25+ Shipping Container Home Ideas That Inspire

shipping container home ideas

Get Inspired with these shipping container home ideas

One of the big trends at the moment is converting an old shipping container into functional homes. You may think that this is a little out there, but it makes perfect logical sense to create these amazing homes. These shipping container homes are constructed using a solid frame of a cargo container. In this post, we take a look at shipping container home ideas. 

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Why consider container homes ideas…

A repurposed shipping container design idea is a great solution all round. These containers are often surplus containers, beyond their expected lifespan. These steel shipping containers are often sold at a discount, making them the perfect basis for a container home. 

Benefits of container home ideas…

A shipping container house is a great solution for many reasons. Here are a few of the benefits;

Durability: They have a solid build as they are designed to withstand harsh treatment

Eco-friendly: Repurposing a container is a great way of saving on materials and resources. A recycled shipping container reduces waste on things like energy and building materials

Affordable: A modern container home is relatively cheap to buy and convert. The living space might have a small square foot floor space compared to conventional homes, but they can still have a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.  

Fast conversion: Building housing takes time with traditional construction. With all the building code and labour capacity issues, these can essentially be mitigated. A single container home using recycled containers, is a fast build

Mobility: You can load a container guest house onto a truck and literally move location. You can’t that with a traditional build…but you can with this tiny house

Energy efficiency: It may be a tiny home, but they are highly energy efficient. The shipping container architecture should include great insulation. 

As you will see in the images, some of these shipping containers offer some highly stylish custom container living. Take a look at these shipping container home ideas, and share your favorites on your social media. 

shipping container home ideas
Shipping container home ideas

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Check out these amazing shipping container ideas & these container design ideas…

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These container house ideas should really inspire you…

I hope that these shipping container home ideas have provided you with some inspiration. Hopefully, they will help take your design ideas to the next level. As always, please consider sharing some images on your social media…and do tag us in if you do share some images of your own.

shipping container homes
Shipping container homes

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