21+ Victorian Path Ideas That Look Stunning

victorian path ideas

Get Inspired with these wonderful Victorian path ideas

When it comes to tiles, the Victorians knew a thing or two about them. Both hard wearing and functional, Victorian tiles adorned many front paths and delivered a stylish entrance into the home. Many of these original paths have been lost, but the apatite to restore them remains strong. In this post, I will run you through some great examples of Victorian path ideas.

They remain as popular today as when they first came into style in the 19th century. Their history starts with encaustic tiles which were made using different colors of clay. However, this was a very expensive means of production. A new cheaper option was required. This came during the industrial revolution. Victorian era tiles were instead produced in a single color, in a geometric shape. This enabled tiles to be used to fill any space without worrying about the pattern.

Whether it is a front Victorian pathway, Victorian garden path or walkway, the Victorian period look is a timeless classic. As far as period property décor goes, a Victorian house is as popular as ever, the major reason being the styling and features. Curb appeal is very important, it sets the scene for your home.

The cost of the Victorian path look

The cost of getting this look varies significantly. Much of this is down to the actual tiles themselves. They are relatively expensive if you are opting for the small pieces that were originally used in the Victorian era. The cost of this is approximately £60 per square metre. You have the option of a cheaper alternative. These are a printed tile in a geometric Victorian style, cheaper but less impressive.

You then have the cost of the labour, which can vary depending on your location.

Can you lay your own Victorian tile path?

Absolutely! It is a job that you can do, with the right preparation, knowledge and tools, you can deliver a very competent result.

It can be a very intricate job, even if you are using larger floor tiles. You need to get the height correct, the right mix of cement, and ensure that the pitch of the tiling is correct to allow water run-off. It’s not as simple as it looks.

The edges need some attention too, whether you choose a border or simply fill it with pea gravel. If you are separating a driveway or paving, you need to think about how to deliver a seamless look.

If your surface is unstable or prone to cracks, it’s well investigating a Durabase matting. This is a waterproof and crack resistant membrane that separates the tile from the base surface. This reduces the chance of your tile cracking over time.

Finally, if you do go ahead and tile your front path, it is not something you are going to regret. Not only will the path look stunning, it actually adds value to your home. A simple path may well be functional, but a Victorian design path is a work of art. However, it’s worth keeping on top of things and maintaining your tiles so they always look in great condition.

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victorian path ideas

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Take a look at these Victorian garden path ideas…

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I hope you enjoyed these Victorian path ideas. I’m sure you will agree that some of them deliver a stunning look, well worth the investment. As always, if you share your new creation on social media, be sure to tag us in, and by all means, send us your photos if you want to add them into this page.

victorian garden path ideas

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