31+ Purple Kitchen Ideas With Real Personality

purple kitchen ideas

Get inspired with our purple kitchen ideas

There are many that would love something as outlandish as a purple kitchen, few however are brave enough to try…the white kitchen steadfastly remains the most popular choice! If you do get it right though, a modern purple kitchen can be astonishing. Once the preserve of the ultra-stylish, increasingly we are seeing more people get onboard with the purple hue in contemporary kitchen design. In this post, we will consider some purple kitchen ideas and how colors can work together to create a great space.

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Does a purple kitchen have to have purple cabinets or drawers? Not necessarily, much of the purple color can be achieved through kitchen accessories, purple paint, kitchen furniture, a countertop, a purple wall and even a purple kitchen backsplash.

Historically, most people opting for this color scheme did not do it through purple kitchen cabinets.

However, in modern kitchen design, bold color choices are what separate you from the crowd. That does not mean that you need to stick to one color, mixing colors is a better option. Complimenting purple with other room colors works very well. A neutral color like cream, white, green and a gray shade, are very popular combinations.

We have already demonstrated the benefits of two tone kitchens in another article. Matching white cabinets and a white countertop with another strong color can give amazing results.

This works especially well if you have a kitchen island. This separate area can really be highlighted as a focal point using color.

Purple kitchen décor idea

As you can see in the images below, the color purple contains a wide spectrum of color. In essence it can range from aubergine, violet, lilac, lavender to a dark purple kitchen. The lighter shades to darker shades mean that you can cater for most styles of kitchens.

Why not consider taking elements of your purple kitchen color through to your dining area, living room, heck…even a purple bedroom or bathroom sounds cool!

Frequently asked questions

Is purple a good color for kitchen?

Purple is a great color for a kitchen and especially suits very modern environments. stainless steel appliances look great in these kitchens. However, even if you have a more rustic kitchen or farmhouse style kitchen, a purple hue like lavender works remarkably well. The wide gamut of colors mean that most spaces can work with this color, especially if you introduce another neutral tone.

What Color goes with purple in a kitchen?

The color purple is a very versatile color that works especially well with neutral colors. It also works well with greens and grays. As long as the tone matches, you will find that the purple color spectrum is easy to work with.

What color goes well with dark purple?

As you can imagine a dark purple is almost black. Therefore, you need a color that will add some contrast. Consider a neutral color like white or cream, possibly even a light gray.

What’s the opposite color of purple?

The opposite of the color purple is yellow. The primary colors are red, blue and green. Purple is based on the red and blue color. Yellow is formed from red and green.

What colors go well with lilac?

Since lilac is a lighter shade, it works well with neutral colors such as cream and white. It can also work well with a contrast color like a dark purple.

What color compliments lavender?

Lavender contains a strong hint of gray, therefore the best tones that suit it are earthy tones like beige, yellow, browns, magenta’s and gold.

purple kitchen designs
Purple kitchen designs

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A colorful kitchen is a fun place to be and really allows it to reflect your personality. Nothing says fun like a purple kitchen…albeit gothic style kitchens also have a strong purple tone!

I hope that these purple kitchen ideas have given you plenty to think about and helped focus your design direction. If you really want to stand out and create an impression, you have to be brave!

purple kitchen cabinets

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