23+ Modern Bathroom Ideas That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

modern bathroom ideas

Get inspired with our modern bathroom ideas

Our curated collection of contemporary bathroom ideas are designed to get your creative ideas flowing. Whether it is the layout, color, or feel of the bathroom, it will deliver that spark of creativity.

We all know that if you are remodeling part of your home, there are two places that give you the best value in terms of added value to your home….The kitchen and the bathroom renovation.

If you are spending money on a ultra modern bathroom remodel, it literally does not cost that much more to make it look spectacular. Giving your bathroom a new modern look and feel, makes it that much more special.

Take a look at our contemporary and modern bathroom design ideas to help you get started. Every image should give you a couple of ideas to play around with.

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Spectacular contemporary bathroom ideas

13 modern bathroom ideas
Source: Porcelanosa

The homeliness of this bathroom really stands out and is a classic example of modern bathroom trends. The different textures of the wall tile give it some real depth. The mosaic tile adds some interest and focus while the large format porcelain tiles add luxury to the bathroom decor. The bathtub is a modern shape that draws the eye, while the bathroom vanity unit and bathroom faucet is a point of interest. Add in the tremendous amount of natural lighting and the light fixture, you get a bright modern master bathroom that delivers calmness and relaxation.

17 modern bathroom ideas
small modern bathroom ideas
Source: Behance

This bathroom style really delivers on the contemporary look. The choice of colors give it a natural feel yet delivers a really contemporary look. My favorite aspect of this bathroom style is the color of the bathroom hardware. The non traditional colors give them more impact yet blend effortlessly into their environment. The bathroom wall has an interesting look that adds depth to the room. Add in the marble floor tile and contrasting shower area color, you have an eye catching design. A really nice bathroom in my opinion, a real premium look that wont necessarily come cheap but definitely worth the investment.

23 modern bathroom ideas
contemporary bathroom ideas – Tawfeek Kalagi

This bathroom delivers a very stylish mood. It’s darkness goes against current trends of a modern style bathroom, but gives you a sense of calmness and relaxation. I especially like how it mixes the ultra modern freestanding tub with polished chrome with the more traditional design such as the radiators. It goes to show that you can successfully integrate mid century modern style together to give great design.

10 modern bathroom ideas
modern bathroom ideas photo gallery – Mohamed Mousa

Welcome to the lunatic asylum…I’m joking of course but you can see where I am coming from. This delightful minimalist bathroom style is fantastic at creating clean monochromatic lines. Its mix of black hardware with white ceramic tile surfaces, creates a fantastic contemporary bathroom. What’s more, this is one that can be replicated at relatively low cost, especially if you have a small bathroom.

9 modern bathroom ideas
Modern bathroom ideas for small bathrooms – Slava Korchagin

This modern bathroom is clearly contemporary but gives a traditional vibe. It’s square tiles complemented with the strong bold color gives a great contrast. This is strong design that is timeless.

8 modern bathroom ideas
Modern bathroom ideas for small spaces – Angelica Andreichenko

If you are looking to recreate this modern bathroom, you better have a big budget. This bathroom just shouts opulence. Minimalism design with clean lines, this bathroom is beautiful. I love the size of these fantastic tiles which are an imposing look.

16 modern bathroom ideas
Modern bathroom ideas uk – Pavel Mihalenok

Earthy is how i would describe this contemporary bathroom. It does a beautiful job of mixing nature with the modern. Well placed plants give it a natural feel, which are completed by ultra modern bath. The star of the show without doubt though is the tiling, the dramatic and eclectic style delivers an interesting result. Throw in a designer chair and lamp, you have a stylish space filled with personality.

6 modern bathroom ideas
Contemporary bathroom ideas photo gallery – VisEngine

If you are a fan of clean lines, they don’t come much cleaner than this. The colors set the mood with this design, a very calming scene. The over sized sliding doors deliver plenty of light and brings the outside inside.

