39+ Bay Window Decorating Ideas That Impress

bay window decorating ideas

Get Inspired with these bay window decorating ideas

One of the nicest architectural aspects of a home is, without doubt, a bay window. It creates a focal point that is often bathed in light. Creating a purposeful bay window decoration is a wonderful centerpiece. In this post, we will consider some decorative aspects of bay windows before looking at some great examples of bay window decorating ideas. 

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Bay window decorating ideas

Creating a stylish and welcoming bay window will transform that space into a showpiece. It is almost like a focal point in the home, one rarely used but often admired. What can be done to create a wonderful space in the living room? 

Turn a large bay window into a seating area. More often than not, a bay window has a wonderful large window that allows plenty of natural light. Why not create a reading nook with a bay window seat that can make the most of this space? Consider adding an armchair, bench, and table to make this a functional area. 

Bay window ideas with coverings…

Consider adding window coverings, like a bay window curtain, bay window blinds, roman shade, roman blinds, sheer curtain, Venetian blinds, or shutters onto your bay window. Curtains can add plenty of style as well as add function and privacy. Shutters are often more expensive; however, they are more flexible since you can control the light. Light filtering makes it much more functional. Depending on your style, they can be a welcome design statement too. 

Bay window covering ideas using plants…

Adding some foliage and plants makes this a natural area that is a place of relaxation and calm. As well as the health benefits, it can be a colorful place with the right plants. Adding a vase full of fresh flowers is a great way to create a focal point. A window sill is a great place for them. 

Why not add some artwork to the walls? Add some photographs or prints to make the most of the space and create a unique focal point. This can be done relatively cheaply, and the effect can be stunning. Perhaps consider adding a shelf into the bay window area to create space for your collectibles. Showcase your personality in a major focal point in your home. 

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These are some simple bay window ideas to create a great space. A bay window decoration exercise should be relatively simple, but it’s worth considering what you want to create a super space. Whether a kitchen bay window or the living room, you have plenty of options with your interior design.

bay window decorations

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These bay window decorating ideas should really open your mind into what is achievable. Whether you keep things simple or want something a little more ‘busy’, there are a whole host of options open to you.

bay window decoration

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