21+ Beautiful White Kitchens to Inspire You

beautiful white kitchen

Get inspired with our white kitchens…

A timeless classic color, it is easily the safe bet when it comes to kitchen design. However, beautiful white kitchens don’t have to be dull…in fact, they afford you the opportunity to be more creative. Think of it as a blank canvas to create your vision around. In this post, we consider some inspirational white kitchen ideas.

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If you think that a white kitchen is simply a white kitchen, you are wrong. The incredible array of styles available mean that it is unlikely that two kitchens will be the same. Whether you opt for a super modern white kitchen, or opt for a more traditional look, one thing is clear, you are not short of options.

White kitchens give a perception of space…they reflect the light in a way other colors don’t. Looking clean is another great benefit, especially beneficial when it comes to the kitchen.

Choosing a white kitchen could well be the best decision you ever make. It may be considered the safe choice…but with a little inspiration, it can deliver spectacular results.

Take a look at the images below for some white kitchen ideas and inspiration. Each photo has been published to draw your attention to specific aspects.

beautiful white kitchens
Beautiful white kitchens

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Get inspired with these wonderful white kitchen ideas…

White kitchen with black accents

source: Agushi

Simplicity is the key here…but doesn’t it look good! This monochrome kitchen takes simple, clean design to the next level. The beautifully integrated window adds so much light and space, that you forget that this space could have been used for additional storage. Instead, the drama and sense of presence it presents adds so much more to the concept of the kitchen. The color balance…or lack of is beautifully done, the black appliances working perfectly here. The minimalist lighting is a great touch too…over sized, yet so discrete.

A white kitchen that puts functionality first

source: Kuchen

On first appearance, this may well look like another contemporary kitchen…after a while, many a design can end up looking remarkably similar. There is a difference here though, this one looks like it actually looks and represents how the user may use the kitchen. Take note of the rather large television, and the chairs pointing directly at them. In terms of the kitchen itself, a rather nice modular design with interesting use of height to break up the structure, and give the appearance of more space. The back lighting is excellent too, adding additional drama and a premium feel.

Classic white full height kitchen

source: pinterest

This may as well be in most homes in the US…but you can see why they are often the go to option. Clean, timeless design that will stay relevant. The interesting aspect of this kitchen is the decision to make the units full height, reaching the ceiling. This appears to be a relatively tall room, so that decision delivers significant amounts of storage space… i strongly suspect there are some appliances from the 1970’s in there somewhere.

Spend the money in the right places

source: artmyideas

This white kitchen looks absolutely stunning, but if you look carefully, you may well be a little surprised. It is the accessories that really make this kitchen. The most obvious, being the glorious gold chairs that deliver so much drama. They are matched with gold handles on the kitchen cabinets. This adds consistency to the design. Add in a very premium countertop and you have the makings of white kitchen greatness. All this magnificence, constructed on what appears to be a pretty standard, traditional kitchen cabinets. I may well be doing a disservice to the owners, but if it is the case, this is incredible clever design work.

Space age white kitchen

source: m3 architecture

This has to be one of my favorite design. The pure simplicity of it is a work of art in itself. Yet, the choice of materials and structure, give it the drama that you would not think possible. I love the contrast of the chairs and the lights…an absolute work of art. You cannot fail to be impressed with this…something to think about for those looking for a ‘wow’ factor.

Blending kitchen styles

source: thomas pheasant

This clever kitchen is…well, clever. By adding different cabinet styles, it injects some real personality into this kitchen. Yet, it works. It doesn’t look or feel like a room where they changed their mind half way through. The excellent use of granite really adds to the premium feel and the chrome accents give it another layer of depth. With color added through natural means, this is a kitchen that is brimming with great design ideas…implemented wonderfully well.

Great entertainment spaces

source: miles redd

You cannot escape the sheer size of this kitchen, it really is sizable. However, having this space does not necessarily make things simpler. There is a very definite balance that needs to be handled carefully. This is a kitchen that i think does this rather well. The kitchen island is wonderfully sized and makes for an impressive entertainment space, as well as a functional family room. Without doubt, this is the central part of this home.

