25+ Shipping Container Home Ideas That Inspire

shipping container home ideas

Get Inspired with these shipping container home ideas

Modern problems need modern solutions. In this case, an unused shipping container is the perfect solution to a housing problem. This eco-friendly solution to surplus containers has many benefits which are making them incredibly popular. In this post, we will consider some of the aspects that you need to consider and then move on to some recycled shipping container home ideas.

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Look into the interior space of a container home and you may well be surprised at the quality of some. They have all the conveniences of modern homes and some are utterly stylish. A wonderful benefit of taking this route is that you can customize them to your own interior design ideas. As alternative living spaces go, transforming a cargo container is a great solution to sustainable living.

What does a 40 foot shipping container cost?

Prices can vary as there are a few factors that affect it. The price is based on demand which may be influenced by the level of trade and storage container availability. Prices start at $3000 for the smaller 20ft storage container, whilst the 40ft containers start at around $4000.

How much does it cost to convert a shipping container into a home?

Shipping container architecture is a growing industry as people recognize the merits of a shipping container house. How much you spend will depend on your design idea and choice of building material, but a fully kitted out unit will cost you at least $15000 to convert.

How long do container homes last?

Repurposed shipping containers should last at least 15 years if you are starting with a used container with a solid container structure. New steel containers should last at least 25 years.

Do container homes hold value?

In principle, they hold value and can actually increase in value too. The fact that they are transportable too, makes them even more attractive to buyers.

Is it cheaper to build a shipping container home?

In some cases, you can save a lot of money, especially if you need to construct a more robust property. However, this is not always the case. It is worth you investigating further since with cargo container homes, you have the initial purchase price and the conversion cost.

How many square feet are in a 40 foot container?

In a 40ft square foot container, there are 300 square feet with a volume of approximately 3000 square feet.

Do container homes need foundation?

As with all external buildings, they all need solid ground to sit on. This is because the ground naturally moves, so you need to minimize any risk of movement. If you are using multiple containers, you definitely need to do some work. A single container will need less support.

Why shipping container homes are bad?

Its a little dramatic to call them bad. However, if you are considering undertaking a conversion, there are aspects that you need to consider with the design and floor plan. They need plenty of work to make them liveable. They have little space for insulation, although spray foam can resolve that, you need to add ventilation and structural support. In addition, the complexity of a ground floor large window and door. It’s not an easy undertaking but can we well worth the effort.

Do shipping containers get hot inside?

Yes, they can get very hot inside, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. The insides of the shipping container can be 12 degrees warmer inside. This is why in shipping container home design, you really need to consider insulation and ventilation.

Do container homes rust?

Yes, they will rust over time. This should take some time though since they mostly have protective coatings over them. If you are buying an older container, you should inspect them carefully for signs of serious rusting.

Are shipping container homes toxic?

There is potential for your shipping container to have toxic surfaces. This is because some containers are treated with pesticides to protect the floor. The paint on the container may also contain harmful chemicals. If you are using them for container housing, you need to get your container assessed.

Are affordable shipping container homes a solution to the housing crisis?

Absolutely they are, a container city is seen as a viable solution to build low cost solutions. Often, they are stacked containers to make the most of the land available, but the design process of container home plans includes all the elements of a tiny home, like a living area, kitchen, roof terrace, solar panels and even a green roof.

So, now that we have established what you need to consider, lets take a look at some shipping container homes ideas.

shipping container home ideas
Shipping container home ideas

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I hope that these shipping container home ideas have provided you with some inspiration. Hopefully, they will help take your design ideas to the next level. As always, please consider sharing some images on your social media…and do tag us in if you do share some images of your own.

shipping container homes
Shipping container homes

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