21+ Victorian Path Ideas That Look Stunning

victorian path ideas

Get Inspired with these wonderful Victorian path ideas

When you consider the Victorian era, you think of the elaborate architecture, the intricate patterns and bold colors. If you are looking to  incorporate the classic Victorian look into your home, The easiest way is through your garden path. A thoughtfully designed Victorian style path can serve as a focal point to your home, and transform the look of your outdoor space. In this post, we consider Victorian path ideas. 

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Brick, stone, concrete and ceramic tile were all popular materials used for paths and floors during the 19th century. Victorian tile patterns typically featured geometric shapes and designs in bold colors. These elaborate tile floors and pathways were both beautiful to look at and durable too. 

The shape of your victorian garden path tiles

The vivid colors and shapes of rectangular, hexagonal or octagonal patterned tiles can create visual interest underfoot. Paired with a stone, brick or concrete border, these tiles deliver a wonderful Victorian style. Intricate ceramic tiles with an embossed design are another way to achieve the layered details characteristic of the Victorian era. There are a number of companies dedicated to these tiles, allowing people to reinstate their victorians paths. 

For a traditional Victorian look, use patterned tiles or pavers to create a geometric shape for your pathway. A hexagonal, circular or diamond layout for your Victorian tile floor is a traditional look. Add some plants in your garden border for a great looking Victorian pathway.

Front path tiles with color…

The colors you choose are another important consideration for achieving a traditional Victorian aesthetic. Emerald, ruby and sapphire were popular colors for Victorian tile work, as were vibrant shades of turquoise, yellow and violet. Use these rich colors in your tile patterns or concrete pavers to emulate a Victorian style. Softer neutral shades of cream, slate and terracotta also help convey a 19th century look. Many of these colors are replicated in modern tiles. 

With so many options for colors, materials, layouts and decor, a Victorian inspired pathway offers great opportunity for creativity and self-expression.

victorian path ideas

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Take a look at these victorian path tiles…

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I hope you enjoyed these Victorian path ideas. I’m sure you will agree that some of them deliver a stunning look, well worth the investment. As always, if you share your new creation on social media, be sure to tag us in, and by all means, send us your photos if you want to add them into this page.

victorian garden path ideas

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