31+ Purple Kitchen Ideas With Real Personality

purple kitchen ideas

Get inspired with our purple kitchen ideas

In this post, we will consider some purple kitchen ideas and how colors can work together to create a great space. If you are looking to transform your kitchen into a stunning space, the following purple color kitchens showcase how they exude elegance and sophistication.  

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With purple cabinets matched with some cool wall decor, purple kitchen design has been elevated to new heights. Take note of the images we show you to create your own modern kitchen. 

What does the color purple represent? 

Historically, purple has been associated with wealth. With royal links, the shade of purple is linked to wealth and luxury. Incorporating this color into your kitchen design should elevate your space. 

The purple color spectrum means you have plenty of choice…

You won’t be short of options with the color purple. From deep violet to your lilac tones, there are plenty in the middle too. Consider using different shades to create a unique color scheme. Additionally, consider a two tone finish. Pair some white cabinets with your purple base cabinets. Alternatively, consider some upper cabinets in a softer tone and complement them with lower cabinets in a deeper shade of purple. Consider adding some white countertops to break up the space. 

Consider adding purple accents to add a pop of color to your purple kitchen cabinets…

You may opt for white kitchen cabinets and simply use a color scheme that incorporate a purple tones into the color scheme. A purple wall paint color might provide the color in this space. Your home decor can be very simple, but be effective. This gives you the flexibility to change up your color too at little cost. 

Make sure you consider natural light in your lilac kitchen

Purple kitchen cabinets can tend to look a little darker, obviously this is totally dependent on the tones you choose. Making the most of your natural light can counter this. You may also want to consider your lighting layout too. 

Make the most of your flooring and furniture with your purple cabinets

Furniture is the easiest way to add the color purple to your color scheme. However, flooring is a little more difficult. The most common solution is to select a light colored flooring, possibly even light grey tiles. 

Let’s take a look at some wonderful purple kitchen ideas. Whether you opt for deep purple cabinets or subtle lilac tones, creating a harmonious balance is the key to good design. 

purple kitchen designs
Purple kitchen designs

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I hope these purple kitchens have really helped to inspire you…

A colorful kitchen is a fun place to be and really allows it to reflect your personality. Nothing says fun like a purple kitchen…albeit gothic style kitchens also have a strong purple tone!

I hope that these purple kitchen ideas have given you plenty to think about and helped focus your design direction. If you really want to stand out and create an impression, you have to be brave!

purple kitchen cabinets

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