33+ Privacy Fence Ideas That Work

privacy fence ideas

Get Inspired with these privacy fence ideas

Privacy fences are a great way to increase the value of your property, but they come in many different types and styles. Depending on your needs, choosing the right DIY privacy fence can be difficult. You’ll need to consider your budget, where you live, and how much privacy you need. These factors will determine what type of garden fence will work best for your property. We’ve all seen the images of a white picket fence, but this article will take you through the options available and give you some privacy fence ideas.

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33+ Privacy Fence Ideas That Work

Do You Need A Privacy Fence?

A privacy fence is not only a practical addition to any yard but also makes the home itself more valuable by increasing security and privacy. There are several different types of fencing that provide good options for keeping out strangers and unwanted visitors while still allowing visibility into your property for safety – these include a wood privacy fence, stone fence, vinyl fence, living fence, plastic fencing, chain link fence, and wire fencing.

Can You Afford A Privacy Fence?

One of the main reasons that homeowners don’t use fencing is cost. These are expensive to have installed but can be well worth it for just a little bit more investment. The initial installation costs will depend on how much work needs to be done to your property and all the necessary permits you need before you can install, but after your privacy fence idea is up, expect ongoing maintenance costs of about $200-500 each year. If this seems like too much for what you get, think of what you would spend if someone got into your yard or home without permission. For most people, this could very easily reach into the thousands – not to mention the huge inconvenience! Talk with local fencing companies and see what all your options are.

Stockade Vs. Barbed Wire Fencing

One of the first things many people think about when they consider a new fence is a security. If someone has been causing trouble in your neighborhood, or you’ve had problems with stray dogs and cats using your yard as a bathroom, a good way to protect yourself from unwanted visitors is by adding barbed wire fencing to your existing stockade fence. Not only does this double the overall height, but it also makes it that much harder for someone to climb over your fence. Barbed wire fencing is also great in that it can be installed quickly and cheaply when you need a temporary solution, such as when you’re hosting a large party or event, working on landscaping, etc., and don’t want people wandering into your yard uninvited.

Safety Fences For Kids

When children are young, their parents want them to be able to run around and play without the danger of strangers getting too close and possibly harming them. The best way to keep an eye on children outside while still providing some element of privacy for the family is with tinted vinyl fencing, which provides good visibility without diminishing privacy. This works especially well if your kids are at an age where they are constantly “looking for monsters” and hiding behind the couch. Take away their hiding place, and they won’t stay outside as long!

Where To Put Your Fence

Location is everything when it comes to fencing. Not only does your fence need to be in a spot where it can be supported, but you’ll also want to make sure that the surrounding area will provide good views and plenty of sunlight. It’s always best to avoid putting fencing directly under trees, especially very tall ones since this will interfere with both sunlight and airflow through the branches. Also, if your fence doesn’t have any way of allowing water out (such as drainage holes), you could end up with quite a mess during rainy seasons, leaves pile up on top of your fence.

What Should Your Backyard Fence Be Made Of?

There are many materials that fencing can be made of, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. You will want to decide on the right backyard privacy fence style for you, both in terms of cost but also your personal preference when it comes to building materials. Your existing fence may well guide you.

Wooden Fence: Solid wood is not only beautiful looking but also very sturdy and durable. They last a long time, and so if you find one you like, chances are it’s around for good! Not only that, but fence companies often offer discounts on installation when they’re using wood fencing since it requires less work. The cost can also be reduced if you use pallet fence material.

Vinyl or Plastic Fencing: This has really taken off in popularity in recent years due to how durable it is, how easy it is to install, and how reasonably priced it can be. Vinyl fencing and plastic fencing (not the same thing!) both come in a huge variety of styles and colors and can make your yard look like a million bucks for an extremely affordable price.

Chain Link Fencing: This type of chain link fence has been around for decades and does not require any special maintenance or upkeep. Also known as chicken wire, it doesn’t need to be painted, stained, etc., meaning that you get more time to spend enjoying your garden instead of working on it! Also, this style of fence is very sturdy without blocking all of the light from reaching plants, allowing grasses and other plants to thrive. You’ll also find that chain link fences are particularly useful if you live in an area where it’s not uncommon for children to play on the street since people can still see your kids playing while cars are passing by.

