indoor plant display

47+ Indoor Plant Displays That Bring the Outdoors inside

Most people recognise the benefits of plants in your home. Some will opt for one, maybe two…some people will have hundreds! Whatever number you have, consider some indoor plant displays. Strategically planning your displays can be very beneficial, it really highlights their beauty whilst also visually improving your space…

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floor pillows

33+ Floor Seating Ideas That Help You Relax and Have Fun

Generally considered a norm in Asia, floor seating still remains a pretty alien concept in the west. This is predominantly down to preference, but it may also be down to perceptions of comfort. The reality is that when done right, the floor seat is comfortable and actually, quite healthy. In this post, we consider some floor seating ideas with a western twist…

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toy storage ideas

47+ DIY Toy Storage Ideas That Really Hit the Mark

If you have kids, you know that storage for your kids toys is an absolute must. You know how it is, within a blink of the eye, you have hundreds of toys…from a stuffed animal to toy cars! In this post, we take a look at DIY storage ideas, ideas that you can create yourselves. Even a basic DIY enthusiast can undertake these tasks…

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