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boho living room ideas

Get inspired with our boho living room ideas…stylish & very, very cool

A complete contrast to the world of minimalism, boho style is about one self. It is about you and what you like. There are few boundaries for this look…few rules, and even fewer limits. It is essentially about what works…which is very subjective in itself. In this post, we will be discussing boho living room ideas and the aspects that you need to consider to deliver a bohemian decor.

Boho decor is very much about the living. It is about how things feel, how they look, the color…the texture. It’s a paradise place for you…a reflection of your personality and interests. It tells a story.

It’s not all about looking at the past for inspiration, its about matching things to create new looks. This may well include ‘new’ design, there are no limitations…it’s about the ethos of creating personality-based spaces.

However, over the years, general trends have emerged, which espouses what the bohemian style is all about. These are looks that form the basis of what boho chic represents…a base layer…your layer sits on top of it.

So, what are these boho living room design aspects that you should consider? I will run through the main ones with examples. Following these…I will provide you with the best boho living room ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

The ‘natural’ feeling…

One thing that really reflects bohemian design is natural materials. That sense of nature is important in bringing that sense of calmness and authenticity. It also reflects an ethos of environmentalism…that nature and space is important.

This natural look is mainly achieved through material. One material that is very popular at the moment is rattan, the earthy hues of rattan makes it a great base color to work around.

Another popular material that delivers that bohemian vibe is jute. This hard wearing material is full of texture and really brings a natural feel to your living room.

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Source: Max Humphrey
Bringing the boho vibe from the outside in…

Introducing life through plants into your homes interior style is highly recommended. Not only do they bring a sense of calm, aesthetically, they are incredibly pleasing on the eye.

Traditionally, the bohemian aesthetic has always used plants with long leaves or vines. Although the look is very pleasing, there really aren’t any rules to this design style. You should introduce plants that make you happy…it really is that simple.

It also has the effect of ‘softening’ your boho room, the harshness of materials is tempered through natural living plants.

Source: Jungalow
Earthy tones as a base…

Natural colors are a great way to start your transformation into boho design. They provide a solid, yet natural color which gives you a basis to layer on top of. We have already mentioned rattan and jute, but also think in terms of materials in your bohemian interior design.

Whether this is a pillow, coffee table, rug or a sofa, a natural color gives you more opportunity to introduce other elements successfully. That is not to say that your home decor ideas should not include a bold color choice.

Source: Joandjune.com
Color as a signal…

The color you paint your room is always a great way of trying to dictate your feelings in a boho chic living room. If you want a calm space, then you need to opt for a color that represents calmness…like a pastel blue for example. If you want more energy, then a bright color like a strong yellow will do that.

The general color palette for a boho interior is very light and subtle, but there is not one color that represents it perfectly. If you are struggling with color, I suggest that you start with a white room. This gives you a blank canvas to create your modern boho living room within it, the colors will naturally start to form.

Source: Jungalow
The pattern of life…

In a boho chic style, the only rule of patterns are…there are no rules. It is whatever works…whatever you have. Be as wild and eclectic as you want…or the opposite, should you wish. A boho space is about you and ‘feeling’. If it feels right…it is there on merit. It stays.

Source: Jungalow
The walls are a canvas…

We talked about the color of walls affecting the dynamic of the room…we also need to talk about the personality of the walls. In a boho living room design, this is done through art, textiles…or whatever else you can manage to stick to the walls. This isn’t restricted to your bohemian living room idea, consider taking them through to your dining room or bohemian bedroom.

You can introduce art prints onto the wall in interesting patterns, they don’t need to be linear…you can use them to lead to another aspect of your room. Another possibility is patterned cloth attached to the wall. It allows you to cover a large space with an interesting design that may have a greater meaning.

An interesting thing I recently saw at a friend’s house was plates on the wall. These plates were bought on holiday in Turkey, oversized and hand painted. Absolutely wonderful and made a very interesting dynamic to their boho chic decor.

Source: Loloi
Furniture…with vision

In boho living room design, you don’t necessarily have to have a sizeable budget to create an interesting space. In fact, quite the opposite.

Remember, it is your personality, style and taste that needs to be reflected. Bohemian decorating is a relatively relaxed style. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying older furniture with a low price tag. The up cycling trend means that you have the structure already in place to create a unique piece of furniture such as a unique chandelier or a coffee table. Consider reusing some patterned textiles to create some throw pillows. In some ways, this is the best route to a unique space. Having said that, by all means incorporate new and modern furniture…if it works, it works.

Source: Instagram- Reserve Home

I hope this post provides you with a basis in living room ideas. Remember, they key thing is to create a space that reflects you. Things will change over time as you add…and remove things. It is a living space, that evolves…expect it to change.

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Living rooms bohemian – Source: The Glitter Guide
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boho living room ideas
Boho living room ideas – Source: Jungalow
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Bohemian style decor

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