24+ Beautiful Foyer Ideas That Will Make Your Neighbors Green With Envy

Beautiful Foyer Ideas

Beautiful Foyer Ideas That Make an Impact

As they say… first impressions last. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. You get the idea…the point being that a good impression is important. This post on beautiful foyer ideas should help you do just that.

Your foyer or hallway is the first point of your home…it sets the standard for your home. It’s the first thing you see when you get home and the last thing you see when you leave. Your foyer is important, not just for others…but for you too.

This post on beautiful foyer ideas is designed to fire up that inspiration within you. It is a curated set of images that should get you creative juices flowing. From the color of the walls to the kind of furnishings present.

It’s is important to imagine your foyer and look at the potential. Yes, these foyers are large and impressive to look at. Yes, they may contain very expensive furnishings…but that is not the point of these images. The point is to imagine what things could be.

Take a note of the way the colors of the walls flow with the flooring. Look at how the are accessorized. See the way in which the different materials and textures flow between each other…each one designed to complement the next.

Joshua McHugh

This foyer does a fantastic job of delivering a bright and airy space that is both welcoming and fresh. It does so my using the white color to highlight the space while using the yellow’s of the chairs and paintings to bring the fresh dynamic.

Laura Resen

This is a very contemporary space which does a fantastic job of blending many different materials to create a unique space. I especially love the different woods that combine perfectly with the tiled flooring. Art is important in a space like this, the large painting and the contemporary art in the background creates a very modern vibe.


Even the most simplest of spaces can provide you with beautiful foyer ideas. This design delivered by Bocadolobo is no exception. The emphasis is in the texture of the materials used which complement the space perfectly. Imposing is how i would describe it, i’m sure you will agree.

Richard Powers

The coldness of the white and grey is very dramatic…but broken up beautifully by the striking red contemporary art. It does a fantastic job of drawing your attention to it. Obviously, you would need a very modern space to recreate the same space but i can see how this idea can be transferred to all kinds of spaces. Essentially, you are blending the background whilst creating a very visible focal point.


This beautiful foyer does a great job of creating a room out of the common space area. Enclosing the stairs mean that you get another wall to furnish with style. I like the way the simple color scheme matches the rustic flooring. In essence, this is simple and achievable design that delivers.

Blaze Makoid Architecture

This beautiful foyer is full of ideas. To begin with, the space is exceptional…double height floors give exceptional light. This also allows huge wall space to display art. The real star of this show is the structural elements that gives so much detail and drama.


This beautiful foyer has been included to show that you can use simple colors to create dramatic effects. This striking image is monochromatic with a rich color embedded into it to create a centerpiece. This is exceptionally beautiful design that can be replicated to suit a variety of budgets…obviously, this image represents the top end!

Streeter Homes

A simple yet modern foyer is perfectly demonstrated here. Simple materials matched with a simple color scheme. This isn’t a clinical space, it’s more a very functional space that is designed to be used. The imposing wooden doors give it a warm feel while the bench and wall art make it welcoming.

NORM Architects

This foyer is ultra modern, yet it doesn’t give that clinically clean vibe that many spaces like this give off unintentionally. The simple color scheme is broken up by the intentionally placed black accessories. This has the effect of breaking up the space and drawing the eye into different directions. Simplicity is the key here and this beautiful foyer does that very well.


This beautiful foyer delivers the ‘wow’ factor in spades. It is simply delightful. Much of the impact comes from the beautiful structural elements but the decor is not to be underestimated. Simple colors are used but colorful furniture creates a focal point that is both tasteful and dramatic. The contrast is beautifully done.

Source: Pinterest

This very tastefully done hallway is both stylish and welcoming. The color palette is both simple and warm. The real beauty from this comes from the natural woods and mood lighting. A welcoming space the emphasizes warmth.


Dramatic is how i would describe this hallway as. You either love it or hate it. Some may describe this as cold and sterile. Others will describe it as an elegant and stylish space. Although it is not particularly to my taste, i can certainly pick out aspects of it that appeal to me. The contrast of the patterns is beautifully done and the dramatic color of the planters really breaks up the white space.

Source: Pinterest

This foyer delivers style and warmth at the same time. Dominated by wood, it gives an interesting texture and feel. I particularly like the combination of grey with the natural color of wood. Accented with some greenery and select accessories, you have a welcoming foyer that is relatively simple to replicate.

Beautiful Foyer Ideas
Beautiful Foyer Ideas – Mohler Design

The size and space of this hallway gives it a dramatic and imposing feel. The monochromatic color scheme adds to the drama, yet it somehow feels warm and welcoming. What is for sure, is the timeless and effortless nature of it. The dog is an optional extra.

Source: Pinterest

Beautiful foyer ideas are not in short supply…but uniqueness often is. This foyer manages to deliver a look of a high end art gallery. The color scheme may be simple but the structural inserts next to the staircase create a unique look. Add in some dramatic art and sculpture, you have a unique foyer that is bound to delight.

Source: Pinterest

The lighting is the star of the show here. It can add real warmth to a simple color palette. Add in some strategically placed furniture, you have a dramatic entryway to your home.

Source: Bocadolobo

Again, another variation of the concept above, the table takes center stage in this foyer. Very dramatic…very unique. Add in some artwork and simple furniture, you have a stylish space that delivers a nice welcome to your home.

Twenty 7 Design Workshop

The ‘wow’ factor in this hallway is delivered by the beautiful floating shelf. Completely natural wood in a very modern setting, it provides that juxtaposition that delivers interesting spaces.


The flooring is the star of the show here. Most people will focus on the furniture and the wall color scheme. This design delivers the drama through the flooring. This is what makes this different to what you have seen above. i think you will agree that they have done an excellent job in really setting the mood. When you are considering entryway ideas, the flooring should play a key part in the dynamics you want to create.

Leighton Design Group

Low mood lighting that emphasizes one aspect of a hallway is what we see here. I have to say that this hallway is beautifully done. It is warm and welcoming, yet delivers a very unique look.


This beautiful entryway is another example how the contrast of dark and light color works very well. Limiting the color on the floor and walls allows you to add drama through your artwork.

Pieter Estersohn

This is probably the most conservative image that i am displaying, yet it is just as important. This beautiful foyer gives you an idea of furniture breaking up a relatively large space.


Dramatic colors…without using any bright colors. The geometric shapes and straight lines give a real depth to this hallway. It really emphasizes the design involved in creating this, with the furniture creating a focal point.


This image has been included for a couple of reasons. Aside from the fact that it is beautifully done with drama by the bucket load, it also goes to show that the structure of your home really influences the end result. You have to work with what is available and really emphasize the uniqueness of what is available.

This concludes my post on beautiful foyer ideas. This post is not designed to tell you what you should be doing, it is here to show you that creativity should not be restricted by space or budget. Many of these looks can be interpreted and replicated. so let your creative juices flow and create something you can be proud of.

foyer entrance ideas
Foyer entrance ideas

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