16+ Attic Ladder Ideas That Work

attic ladder ideas

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One of the last places in the home to really get that style makeover is the loft stair or attic staircase. Normally, the option that is chosen is the functional option, but that shouldn’t have to be the case. In this post, we will look at attic ladder ideas that are beyond the conventional attic stair ideas.

The first question you should ask yourself when choosing attic access is the amount of room that you have available. This will very much dictate the style direction that you are able to take.

It also depends on your attic and whether you have had it converted. Having an unconverted attic space means that you will more than likely need a different type of access.

You have the following options for a loft ladder; pull down attic stair, aluminum attic ladder, telescopic ladder, step ladder, retractable ladder, extension ladder, folding ladder, even a wood ladder. Normally, this attic opening is via an attic door, accessed via an attic pull on the loft hatch.

You can get an attic ladder kit to get this done cheaply and quickly too. If you are lucky enough to have a converted attic, then loft conversion stairs are the only viable option. they are structural, therefore permanently in situ. This stairway comes in a variety of forms and shapes.

A popular style is a spiral staircase which is becoming cheaper every year. This method actually saves a lot of space, but a spiral stair does limit access to a degree. As long as the ceiling joist is sound, you have a degree of flexibility.

Increasingly, you are seeing more artistic interpretations of a staircase. Often, these are designed to look great but are not as functional. An example is a handrail, often these are missing which means it is more difficult to climb stairs. A concertina loft ladder is also a popular option, as well as clever folding attic stair examples.

An ideal space is having enough room for a staircase as well as a landing at the top with appropriate ceiling height. This level of room gives you plenty of options.

You may possibly be able to create more room but this may come at some cost. At worst, you have the option of a range of compact attic ladder designs.

If an attic staircase is out of the question, you may have to consider a space saving loft ladder…the ones that you pull down and push up. This is a great solution for most homes since the attic space is not often used. It is relatively low cost and simple to install.

The ideal option if you have the space is a made to measure attic stairway. This affords you the opportunity to create something visually special. A real ‘wow’ factor that will add value to your home.

Below, you will find some excellent examples of attic ladder ideas, which should help you focus your mind.

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attic staircase

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loft ladder ideas
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I hope that the above images on attic ladder ideas give you the inspiration you are looking for. Remember, this is actually quite a major piece of work so it is important that you consider all the options. Take professional advice and really think about what is actually functional, as well as looking great.

attic staircase

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