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ikea runnen ideas

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Imagine a floor decking that was cheap to buy, easy to install, and completely refreshed your balcony or patio; Ikea Runnen tiles hit the spot. For those that may not have come across this fantastic product, it is an outdoor floor decking system that clicks together. In this post, I will run through a few Ikea Runnen ideas and answer some common questions related to them.

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Ikea has several types of solid surface flooring available in various colors and patterns, making it easy for people to choose something that suits their taste. The tiles come with an elegant textured design giving them more depth and beauty, which is enough to make many homeowners spend money on improving the overall look of their homes today. Compared to other flooring options, these tiles are very durable, so you don’t have to worry about spending money on them again.

The Ikea Runnen floor decking is a flooring material that can be used outdoors or indoors. It weighs 21kg per square meter, and it’s easy to install using a construction adhesive onto wooden decking subfloors. Its coloration is assorted, among the following options: Light Brown, Beige, or Yellow.

This type of tile comes in a 12x12inch format, so you have several options for area coverage. Its composition includes Elmwood combined with resin-impregnated within the material. You can install it easily in your home without requiring much effort.

Why is it called “Runnen”?

The word ‘Runnen’ means both ‘resin’ and ‘growing’ in Swedish; this was chosen for the product’s name since they wanted to convey that something was growing within the surface of the flooring tile, designed to mimic nature itself. Since its introduction in 2006, many owners have given feedback on how pleased they were with these tiles so far, often complementing their coloration and fullness after installation. Installation is simple, making them great for homeowners who prefer do-it-yourself tasks around their place or home improvement specialists who want to provide accessible service to their clients.

Where can the Ikea Runnen decking be used?

This product is recommended for those who want a hardwearing flooring material that’s easy to install and shows some beauty. It changes color slightly with the seasons and features a textured surface. Thanks to its natural wood composition, this makes it more comfortable on the feet and more suitable for outdoor use. Since it’s made of Elmwood, one of the most common trees in Europe – another name for this type of tree is ‘common European field elm’- it has excellent properties regarding resistance against humidity and insects. This makes it perfect for an indoor or outdoor space, such as living rooms or kitchens, without worrying too much about any infestation or deterioration over time.

What are the benefits of using Ikea Runnen?

The product offers several benefits in terms of installation and maintenance over time, like all its competitors in the market – the Flotex flooring tiles, which an Ikea group subsidiary also makes; they both include Elmwood in their composition. While that company prefers to use oak wood, Runnen includes it much more prominently, leading to that set having a similar aesthetic look compared to the other one; this makes them easily comparable when choosing between these two products.

Its construction makes installing it much easier than many other types of hardwearing flooring materials or exterior/indoor carpeting, for instance, so you don’t need to hire a professional company or self-install it, making it much more cost-efficient than other types of flooring.

Even though its solid wood composition makes it look like many other products on the market, this one has excellent resistance against exterior conditions and insects that can cause an infestation in your home, which is not the case with some competitor products out there.

The materials used are not the only things that offer so many benefits, but also their structure allows customers to install these pieces without too much hassle. They only come as individual squares of 1ft by 1ft, so if you need specific quantities of tiles for more significant areas, you need to buy the desired amount first.

There’s no way around it unless you have multiple sets and want different styles or colors in your house, which is possible but not cost-efficient. The installation process is made easy with this product, and it will be done much faster than other types of flooring such as carpets, synthetic teak decking, composite decking, and hardwood floors.

How to maintain Ikea Runnen?

You can clean these tiles by using a damp mop, and you don’t need to worry too much about dust removal or vacuuming; use water, which should be enough to maintain it effortlessly.

Some say they turn their tiles now and then so they don’t wear out quickly or uncovering any damage, while others sweep or vacuum regularly. This set isn’t recommended for large-scale outdoor use where there’s high amounts of traffic such as outdoors, porch, garden terrace or on patio decking, just for a small balcony and indoor use at home.

The materials used are not the only things that offer so many benefits. Their structure allows customers to install these pieces without too much hassle – they only come as individual squares of 1ft by 1ft. So, if you need specific quantities of tiles for more extensive areas, you need to buy the desired amount first. There’s no way around it unless you have multiple sets and want different styles or colors in your house, which is possible but not cost-efficient. The installation process is made easy with this product, and it will be done much faster than other types of flooring, such as carpets and hardwood floors. Some even use them as a wall panel.

What do I need to know before installing Ikea Runnen?

The most important thing you should know about the installation process is that it’s best to unpack each tile within a day after purchasing them or arrive at your house. This way, you can eliminate any damages caused during the shipping process and ensure you’re using tiles with no damage. Some customers have reported receiving tiles where the corners were damaged so they couldn’t be used right away and needed to unpack them within a certain amount of time for this not to happen.

Another point worth mentioning is that these tiles aren’t water-resistant, so you can’t use glue on them and instead need to use adhesive tape if you want your layout plan to stay intact. Adhesive tape comes in many different widths and colors, so it’s easy to customize your installation layout plan or follow the sample one that comes with these tiles.

It’s tough to tell that these are indoor or outdoor tiles. They look like a wood deck, and the feel is smooth, but it doesn’t get all scratched up as other woods do. Great for pet owners (and people with kids!) It’s easy to clean and maintain; I highly recommend this for someone looking at putting down new floors.

What is the thickness of Ikea Runnen flooring?

The thickness of this product ranges between 3-5mm, depending on which type of tile you buy. For instance, if you buy the Harald tile, it is 3mm thick, while you can get the Flat tile which has a thickness of 5mm. These tiles are effortless to install, and they do not require any adhesive or glue for them to be laid down. If maintained well, these tiles will last for several years without showing many signs of wear and tear. The best thing about this flooring is that it can handle furniture and high traffic levels in homes where many people move around every day.

Are Ikea floor tiles easy to clean?

Yes, Ikea’s outdoor floor tiles are straightforward to clean and maintain. You can sweep or vacuum them daily, but make sure they don’t get wet as they ruin them. Furthermore, please do not use chemicals on these Ikea outdoor decking tiles as they will destroy their coating.

Can you put the Ikea Runnen floor on dirt?

You can lay down this Ikea outdoor deck, solid-surface Ikea outdoor flooring on dirt or sand, but it is highly recommended that you install a moisture barrier first. Without the moisture barrier, water will get into the deck tiles and settle under them, causing them to expand unpredictably, which may damage your flooring in the end.

Can you put Ikea Runnen decking boards on the grass?

Yes, you can lay down IKEA decking on grass, even artificial grass in your backyard. If you want to lay the IKEA decking tiles on soil, you need to install a moisture barrier first.

Can I use deck screws with Ikea Runner?

You can use deck screws with Ikea’s solid-surface flooring since they are very durable compared to other types of flooring available in the market today. The screws will hold the tiles together and prevent them from separating over time, especially when people are constantly walking on them. Principally, these are interlocking flooring tiles.

Let’s now look at some Ikea Runnen ideas and how people have used this Ikea hack.

ikea runnen ideas

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