17+ Coral and Grey Ideas That Totally Surprise You!

coral and grey

Get Inspired with these coral and grey ideas

A coral and grey color theme might not instantly come to mind as a classic color combination. However, as you will see here, it has been successfully implemented in may rooms in a variety of situations. Whether its your bathroom or bedroom, this color scheme can work incredibly well.

Take a look at the following images to really see what can be achieved.

grey and coral
grey and coral

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Get inspired with these grey and coral interior design ideas…

grey home decor

Don’t be shy with the wall color…go heavy I say. This coral was;l color perfectly complements the grey couch and plants. It gives the room a hot weather vibe.

grey coral

This rather daring coffee table has clearly been up-cycled, and what a result it is. Totally unique and sets alight a rather drab background.

coral room decor

Modern interior design is not all about monochrome colors. This wonderful color scheme makes full use of unconventional colors. The grey and coral wall color is fabulous and fully integrated with the stylish furniture.

coral living room ideas

A more traditional look, it just goes to show how versatile the coral and grey color scheme is. The coral wall paint with the grey sofas really balance the room.

coral living room decor

Introducing certain colors into a scheme doesn’t mean that you have to start full walls. Even the simple addition of grey and coral artwork can change the tone of the room. The example executes it perfectly, adding a point of interest whilst still maintaining the balance in the room.

coral home decor

Classic design or ultra modern…you decide! What is clear is that the color harmony is balanced and working incredibly well. The beautifully aged sofa and the grey coffee tables, complement each other perfectly.

coral grey

Want something a little more edgy? Look at this stylish design. The colors are perfectly complimentary and add a point of interest with this wallpaper.

coral colored home decor

A traditional styled home that adds some intense coral color. Some may argue that it is too much, however, the balance with the grey makes it acceptable. If you are considering this color scheme for your room, decide the quantities before you start.

coral color home decor

Probably my favorite image, this utterly stylish room really works. The lovely textures and fabric are complemented with the plants. The cool coffee table, natural rug and furniture really balance the room.

coral and grey living room

The coral wainscoting is an interesting idea that works very well with the grey sofa. The pillow add another level of texture and also introduce the coral color to the scene.

coral and grey bathroom

Introduce this color theme to your room without spending a great deal of money. In this bathroom, a coupe of towels is all it takes!

coral and gray

Less is more sometimes! In this living room, all it takes is one coral picture frame and an armchair. In a room full of neutral greys, it really adds a level of interest.

coral and gray bedroom

An easy way to color a bedroom is through the bed linen and throws. Simply keep a monochrome bedroom and add colors through your fabrics.

coral and gray bathroom

What an interesting bathroom this is. This unique coral sink really catches the eye. However, it is the balance of the colors overall that makes a balanced bathroom.

As you can see through these images, this choice of color is brave yet rewarding. The coral and grey scheme is a classic color that is increasingly coming back into fashion.

coral and grey bedroom
coral and grey bedroom

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