Designing around period features

source: roys design ideas

When you have a space that is a particular shape, you have little choice but to work around it. I really like of the owners of this white kitchen have done just that. Using a very traditional style of cabinet, they have managed to utilize the room perfectly. The rather spacious kitchen island is the mainstay of the room, and serves the room perfectly.

A perfectly lived in space

source: roys design ideas

I strongly suspect that this is an image of the kitchen the vast majority of readers will spend time analyzing. The dream for many people i suspect. This is a traditional kitchen that is very attainable, at various budget levels. It is cozy, yet utilizes the space very well. Perfect for the family and a great place to hang out. The use of accessories and fittings is very well done here.

The backsplash difference

source: james michael howard

At the core, this is a fairly standard traditional kitchen. The difference however, is in the additions. I’m referring to the magical countertops and back splashes of course. See how they transform the space, add a level of interest and dynamism to the room.

Uber modern white kitchens

source: modom studio

Cutting edge you may say…incomplete some others may say…i say bold. It works though, for this kind of space, i imagine it is perfect. It is almost like a piece of art, a statement, a signal of intent. Beautifully complemented by the over sized lamp shade, the whole room is a designer statement.

White & grey kitchen perfection

source: Ihor Bednarchyk

As far as functional kitchens go, this is an absolute dream. Often we find images of kitchens that are designed to be showpieces, pure eye candy…then we get kitchens that not only look absolutely stunning, but are actually fully functioning, usable spaces. The balance in this white kitchen is tremendous. Plenty of open space, plenty of counter work space, the sink, hob and fridge triangle is in place…just a well designed space. I especially like the white and grey kitchen balance, it breaks up the space in a very aesthetic way.

The mad inventors kitchen!

source: Susan Zises Green

Occasionally, we find an image that makes us look once, twice and then again. This highly individual white kitchen is one for the senses. Unique is the word to describe it. You may love it, you may hate it…but people will talk about it. The kitchen utilizes plenty of industrial influences, from the lighting to the countertops. Some serious thought has gone into this…and it has paid off handsomely.

White kitchen inspiration for the modern crowd

source: kuchen

Very suave…clinical, minimal…the very essence of a contemporary space. What is different about this space is the novel storage they have put in place. Highly innovative and highly flexible. It is both a functional, usable space whilst also being a great entertainment area.

White kitchen designs images

source: Giuseppe Burgio

You may well question how functional this space is but, but you simply cannot question the style…it is magnificent. It makes the most of this glorious space, delivering style in the bucket loads. I particularly like the back wall units, making use if every inch.

Designer white kitchen photos that ‘pop’

source: paulm.com

With a relatively small space, this kitchen does a fine job of filling it perfectly. Absolutely no fuss here, this handleless kitchen delivers the style in a way that pleases the eye, a serene space, practical too. I particularly like how the lighting creates a focal point.

Integrating room features into the design

source: Vasi Ypsilantis   

This white kitchen is a little bit special. The room itself is magnificent, such detail. The clever aspect of this kitchen design is the way the designer has integrated the shape of the wall arches into the kitchen island. Such magnificent attention to detail. The kitchen also displays levels in design. Note the way they have successfully integrated natural wood colors into the design. It creates a much more warm environment.

Conservative…but not boring

source: cuckoo4design

You might say that this is a very standard design for a kitchen…nothing exciting. You might be right, but lets be honest, many people end up with a kitchen like this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but i suspect that the owners could have implemented a few more design aspects to really make it shine.

I guess its a kitchen…but i approve anyway

source: inuti

I absolutely love what they have done here. I absolutely approve of the the way the wires to the light fittings are set out. I approve of the simple kitchen island, i approve of the storage at the rear…i approve it all. Simple…yet utterly stylish.

It’s busy…but it works

source: Phoebe Howard

A traditional white kitchen photo…traditional units, traditional countertops, traditional lighting…they have this tradition thing down.

source: melanie turner

As you can see from the white kitchen images and photos, there is very little limit to what can be achieved. A few little touches here and there, you can totally transform a space to great effect.

Take your time looking through these images of beautiful white kitchens. Make a note of what works in each and why you like it. Also make a note of things you don’t like. At the end, you should have a clearer mind to what you want to achieve.

beautiful white kitchens
Beautiful white kitchens

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