39+ Modern Black Houses That Totally Surprise You!

modern black houses

Get Inspired with these modern black houses

A trend we are increasingly seeing is modern black houses. Houses that were once simply brick or had a white exterior are now painted black. In this post, we look at examples of black houses and explain why this trend has taken off. 

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One thing they do is make a big statement. There is something very imposing with an all-black modern house with its black exterior. It stands out as something different. Factor in that black and green are a great color match; all the grass and plants around the house complement the house’s color. This visual success is fantastic if the home is on the market or up for rental. 

In the past, a black house may have been seen as spooky or mysterious…think of a horror film. These days, they are represented as sleek and luxurious. The simple fact is that it is a simple update too. You can take a relatively ordinary house with exposed brick and paint it black. It is as simple as that. This simple paint job with dark colors can increase the value of your home. 

They are practical too. If you have ever seen a house that has been pressure washed, you will see how filthy they get. They can be transformed when undergoing this cleaning. With a black house, you don’t have to worry too much about this. This is especially pertinent if your home is next to a busy road or an industrial area. What is for sure is that they are easier to maintain, and they tend to hide cosmetic issues very well. 

It’s a simple process to paint your home exterior, but make sure you do the preparation work first. Then ensure that your contractor uses a high-quality color, like dark gray or black paint, and brands like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. 

Of course, not all these homes are traditional. Many are purposely built with modern architecture using natural materials. Interior design is focused on creating a special living space with design and home decor. Often they will have a modern design with large windows to make the most of natural light. The home’s exterior will have clean lines that create a perfect picture. 

Take a look at some of these black shipping container homes for something different.

So there we have it…luxury, sophistication, style, and total elegance with a black home. Take a look at these modern black houses to help inspire you!

black modern houses
black modern houses

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Get inspired with these all black modern houses…

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nice black modern houses
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big black houses modern
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all black modern houses
all black modern houses

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