Green & Brown Color Inspiration

green and brown
green and brown color scheme
Green and brown color scheme

From left to right

  1. #e6e6e2
  2. #c5c1b8
  3. #316661
  4. #716551
  5. #1c2221

For a natural and calming color scene, consider green and brown hues. Both these colors espouse the natural world which is the perfect color for creating very calming decor colors. The scene doesn’t necessarily have to be soft and mellow. As this image amply demonstrates, you can create a dramatic mood. The vibrant green of the sofa sits dramatically in the foreground, set against a white wall with brown furnishings. The balance is wonderfully done creating a great scene. This image is a great example of green and brown color inspiration. What other colors work well with green and brown? Well, the obvious colors are whites and creams, they offset the colors perfectly without distracting from the main colors. In terms of complimentary colors, it really depends on the tone of color. For example, red and yellow sit perfectly with a dark green. For detailed color combinations, please consider using a color wheel. This will deliver a far more accurate view of what you want to achieve.

green and brown color palette
Green and brown color Inspiration

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