9+ IKEA Runnen Ideas that Work

ikea runnen ideas

Get Inspired with these IKEA Runnen ideas

In this post we take a look at these fantastic IKEA Runnen ideas. If you want something to add a ‘glow up’ to your outdoor space, this may well be the cheap and easy way off doing just that. 

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If you want something to cover up some plain concrete, create a zone edge, or simply an even space, The IKEA Runnen is a practical solution that is easy to install. You don’t need a tool to fit them. Available in a variety of colors, there is something for everybody. 

Where can the IKEA Runnen decking be used?

Primarily, it is a tile product designed for the outdoors, with each piece robust enough to withstand the elements. However, they can also be placed indoors, given their wonderful finish and texture. They are also great idea in the bathroom, mudroom and bathroom. 

You can paint them to match your furniture color, and are perfect for your deck. Whether you need hundreds of tiles, or just a few, they click together to create a great look. 

Let’s take a look at some great examples to help inspire you. 

ikea runnen ideas

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ikea runnen floor decking
ikea runnen decking
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This fantastic IKEA outdoor flooring works…

I hope that these IKEA Runnen ideas have given you something to think about. A little creative thinking can go a long way here. As always, please consider sharing some of these images on your social media.

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