15+ Black Granite Countertops Ideas That Bring Tears of Joy

black granite countertops ideas

Our black granite kitchen ideas will inspire you

If you’re considering getting new countertops in your kitchen, there’s a good chance granite is top of your shortlist of options. They are after all, one of the most popular materials used in kitchens today. This post on Black Granite Countertops Ideas will help you narrow your thoughts.

What is it that makes black granite countertops so appealing and desirable? Well, last approach this from a few angles.

Firstly, from a design perspective, they offer the most beautiful natural look you can find in a material. This is especially the case with black granite, the unique threads that run through them are unparalleled. They create a depth to the surface that cant be replicated, and a beauty that is utterly timeless.

Secondly, the desirability comes from the premium product perception and quality of the material. As far a worktops go, granite is second to none. The king of countertops for good reason, if cared for correctly, it will last a lifetime.

Modern kitchen or classic, what kind of kitchen does granite suit best? It just so happens that granite is one of the most versatile materials when it comes to design standards. It is a material that will suit most environments.

The material is not in question, it is the color of the granite that will be the biggest decision. Since black granite comes in a number of different hues, it is deciding whether it works with your choice of kitchen cabinets and decor decisions. Even if you do not opt for black granite, there are a wide selection of colors available that will meet your design needs.

If you are opting for black granite countertops, they work particularly well with white cabinets. It is the contrast that really makes them stand out. However, for a more modern look, think about grey kitchen cabinets. This darker color scheme is a fantastic combination that really works…and you are increasingly seeing this combination in high end design magazines.

If you are looking for black granite countertops ideas, consider the following images of black granite countertops, for a little bit of design inspiration.

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Pro’s and cons of Black Granite kitchen countertops


  • Unique looks and patterns
  • Premium feel and look
  • More robust than other materials
  • Needs less cleaning than lighter granite’s
  • Will last a lifetime


  • Dark spots possible
  • Can be costly in comparison to other stone like quartz
  • Can make your kitchen look dark
  • Lacks individuality as it becomes more popular, other materials like concrete in kitchens is becoming vogue
Are black kitchen countertops in style?

Absolutely, black kitchen countertops are in style. They are a timeless color that can hide plenty of sins. The color moves the eye towards it detracting from other aspects. It is also a color that works well with other colors. It provides a contrast with white kitchen units and walls, while also creating a more intimate feel when paired with grey or dark kitchen units.

Are black granite countertops hard to keep clean?

Having such wonderful surfaces comes at a little cost, but don’t worry, it isn’t such a burden. Simply use a little denatured alcohol or acetone and rub it into the surface using a clean cloth. You then need to buff it once it is dry. It is then ready to be resealed…keeping it in tip top condition.

What color floor tile goes with black granite countertops?

The color you choose is up to you and your tastes, that is an individual choice. However, many people also opt for black floor tiles to match the granite surface, providing contrast with the cabinets. Many people also consider the color of the speckle in the granite, using that color to match the floor tiles, this can be a great way to determine the perfect color.

Why is black granite more expensive?

Granite is a natural material and hence, the price of black granite can vary dramatically. The price of black granite is determined by the availability, but also the cost of processing it. Some granite’s are more costly to process as they may be harder, more difficult to cut or simply, need more preparation before it is ready for the market.

Does Granite get darker over time?

Yes, granite does get darker over time which is wholly down to light exposure. This may be problematic for you if you have things placed on the counter, and then decide to move things around. However, it is possible to do things to make it lighter.

What types of black granite are there?

There are many types of granite out there, so you have no shortage of options. They can range from completely black to speckled versions with different colors. The following list contains some of the more common black granite surface types;

Nero mist

Black Pearl Granite

Impala Black Granite   

Agatha black

Absolute Black Granite 

Black Beauty Granite  

Black Galaxy granite

Ubatuba Granite

Black Marinace Granite

You should be more comfortable with what is available to you and our black granite countertops ideas. There are a number of factors that may be the deciding factor, the important thing to remember is that you have a wide range of black granite choices.

It may be prudent to ask for quotes from a number of suppliers as prices do vary. Since most of granite surfaces are actually templated and cut elsewhere, consider requesting quotes from national companies too.

black granite kitchen
Black granite kitchen

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