful outdoor entertaining areas; however, the transition from the patio or other hard surface can be very unsightly. A simple answer is to add a frame for plantings around the edges of the deck and use either hidden fasteners or screws and appropriate plugs to attach them securely into place. This will cover up any problems with debris that may have accumulated on top of the boards…

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diy fire pit ideas

19+ DIY Fire Pit Ideas That Wont Break the Bank

What better way than to spend an evening with friends…wiling away the hours sat outside, a roaring wood fire in a backyard fire pit keeping you warm. It is a reality for many…a dream for some. It really doesn’t have to be…you can literally make your own DIY fire pit for a fistful of dollars. In this post, we will demonstrate the best DIY fire pit ideas and show you where to find the instructions.

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planter bench

27+ Planter Bench Ideas That Make You Want to Sit Down

In this post, we consider various planter bench ideas. The purpose of a planter bench is twofold. One, it is the visual beauty of them in your outdoor space. The fact that you can plant greenery and flowers within the structure makes them more attractive. Secondly, they create a space for you to actually plant greenery, especially in places where it is not possible to put them in the ground…

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front door planters

31+ Front Door Planters That Make a Statement

Want to boost your curb appeal, but you don’t have the room? A front door planter may well be just what you are looking for. Stylish, easy to maintain, and easy on the eye, they can work wonders for your home entrance. In this post, we look at some great examples of front door planters that make a difference in their homes…

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poolside planter

27+ Poolside Planter Ideas That Create Value

What better way to add a splash of color than a stunning poolside planter. It’s a great way to add a some living color, some vibrancy and some life to what can become a very stale area. In this post, we briefly discuss the benefits and give you some great examples of real life poolside planter ideas….

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