bohemian hallway

Boho Elegance: 33+ Bohemian Hallway Ideas For the Free-spirited Soul

Embrace your free-spirited side and craft a hallway that celebrates your one-of-a-kind personality. Drawing globally-diverse inspiration from cultures, eras, and artistic influences, the bohemian aesthetic weaves together a rich tapestry of colors, textures, and treasured keepsakes into one vibrant, eclectic statement. Let your home’s hallway become the spirited introduction to your own distinctive story…

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mid century modern hallway

Hallways Reimagined: 27+ Mid Century Modern Hallway Designs to Envy

Mid-century modern design brings sleek, retro style to the humble hallway. Clean lines, organic shapes, and a neutral color palette keep spaces feeling airy and bright. For a hallway that captures the era’s minimal chic, consider a slender console table with tapered legs and an easy-to-maintain wood or marble top for tossing keys and mail. Hang a bold graphic mirror above to reflect light and patterns….

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staircase gallery wall

43+ Staircase Gallery Wall Ideas That Are Picture Perfect

In this post, we consider some staircase gallery wall ideas. We take a look at one of the most neglected areas when it comes to interior design… the staircase. In most cases it is an afterthought, and it’s easy to see why. It isn’t a focal point in the home and in most cases, it is seen as a corridor. However, in well designed homes, it is a seen as a key area of the home, much like a living room or kitchen…

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shabby chic hallway ideas

17+ Shabby Chic Hallway Ideas That Please the Eye

The shabby chic style is making a huge comeback in home decor, a big return for distressed wood, fabrics and soft furnishings, and a whole host of vintage touches. A shabby chic look can transform even the most modest hallway into a charming entryway that makes a big statement. Here are some shabby chic hallway ideas that will have guests jumping with joy…

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under stair storage

17+ Under Stair Storage Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Whether you are scrolling Tik Tok, or Instagram, you will find a whole host of content that showcase homeowners making the most of the unused space under the stairs. Whether it is an organised space for a shoe rack, knick knacks, or somewhere to dump the clutter, these stairs storage ideas work. In this post, we will showcase some fantastic under stair storage ideas, showing you what is possible…

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space saving staircase ideas

21+ Amazing Space Saving Staircase Ideas

If a ‘wow’ factor is important to you, it is possible to introduce one into your home at relatively little cost. Our space saving staircase ideas will help you see what is possible. Simply replacing your old loft staircase with a stylish new staircase is relatively simple and depending on your design, very affordable. The result…an absolutely stunning new look to your home.

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