japanese bathroom

21+ Japanese Bathroom Ideas With the Wow Factor

Many people love visiting Japan because of the wide range of attractions available, like the tranquil gardens, snow-capped mountains, and shrines. However, often overlooked are the unique Japanese bathrooms. In this post, we will consider just that and showcase some wonderful Japanese bathroom ideas.

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japanese kitchen

17+ Japanese Kitchen Ideas for Ultimate Zen

Japanese style kitchens are everywhere these days. They’re so popular that even some of the big American home design brands like IKEA and Home Depot are stocking them for customers who want to add a touch of Japanese style to their kitchen renovation. But are these kitchens really “on trend?” Or are they more of a passing fad? Let’s take a look at some Japanese kitchen ideas.

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japanese soaking tubs

17+ Japanese Soaking Tubs for Total Zen

The Japanese soaking tub, or rotenburo, is an essential part of the Japanese bathing experience. But what exactly is it?

As a culture, the Japanese love soaking in hot water, from the Japanese onsen (hot spring bath) to the luxury of a hot tub in the backyard. The Japanese soaking tub combines the best of both worlds.

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japanese living room

11+ Japanese Living Room Ideas for Total Zen

Japanese interior design is not all about trends, there is a sense of history and culture that is very central to it. It is this appreciation of it that helps us understand why it is like that and the purpose it serves. If you are searching for Japanese living room ideas, you are in the right place. In this post, I will show you some great images to draw inspiration from, and detail the concepts that lie behind this distinctive Japanese decor style…

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