43+ Black Ceiling Ideas That Will Totally Surprise You

black ceiling

Get Inspired with these black ceiling ideas

In this post, we consider the controversial subject of black ceiling ideas. As a design choice, they are proving more common place. Transforming a relatively boring white ceiling color into something dark may not be to everybody’s liking, but you can’t deny the drama it adds to the space. 

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Whether you have a small living room, all the way to a commercial space, there are real benefits to painting an exposed ceiling black. Embracing black ceiling designs can elevate your space, delivering an interior design that adds real value. 

If you want black ceilings, consider these aspects. Firstly, the ceiling height matters. The higher the ceiling, the better. This is because the black paint will absorb light, so having a short ceiling can make your space feel very enclosed. A high ceiling still feels roomy. 

Consider a wall color that bounces the light back into the room. A contrast a lighter shade against the ceiling creates a great look. This is where natural light also helps with a dark ceiling.  

You may also want to consider your ceiling design. A painted ceiling can look a little plain, consider adding some details. A coffered ceiling adds interest, as does exposed beams, wood beams, and moldings. You may also want to consider adding texture to add some interest. 

Where do dark ceiling ideas work best? 

As long as you meet the basic criteria, you can create a statement ceiling. Whether your home is modern or traditional, it is not important. A black ceiling can work in many settings. A living room is a great place to start, but a bedroom and dining room can also work very well. 

How do I create black ceilings? 

Black paint is the obvious way, however you may also want to consider a ceiling tile too. The wall paint in a darker color is probably the easiest option. You may also want to consider a wallpapered ceiling in a dark color, especially if you want to add texture. 

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Overall, consider some black painted ceiling ideas for a fresh new look that makes a real statement. Make a bold statement today with this bold color choice. 

black drop ceiling

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Check out these black ceiling designs…

white walls black ceiling
spraying basement ceiling black
spray basement ceiling black
room with black ceiling
black walls and ceiling
white wall black ceiling
painting basement ceiling black
paint basement ceiling black
painting ceiling black
black spray painted basement ceiling
black spray paint basement ceiling
black painted ceiling
black painted basement ceiling
black out ceiling
exposed basement ceiling painted black
black exposed ceiling
black ceiling white walls
black ceiling bedroom
black ceiling room
black ceiling medallions
black ceiling medallion
black ceiling living room
black ceiling rooms
black ceiling in bedroom
black ceiling in bathroom
black ceiling ideas
black ceiling grey walls
black ceiling beams
black ceiling beam
black ceiling bathroom
black ceiling basement
black bedroom ceiling
black bathroom ceiling
bedroom with black ceiling
bedroom black ceiling
basement with black ceiling
basement ceiling sprayed black
basement black ceiling
basement ceiling painted black

I trust that these black ceiling examples have really helped to showcase the potential of this interior design chic. I’m sure you will agree that some of the results are stunning!

black basement ceiling

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