Metal Fences: If you want a fence design that is sturdy and long-lasting, a wrought iron metal fence or a corrugated metal fence could be the right choice for you. Not only is it strong enough to withstand even the most vicious of storms, but there are also all kinds of different types out there that can give your yard a cool, unique look. Metal fences are usually best when placed around large yards since they require quite a bit of space in order to look their best. Also, if you’re planning on having any kind of landscaping done at some point in the future, this type of fencing may not be ideal since there’s a rate of damage when it comes to any type of digging or excavation.

Wood Fencing Benefits

If you want fencing that will last for decades, a wood fence panel is your best bet. With a fence post, they’re durable, easy to install and look absolutely beautiful if they’re properly stained. Plus, many companies offer installation at lower rates when they’re using solid wood because it requires less work on their part! However, just like any fencing, be sure that it gets plenty of sunlight so that plants can thrive in the area surrounding your fence. With a wooden privacy fence, you can include a bamboo privacy fence into the mix. They are pretty sturdy too, cheap, and come in a bamboo fence roll and bamboo poles. Bamboo fencing is a very cost-effective solution that has a natural look.

Vinyl or Plastic Fencing Benefits

One huge benefit of vinyl fencing (not plastic) is how affordable it is compared to other options. Even though you get what you pay for, sometimes this style of fencing can look just as beautiful as some more expensive options. Not only is it versatile, but there are so many different styles and colors of vinyl or plastic fencing to choose from that you can pretty much find something suitable for any style of your garden! They also make a great pool fence.

Chain Link Fencing Benefits

If you want a fence that is very sturdy and long-lasting yet does not block out all of the light-reaching plants, installing a chain-link fence around your yard may be the right move for you. You’ll also notice that this style of fence doesn’t require any special care other than making sure it’s properly installed and maintained. Also, if children will often play on the street in front of your home, this type of fencing can make them visible to passing cars while still keeping them safe from the road.

Metal Fencing Benefits

This type of fencing is very strong and can withstand even the most dangerous storm. Not only does it not require much in the way of maintenance, but you’ll find that there are so many different styles out there to choose from that you’re likely to find something suitable for any garden style! If your yard is relatively flat, metal fences will give a neat, clean appearance without looking bulky or awkward. On a side note: be sure that you don’t install a metal fence if you plan on having landscaping done at some point later on down the line since digging can damage both your fence and whatever else may get in the way.

Wood Fencing Drawbacks

If you’re expecting lots of landscaping to be done in the future, this style of fencing may not fit your needs. Trees can easily damage wood fencing, so if they are planted too close to it, they could be damaged or even destroyed. Also, while this type of fence is beautiful when properly maintained, you’ll probably need to put some extra time and money into keeping it looking nice. On a side note: If you live in an area with high winds, expect quite a bit of maintenance on your part since wind can wreak havoc on any wooden fencing.

Vinyl Fencing Drawbacks

There’s no denying that a vinyl privacy fence is pretty affordable compared to other types of options out there today. Plus, it’s easy to work with, which means that installation is much cheaper. However, this type of fencing can be easily broken by someone who has a baseball bat or other hard sports equipment in their possession. Also, if you have kids playing outside, they might use it as a play-thing and break holes into it – which isn’t good for anyone.

Chain Link Fencing Drawbacks

One huge drawback when it comes to installing chain-link fencing around your yard is the fact that there are so many different styles available these days. The only downfall is that if you choose one style right at the beginning, you may not want anything else but that. You’ll find that even though these types of fences are sturdy, they aren’t ideal since you have to have a relatively flat yard area.

Metal Fencing drawbacks

While metal fencing is very strong and does have a nice, neat appearance, you’ll find that it requires quite a bit of attention to ensure that it’s properly maintained. You will also need some heavy-duty equipment to dig into your yard, as the only way to install this type of fence is by digging into the ground. It does not act as a privacy screen either.

You may also want to consider some front door planter ideas and also some poolside planter ideas.

So, let’s take you through some privacy fencing ideas to help you make your decision.

privacy fence ideas

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I hope you took some inspiration from these privacy fence ideas. As you can imagine, there is a lot to consider, from the design aspects to the cost of the project. Many factors will determine how you move forward.

privacy fence ideas for backyard

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