43+ Black Ceiling Ideas That Will Totally Surprise You

black ceiling

Get Inspired with these black ceiling ideas

A black ceiling can provide a cheap and powerful interior design statement that makes a real impact. Increasingly, this design choice is gaining traction as people become more comfortable stretching their own boundaries. A black ceiling goes against all convention, however we will see that it is actually a good design decision if the circumstances are correct. 

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Why would you want a black ceiling? A dark ceiling can add a sense of sophistication and intrigue to a room. An elegant choice, it is a dramatic look that adds character and personality. It goes against all convention…everything you have ever considered correct. Whether your home is modern or victorian, it is a design choice that works as part of an overall design statement. Be it a bedroomliving room or dining room, this is a design trend that is very versatile. 

Reasons to paint a ceiling black

You are making a bold design statement that defies all convention. Surely it makes your room feel dark? Not always, in fact, it can help the lighting dynamics of the room! It creates a very edgy vibe and ambience that few other interior designideas can match. 

It makes your room look bigger by really contrasting the space with your wall color. It is an illusion of space that tricks the eye and brain by showcasing the actual ceiling size. Black ceilings outline a high ceiling and showcase the height of the walls. Whether it is a large room or a small room, it works just as well. 

More than simply looking great, there may be a reason why it is a good color choice. If your ceiling surface is inconsistent, it can help to conceal all the imperfections. Consider it like good make up! It helps to deliver a consistently flat surface that hides many imperfect aspects. If your ceiling is in great condition, it can make it look even better. One thing that is clear, preparation is a necessity for the best possible finish. 

Create a cozy ambience simply with a tin of paint. Much of this is down to the dynamics of the lighting. The reflection of the light changes with darker surfaces and feels much more personal, warmer and intimate. 

If your room already benefits from plenty of light, a black ceiling can help balance it. It reduces the amount of light being reflected which helps to create a better environment. 

As you have seen, there are plenty of reasons over an above looking cool to paint your ceiling black! Whether it is to disguise a ceiling in poor condition, reduce the light or even create a warmer environment, a black ceiling can really help. 

How to paint your ceiling black

Painting a ceiling black is not simply a case of painting. There is much more thought required as well as much more preparation. The key to a great dark ceiling is to create a flat surface that absorbs light. This matte look can create a wonderful surface that looks stunning. Create a luxurious and modern home decor look using these painting tips; 

  • Choose the right black paint to create the right ambience. A cheap paint will not cut it. Consider a good quality paint like Lick, Dulux and Benjamin Moore. You need a great quality paint that creates a matte surface with no sheen, lasts a long time is easy to use. Remember, in most cases you will be painting on a white ceiling, so you may need a few coats to create a great finish with little texture. 
  • Preparation is the best advice anybody can give you. Prepare, prepare…did i say prepare? Trust me, the end result will be worth it! This may mean sanding, filling cracks and holes and plenty of cleaning, but the end result is so worth it. 
  • When actually painting, use a brush to accurately cut in the corners. Then use a roller to paint the bulk of the room. Use a paint brush to feather in any high spots. You may need a couple of coats to create a great finish and darker color. You might want to use a paint sprayer for a flat finish. If painting is not your thing, consider using black ceiling tiles. A ceiling tile is relatively cheap but can also have the advantage of being acoustic ceiling tiles too. 
  • Consider adding some details like moldings and ceiling roses to really add some character to your black ceiling designs. You might want to change to a black ceiling fan too to prevent the contrast. Perhaps consider adding a new light fixture or ceiling lights with black frames too. 

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As you will see, a black painted ceiling can deliver a stunning new look that takes your home design to a new level. Get that interior designer look with a black ceiling. 

black drop ceiling

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Check out these black basement ceiling designs…

white walls black ceiling
white wall black ceiling
spraying basement ceiling black
spray basement ceiling black
room with black ceiling
painting ceiling black
painting basement ceiling black
paint basement ceiling black
exposed basement ceiling painted black
black walls and ceiling
black spray painted basement ceiling
black spray paint basement ceiling
black painted ceiling
black painted basement ceiling
black out ceiling
black exposed ceiling
black ceiling white walls
black ceiling rooms
black ceiling room
black ceiling medallions
black ceiling medallion
black ceiling living room
black ceiling in bedroom
black ceiling in bathroom
black ceiling ideas
black ceiling grey walls
black ceiling bedroom
black ceiling beams
black ceiling beam
black ceiling bathroom
black ceiling basement
black bedroom ceiling
black bathroom ceiling
bedroom with black ceiling
bedroom black ceiling
basement with black ceiling
basement ceiling sprayed black
basement ceiling painted black
basement black ceiling

I trust that these black ceiling examples have really helped to showcase the potential of this interior design chic. I’m sure you will agree that some of the results are stunning!

black basement ceiling

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