19+ DIY Fire Pit Ideas That Wont Break the Bank

diy fire pit ideas

Get inspired with the best DIY fire pit ideas

What better way than to spend an evening with friends…wiling away the hours sat outside, being kept warm by a roaring fire. It is a reality for many…a dream for some. It really doesn’t have to be…you can literally make your own DIY fire pit for a fistful of dollars. In this post, we will demonstrate the best do it yourself fire pit ideas and show you where to find the instructions.

There are far more reasons to getting a fire pit than keeping warm. Yes, it keeps you warm…which is stating the obvious, but it also creates a wonderful focal point that delivers a wonderful glow and ambiance. A real focal point to sit around into the early hours of the morning, it allows you to stretch the day. Nightfall is no longer the end of play and time to move inside.  

There is also a very tangible metal health aspect. It creates a feeling of being at one with nature, helping you to relax and calm your energy. Physically, sitting in front of a fire can drop your blood pressure.

From a value perspective, you can add value to your home. Your backyard may be a wonderful space, but adding a fire pit makes it a functional space, something that you can demonstrate being used. It brings the outside closer to your home and makes it flow.

Finally, there is the food. That’s right, your fire pit can also be used to make food. Baked potatoes are a must in your fire pit, real earthy food in front of your very eyes.

So, lets move onto these wonderful fire pit ideas. These are actual fire pits that have been constructed and their build documented. Each of them has full details of the costings and the materials required, as well as the step by step process.

diy fire pit ideas for small backyard
DIY fire pit ideas for small backyard

Fire pit ideas with instructions

The following fir pit ideas are examples of projects that have been completed and documented online. If you click the links below the images, you can view the process that they went through with full details on what is required.

homemade fire pit
Homemade fire pit – Homeroad

A relatively simple design but a very effective one. Most people should be more than capable of constructing this. The pre cut blocks are available in most places and it is simply a case of leveling the ground and cementing the blocks in. You have to admit that it does look quite impressive for a relatively small amount of effort.

outdoor fire pit designs
Outdoor fire pit designs – Instructables

This is a fantastic idea that actually makes use of waste. This fire pit is constructed using an old washing machine drum. It is re-purposed into a fire pit with relatively little effort. For more information on how they did it, click the link below the image.

fire pit design ideas
Fire pit design ideas – Caroleknits

Another relatively simple project but with a great end result This fire pit is actually quite large but the construction is simple. I suspect that this was very cheap to build too which is another bonus. Full instructions can be found via the link.

stone fire pit ideas
Stone fire pit ideas – Instructables

This is a great result achieved at minimal cost…literally $2 per section. More details can be found via the link but essentially, they re-purposed concrete tree rings to create this fire pit. What a wonderful result and the stones in the middle are a great design touch.

diy outdoor fire pit
DIY outdoor fire pit – The Brick House

For more modern look, this steel based fire pit is an excellent example. At low cost, it creates an excellent fire pit that is secured into the ground. Most DIY people will be able to handle this project, simple welding skills are required.

fire pit designs diy
Fire pit designs diy – Tractor by Net

Another great project using redundant material. In this case, it was a car wheel. which is an excellent material to build the center of the fire pit. Surrounded in stone…which could be optional if you so chose, this is another example of a low cost project.

how to build a fire pit
How to build a fire pit – taunieverett

This is a wonderful fire pit made out of an old whiskey barrel. This forms the base of it, but on top sits a fire bowl. This is a more complicated DIY project, but you will agree when i say that it is quite unique.

backyard firepit design
Backyard firepit design – Flickr

This very impressive design makes a feature of the fire pit. They are both designed to complement each others looks, formed from the same stone material. It gives a pleasant place to sit around the fire and is perfect for the location. The other side of the wall still allows room for additional chairs. This is a more significant project that will take more time, but i think you will agree that it is very impressive.

do it yourself fire pit
Do it yourself fire pit – tuffguardhose

If you want a simple fire pit with very little effort…this is the one for you. This is simply old bricks placed in a pattern with the holes covered in stone. I don’t think you can get a fire pit any simpler than this…but its effective, and importantly, this fire pit delivers.

Some further fire pit images for inspiration

outdoor fire pit ideas
fire pit ideas
fire pit ideas diy
fire pit designs

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fire pit bricks
diy firepit
diy fire pit
backyard fire pit ideas
back yard fire pit ideas
outside fire pits ideas

I hope that these DIY fire pit ideas are a source of inspiration and helps the process of starting your project. Remember that the cost of these fire pits can be minimal, essentially it is an investment in time. You could simply choose the fire pit that needs the least investment and upgrade to a more impressive structure at a later date.

diy fire pit ideas for small backyard
DIY fire pit ideas for small backyard

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