5 modern bathroom ideas
Contemporary bathroom ideas for small bathrooms – Andrey Korniychuk

The lighting is the start of this modern bathroom, setting a calming mood. The neutral color tone and modern bathroom furniture blend perfectly to create a stunning modern bathroom.

4 modern bathroom ideas
Small contemporary bathroom ideas – Oleg Kucher

Impressive is the word i would use to describe this bathroom. The dark colors complement each other perfectly to deliver a calming space. Match it with some imposing bathroom furniture and you have a striking image. This bathroom represents masculine design but there are structural elements that can be transferred to bathroom layouts.

modern bathroom ideas
Modern bathroom ideas small spaces – ONI Render

I particularly love the use of materials on this design. The mix of earthy stone colors with natural woods deliver a great effect. Add some greens and you get a classic design that is relatively easily achievable for most.

2 modern bathroom ideas
Modern bathroom ideas pictures – Gabriela Krawczyk

The size and space in this bathroom is enough to make most people jealous. However, you can see why this is stunning design. The tiles are clearly the showpiece that stretch from the ceiling to the floor giving an impression of space. Add in a huge amount of natural light to highlight the neutral color scheme, you have a wonderfully stylish, bright and breezy bathroom.

1 modern bathroom ideas
Ultra modern bathroom ideas – victorianplumbing.co.uk

This bathroom delivers clean modern bathroom design. This design represents simplicity itself that is easily achievable most budgets.

22 modern bathroom ideas
Cheap modern bathroom ideas – Vizprofi Studio

Modern bathroom ideas stem from simple design. This is no exception…simple contrast between materials and color. I love the texture and contrast of the tiles here…simple design that can easily be replicated at relatively low cost.

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21 modern bathroom ideas
Diy modern bathroom ideas – Khaus Studio

The sheer number of colors and materials on show here give an interesting perspective. The way they complement each other is perfect and you get a real sense of thought in this design. The marble and wooden vanity is stunning. Of course, not everybody has an amazing space like this but you can easily imagine how combining materials can give you the individuality to really stand out.

Modern bathroom ideas tile – Behance

Decadent is how I would describe this contemporary bathroom. Not only does it ooze luxury, it delivers a real punch in design. The textures are lovely, the patterns are great, all in all, a wonderfully opulent design.

19 modern bathroom ideas
Nice modern bathroom ideas – Peter Piatak

This is what they refer to as high design…in other words…expensive! The bathroom furniture in this bathroom is simply exquisite, simple yet functional. The dark color scheme and mood lighting deliver the effect of intimacy and calm.

11 1

Fantastic contemporary bathroom ideas can be derived from this design. Look at the way the color of the bathroom furniture delivers impact to this bathroom. I also particularly like the separate shower room area, It really marks out the space perfectly.

15 modern bathroom ideas
Modern contemporary bathroom ideas – Design & Viz by Lilia Mukhamedshina

There is something that gives you the feeling of the holiday spirit with this bathroom. Almost as if the bathroom furniture is incidental to the room. The accessories really give the flavor of this room, delivering it style and sophistication.

14 modern bathroom ideas
Contemporary bathroom ideas design – Coodecor

Stunning modern bathroom design at its finest. Look how the materials flow into each other seamlessly creating a wonderful space. Contemporary furniture, vessel sink in the vanity unit, a custom creation for the perfect finish.

12 modern bathroom ideas
Contemporary bathroom ideas photos – Nika Vorotyntseva

This modern bathroom has a very Japanese feel about it. Simple squares with plain spaces. The bathroom furniture is simple yet fits the space perfectly.

This concludes my post on modern bathroom design ideas. The key is not to focus to much on the actual furniture contained within the images, in most cases they are an aspiration to most. The important thing is to focus on the way colors and patterns blend, how materials fit together and importantly, how it feels. Your bathroom design idea can be brought to life.

modern bathroom ideas that will make your friends jealous

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