art deco bathroom ideas

27+ Wonderful Art Deco Bathroom Ideas

The art deco movement dates back to the roaring twenties. As a French term that means decorative art, it was an art nouveau theme that celebrated success. With strong emphasis on geometric shapes and bold color, The biggest beneficiary for this style was the bathroom. In this post, we will show you some great art deco bathroom ideas to help you get started.

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ikea craft room ideas

21+ IKEA Craft Room Ideas That Hit The Spot

A dedicated craft room is the perfect room for many. A place that is designed for you to get creative. Whether it is painting, sewing, or indulging in any other craft, it is an oasis designed for you to get away from it all. Even if you don’t have much space available, we will show you some great examples of a small craft space, with the help of IKEA. In this post, we show you some wonderful IKEA craft room ideas, showing you a hack or two along the way.

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ikea honefoss mirror ideas

15+ IKEA Honefoss Ideas that Work

Ikea Honefoss ideas for your home: it’s time to get creative. Let’s share our tips and inspiration on using these super affordable set in a new and different way than intended. Ikea is known for its cheap, easy-to-assemble furniture, so we’ll show you how to use the Ikea Honefoss hack to get the most bang for your buck!

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ikea micke desk hack

8+ Inspiring IKEA Micke Desk Hacks

We all know that IKEA are great at supplying us with robust furniture at relatively low cost. The issue is that the sheer volume of IKEA furniture they retail, makes it seem very generic…you see it everywhere. One of these popular items is the Micke desk, but there are things we can do…

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hygge living room ideas

15+ Hygge Living Room Ideas That Leave You Feeling Warm

As the long winter nights draw near, what better way to embrace life’s simple pleasures than to retreat to a hygge-style living room? These are spaces that are designed with comfort and coziness in mind, serving as a safe haven from the cold winter weather. In this post, I will showcase some fantastic hygge living room ideas, helping you to bring your vision to life.

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