toy storage ideas

47+ DIY Toy Storage Ideas That Really Hit the Mark

If you have kids, you know that storage for your kids toys is an absolute must. You know how it is, within a blink of the eye, you have hundreds of toys…from a stuffed animal to toy cars! In this post, we take a look at DIY storage ideas, ideas that you can create yourselves. Even a basic DIY enthusiast can undertake these tasks…

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Ikea tarva hack

19+ IKEA Tarva Hacks for a Fresh Makeover

We all know the benefits of IKEA furniture but did you know that you can ‘hack’ them? Well, you do now…Join the club and become an IKEA hacker! Take a look at these wonderful IKEA Tarva hacks and marvel at their creativity. Not only are they creating a unique piece of furniture that blends seamlessly with their environment, they are getting it at a bargain price too…

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Built in bookshelves

19+ Built in Bookshelves Ideas That Ooze Style

In this post, we consider built in bookshelves ideas. We all know that a bookshelf can add a ton of value to a the look of a living room, home office, dining room and kitchen, the built in version simply adds to that look. It gives a very impressive and satisfying appearance. A built in bookshelf is a custom creation and are a little more expensive than the norm. These bookshelves are great for small, and unusual spaces…

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ikea micke desk hack

8+ Inspiring IKEA Micke Desk Hacks

We all know that IKEA are great at supplying us with robust furniture at relatively low cost. The issue is that the sheer volume of IKEA furniture they retail, makes it seem very generic…you see it everywhere. One of these popular items is the Micke desk, but there are things we can do…

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