21+ Amazing Space Saving Staircase Ideas

space saving staircase ideas

Get inspired with our space saving staircase ideas and designs

If a ‘wow’ factor is important to you, it is possible to introduce one into your home at relatively little cost. Our space saving staircase ideas will help you see what is possible. Simply replacing your old loft staircase with a stylish new staircase is relatively simple and depending on your design, very affordable. The result…an absolutely stunning new look to your home.

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21+ Amazing Space Saving Staircase Ideas

Traditional space saving stairs…

A traditional tread staircase is a very common design and tends to be relatively bulky when you consider the room available. It is more than likely that very little design aspects were considered when it was made. Most tend to be factory made wooden staircase or metal stairs, fixed into your property. They are simply a functional attic ladder and are not considered as space saving stairs.

Design has moved on, staircases are now considered an integral part of your home design. They are a feature, something worthy of consideration. Not doing so means that you have not considered the full potential of your space . It is also the case that, as more and more people consider home design the norm, you have to go the extra mile to stand out.

Space saver stairs that make a statement…

A spacesaver staircase is a fantastic opportunity to make a statement. Given that you have flexibility of material use, you have the potential to create very unique designs. That is not to say that everything has to be custom made with a unique design, there are many fantastic ‘off the shelf’ solutions that will do just fine.

Benefits of space saving staircases…

As far as benefits go, space saving staircase design can make a dramatic difference to the space available to you. The footprint of the staircase idea is much lower, giving you additional room to do other things. This is especially the case if the staircase is leading to an attic room or a basement . They offer flexibility too, as you don’t necessarily need a wall, space saving stair cases can be attached to a column. This gives you much more design flexibility. They are also commonly found in the form of a spiral stair, floating staircase or a loft ladder.

If you want to add some character to to your staircase space, check out this post on staircase gallery wall ideas.

So, take a look at our space saving staircase ideas, the images below will help you determine what is available and what is possible with your space.

space saving staircase
Space Saving Staircase Designs

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Get inspired with our space saving staircase design ideas…

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Space saving staircases that deliver the ‘wow’ factor

I hope you have taken your time to reflect on the space saving staircase ideas above. Each design should give you something that deserves some thinking. If you are looking to upgrade your home, please consider reading our other content, all of it is published to help you design the best possible space.

space saver staircase ideas
Space Saving Staircase Designs

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Frequently asked questions

Take a look at some of the most common questions related to staircases.

What is a space saver staircase?

There’s no need to compromise between style and function when it comes to stairs. A space saver staircase, also known as a stacking or folding staircase, is a modern staircase that is designed to suit a small space, but still maintain the elegance of a full-size staircase with a riser height. They’re great for staircases that are rarely used, such as the staircase in a seldom-used guest room, or a staircase in a basement or attic.
Space saving staircases are a great way to save space in your home and increase storage space. They allow you to save on floor space, but also give you room for a staircase. In addition to that, space saving staircases are also a great way to increase the value of your home. There are three main types to choose from: folding space saver stairs, telescopic space saver stairs, and wall space saver stairs. Each works well in different situations, so choose the one that best meets your needs.

Are space saver stairs legal?

In cramped urban housing, space saver stairs can be a real boon in the quest to maximize small living spaces. These steps enable you to fit a staircase in a limited area, saving you from having to build a conventional staircase and making more room for other things. But are space saver stairs legal?
It’s a question that has been on a lot of customers’ minds as they consider buying these narrow risers. It’s also one that many home improvement retailers and manufacturers have been wondering as well. That’s because the space saver staircase is a relatively new product that is gaining popularity-and criticism-with consumers. The unique design is meant to be a space-saving alternative to a standard staircase in your stairwell, but as more and more people are installing them, it’s becoming apparent that the space saver stairs may not be legal in some areas.

Do space saver stairs comply with building regulations?

Unfortunately, if you’re thinking of fitting the stairs you have to a small house, you could be wasting your time and money. There is a myth that space saver stairs are in some way safer, or that they are treated in the same way as a staircase for planning permission. This is not true. You will need planning permission if you want to use space saver stairs, and they will have to be constructed in accordance with the current Building Regulations. This includes aspects of the handrail, stair parts, wooden steps, ceiling height and tread stairs that form your loft stair to your loft conversion.

How much space is needed for a staircase?

A staircase is a functional part of a home, but it can also serve as a decorative element. Whether you’re building a home from the ground up or remodeling an existing one, it’s important to understand the basics of straight stair design, including how much room a staircase will take up.
The size of a staircase depends on how many people use it, and how long it is. If you want to know how much space is needed for a metal staircase, you first need to work out the length of the staircase in feet. You then need to calculate how much space is needed for each of the two sets of stairs. This will give you an idea of how much space you need. You need to think about where the conventional stairs are going to go in the room and how much space is available.
The average width of a stair tread is 12 inches, although this can range from 10 to 14. The average height of a stair step is between 7 and 8 inches. You can calculate how much space is needed for a stairway.

Which stairs take up the least space?

Stairs can take up a lot of space. If you have limited space, perhaps you should consider which of the various types of stairs you should use. Spiral staircases are the most compact of all, since they require less space than a straight staircase. Spiral staircases are difficult to climb, though, and can be difficult to install in an existing house.
A straight staircase is easier to climb and requires a larger footprint, but is easier to install. The staircase is an often overlooked aspect of home design. But, with a few smart design ideas, you can create an opulent foyer that is a focal point of any home. So, which stairs will take up the least space?
Stairs that are incorporated into a wall are the most space saving. Aesthetically, these stairs do not look as open as traditional stairs, but if you want to incorporate stairs into your wall, the space saved is well worth it. If you are more attached to the open look, standard stairs will be a great option for you.
If you want to take up the least possible space with your staircase, we recommend a spiral staircase that winds around the wall.

Are Floating stairs more expensive?

Floating stairs are a great way to add visual interest to your home. The stair has a lighter feel than traditional stairs, and can work in many different room types. You can even combine the floating stairs with another design element, like a glass railing, for an eye-catching look. But that eye-catching design doesn’t come cheap. But are they more expensive than regular stairs? The answer is a little bit more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no”, but we’ll try to keep it simple. It depends on the type of floating stairs you choose and whether you hire a professional to install them or try to do it yourself.

Can a staircase be open on one side?

When planning a staircase, a crucial consideration is whether the staircase should have a railing on one side. This is an issue that is often overlooked, and, as a result, many open-sided staircases have been put into homes without much thought given to the issue. Nice, but dangerous! If there’s no railing, you might trip and fall down the stairs, which can be dangerous or even fatal. For this reason, you should only have an open-sided staircase in a space that’s very secure; the opening should be within a secure area of the home, such as a foyer or living room.
In addition, the opening should be in a space where the staircase is easily visible to everyone using it. However, Traversing a staircase without railings is both dangerous and a safety violation. In fact, the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) even specifies that railings are required on stairs with open sides. As a result, stairs that are open on one side, are best avoided.



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