25+ Backyard Waterfalls That Relax Eyes & Minds

backyard waterfalls

Get inspired with our backyard waterfalls…your garden will never feel the same

There are few sounds in life that are as relaxing as the sound of trickling water. Just five minutes listening to running water can ease away the stresses of the day. Backyard waterfalls are a sensory experience of the highest order…not only do you have the sounds; you have the sight of flowing water as well as the light and reflections coming from it. For those that have a water feature in their garden, it quickly becomes the focal point of the garden.

Regardless of the size of you garden, there is always something that you can do to get the effect. Whether it is a full-sized backyard waterfall or a simple little water feature, there are always options…and they don’t have to cost a lot of money.

If you already have an existing pond, a backyard waterfall is a wonderful addition to it. It makes the space much more dynamic and focuses the eye to what is already a ‘wow’ factor in your garden. This is especially the case if you keep fish, running water is a plus all round.

The structure

If you are looking at adding a backyard waterfall, consider the elements you already have in place. A clever example was a homeowner with a rarely used set of stone steps, which was converted into a wonderful garden waterfall. You may have a rockery in the garden, which is also a possibility for a successful conversion.

Of course, it will be unlikely that you find two waterfalls that are the same. They come in many different shapes and sizes…and they have different purposes too. If your backyard waterfalls are being constructed from the beginning, they are likely to be formed using boulders and rocks. The other alternative is applying layers of rocks that are built up to form a ledge.

The types of backyard waterfalls

The running water itself, can be designed to your needs. You have the options…depending on your structure…of ledge waterfalls, which obviously fall over the ledge. Sheet waterfalls, where the stream is much wider. Slide waterfalls, where the water maintains contact with the surface at all times and, plunge waterfalls, which is a focused stream of water that falls over the rocks.

Things to consider…

Planning and building a backyard waterfall is not a simple task, it needs meticulous planning and some real creative thinking. You may need to make some structural changes to your backyard too, which obviously means much effort will need to be expended. Here are some things that you may want to consider when designing your perfect backyard waterfall.

The size matters…

Consider the size…any water feature needs to be proportional to the size of the garden. Too big…it dominates the area and gives you less flexibility on how to use that space. Too little…it may mean that the waterfall disappears into the ‘noise’ of the garden.

Where to put it…

Where you choose to put it will impact of the sensory enjoyment. Do you want to hear it while you relax in the garden? In which case it needs to be close to where you sit and relax. If it is for purely visual purposes, then obviously, you need to put it where it has the most visual impact.

How you move the water…

The water in these backyard waterfalls is moved using a pump. A key consideration is using one that has sufficient power to move the water round with purpose. A pump that is too small will not be powerful enough to do the job. This is especially more important if you are moving water that involves different heights.

Seeing is believing…

Lighting your new waterfall correctly gives it the visual impact that it deserves. Done right…we are talking about a seriously stunning feature in your backyard. It gives it so much character at night whilst also making it an actual feature you can enjoy…no more disappearing after nightfall. From a more sensible perspective, water can be dangerous so highlighting it makes it a little safer.  

Safety first…

We touched on safety, it is imperative that you consider who will use the backyard, invited or not. This is especially true of children. Water is dangerous, no matter how shallow it is. If your are building backyard waterfalls or ponds, you must ensure that you have safety at the top of your priorities.

garden waterfall
Garden waterfall

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Get inspired with our images of backyard waterfalls

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Waterfalls ideas
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Waterfalls garden
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Waterfalls for backyards
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Waterfalls designs
waterfalls design
Waterfalls design
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waterfall ideas
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Rock garden waterfall
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Landscape waterfalls pictures – Source; Rossington Architecture
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Images of backyard waterfalls – SOURCE: GREATERDETROITLANDSCAPE.COM
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Garden waterfall ideas
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Backyard waterfalls pictures – Source: Pinterest
backyard waterfalls images
Backyard waterfalls images
backyard waterfall pictures
Free picture (Waterfall in the garden) from https://torange.biz/waterfall-garden-42122
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Backyard waterfall designs – Source: Pinterest

Hopefully you found our pictures of backyard waterfalls of inspiration. Remember, most of them are very unique so it always pays to think about the characteristics unique to your backyard or garden first.

garden waterfall
Garden waterfall

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