19+ DIY Dog House Ideas That Work

diy dog house ideas

Get Inspired with these DIY dog house ideas

In this post, we take a look at DIY dog house ideas. As you will see, there are a whole range of dog houses out there…from the basic, to the ornate. As we all know, people love their furry friend…and they want the best home for them. Whether it is a traditional dog house or a modern geometric dog house, there are plenty of options available to you. 

Sure you can buy your dog house online, and simply put it up. However, if you want to reduce the costs and create something unique, you’ll have to get involved to bring your dog house idea into reality. 

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19+ DIY Dog House Ideas That Work

Do it yourself…

Putting the work in can yield some great results. As we have already mentioned. a custom build means that you decide the size and build. Single story or a double story, the choice is yours…add a porch roof too! It’s a great way to save some money, while also getting some exercise in too. Not all dog kennels are created equally, building your own means that you can create a dog house that is custom built for the space and shape available. Be it a porch or backyard, each design has it’s requirements.

The size…

The size of the doghouse is very important. You need to leave enough room for it to move, stand and relieve itself comfortable. The dogs size is critical to the DIY dog house plan, especially for a large dog. You also need to protect the dog from the elements. This is especially the case if you have multiple dogs who will be sharing the space. The material you use to build the simple dog house should be easy to clean, and not contain any toxic materials. 

Get creative with the build…

Materials can quickly add up, especially with a large build. A way to overcome this is to consider a pallet dog house for your dogs new home. We have already delivered a post about pallet fences which are really popular right now. This is the same principle using recycled material. It is the most basic DIY doghouse…but it comes in cheap. 

Another option is to consider a concrete dog house design. It is a little more robust and should stand the test of time.

Using materials like a plywood sheet material, pressure treated wood, or treated lumber is the more expensive option. 

In terms of other materials, you will need some basics…wood glue, galvanized wood screws, roofing nails, a siding and a circular saw to size the materials. 

You may also want to consider some other aspects that are often overlooked in a modern dog house. Have you considered a DIY insulated dog house? It is a next level large dog house design, a DIY project that takes the kennel to the next level of modern builds. There are plenty of free dog house plan sites out there, you do some basic research before you start for some building instructions.  

So, let’s take a look at these fantastic ‘real’ DIY dog house ideas that really hit the spot.

dog house ideas
DIY dog house

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These dog house ideas will leave you inspired…

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Pet owners love to pamper their animals, and one of the best ways to do it is by creating a special place for them outside to play and sleep. One of the most popular outdoor pet amenities is the dog house, which offers them shelter from rain, snow, and heat. There are several different styles of dog house available, and many are easy and fun DIY projects. Hopefully, some of these DIY dog house ideas have fueled your creativity and design direction.

If you can’t manage this outside but have room in your home, consider some dog room ideas. These include all the facilities with the home comforts for your dog.

If you are a dog lover but you are also a fan of design, you may have wondered if it is possible to combine your passion for dogs with your passion for design by building your own doghouse. While you can certainly buy a dog house, building your own may be a better option if you want a more versatile design with more room for your dog to sleep comfortably and run around.

diy dog house
Dog house ideas

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