33+ Wonderful Gray Floor Design Ideas That Inspire

gray floor design ideas

Get inspired with our gray floor design ideas

Let me get this right…you are thinking of a gray floor but you think it may be to risky or unconventional? You may well be surprised to learn that gray is actually one of the most popular colors when it comes to flooring. This is regardless of whether you are talking about floor tiles, wood flooring or carpet. People like it and it is reflected in the sales volumes. In this post, we will look a little further into gray floor design ideas.

Why is gray flooring so popular? There are various angles that this question needs to be approached.

Firstly, consider the versatility of the color. Although I will look at what colors match gray a little down the page, we can already see that the spectrum of the color gray is huge. It can go from an almost white like appearance to almost black. This makes it incredibly versatile and powerful when creating a mood.

Secondly, there is the timeless element of the color. It is a very familiar color that has stood the test of time. It is considered a staple color that falls outside the boundaries of trend. Whether you have an ultra-modern apartment in the skies or a rustic mountain cabin, gray works. The color also reflects the timeless nature of natural material colors. Think of stone for example. In the vast majority of cases, stone is grey. It is not going to fall out of flavor anytime soon.

In essence, gray flooring is usually attributed to three types of flooring. We have tiles, wood and carpet.

Bathroom floor and wall tiles are very much available in gray colors. Whether that be a full grey tile or patterned. Bathroom flooring is very popular in gray hues, it reflects the natural color of stone and usually blends well with other colors.

A more recent development is the introduction of gray wood flooring. In the past, floors have been painted gray. These days, they are manufactured in this color making it much more attractive to buyers. The variety of gray hues makes it an attractive choice and often is blended in with natural wood colors.

Carpet has always been available in gray, historically associated with industrial and office uses. These days, they are incredibly popular with homeowners as they look better for longer.

One thing is for sure…you are not short of options when it comes to gray. I’m sure you need somewhere to start, so take a look at our gray floor design ideas below. They provide a helpful starting point for you to explore further.

gray floor ideas
Gray floor ideas

Find inspiration with these gray floor ideas…

grey flooring ideas
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light gray floor tiles
large grey floor tiles
kitchen with gray floors
grey wood tile floor
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grey wood floors modern interior design
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grey wood floors bedroom
grey wood floor
grey tile floors
grey tile floor
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grey laminate flooring decorating ideas
grey floors
grey floor
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grey floor tile
grey floor living room
gray wood tile kitchen
gray tile floor
gray floor ideas
Gray floor ideas

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dark grey floor tile
dark gray wood tile
dark gray floor tile
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white and gray tile floor
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rooms with grey carpet
living rooms with wood floors
light grey hardwood floors
light gray wood floors
light gray flooring
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What color goes with grey floors?

This is a question that is often asked and it is difficult to answer this in a firm way. The true answer is that it depends. You see, grays come with so many different undertones, each of which will suit some colors more than others. However, in principle, we can say that grays suit blues and other grays. However, I repeat that it is very dependent on the undertones.

How do you decorate a gray floor?

The best way to decorate a gray floor is to consider the overall room. Ideally, you want to bring elements of the wall color onto the floor space to break up the gray, this being important if it is a block of gray color. This can be done through accessorizing and is an excellent way to achieve this. The alternative is through your furnishings.

What furniture goes with gray floors?

Again, this is difficult to answer without knowing the undertones of the gray. In principle, we can say that monochromatic colors work very well with grays. As long as your furniture does not blend in or completely contrast, you should be OK. It then comes down to the undertone of the gray.

Is gray flooring a fad?

Absolutely not. Gray is a color that has stood the test of time. Look back to any era, gray was prominent in it. It is also a color that is monochromatic. Therefore, alongside white and blacks, it is impossible for it to be considered a fad.

Should floors be darker than walls?

In our opinion, it really depends but we can say that there should be contrast. So, if you are having dark walls, then your flooring should be lighter…and vice versa. The danger is that you don’t create contrast which will look like a block.

I hope that this post on gray floor design ideas is a source of inspiration that should be a great basis to start your research. Remember, the key thing is deciding in principle what you want, then ensure that the undertones of the gray compliment the pallet of colors you intend to use.

gray floor ideas
Gray floor ideas

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