Burgundy & Teal Color Inspiration

burgundy and teal
burgundy and teal color scheme
Burgundy and teal color inspiration

From left to right

  1. #0d2c3e
  2. #2e6a84
  3. #602e41
  4. #2c171f
  5. #766b66

Burgundy as a color delivers such a rich color to a color palette. It is intense and incredibly luxurious, often a color associated with wealth. As far as room décor goes, burgundy is not a color to decorate a room in. It is heavy and will only succeed in delivering a dark room. It is best used to accentuate and accessorize. As this image fantastically illustrates, the sofa delivers such a strong image when set against the freshness of the teal color. When paired together, it is a color combination that simply works. This image should give you some great burgundy and teal color inspiration. For more inspiration images, click the button below.

burgundy and teal color inspiration
Burgundy and teal color scheme

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