19+ Teal Kitchen Ideas To Wow Your Friends

teal kitchen ideas

Get Inspired with these wonderful teal kitchen ideas

As part of our series into green kitchens. today we will be looking at teal kitchens. This wonderful color is a product of cyan and green. The result is a deep, rich color that oozes style and class. In this post, we take a look at a number of teal kitchen ideas to help focus your kitchen décor and design ideas.

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Why should you consider a teal kitchen?

If you are edging towards a green kitchen, there are obviously a number of green tones open to you. Within this tonal range e.g. aegean teal, you also have turquoise kitchens which is a bright color, with a lighter shade. As you head towards darker shades, this is where teal is in it’s element. There is a lot of blue in this color too…so it is heading towards the territory of a blue kitchen, or even darker…a navy blue cabinet.

For those of you looking at teal kitchen decor, it is a great choice. It is a paint color full of depth that makes your kitchen cabinet door appear more premium than it might well be. At night, it creates a wonderfully intimate atmosphere in the room, perfect for entertaining. In the day, it delivers a calm tone that is comfortable and warm.

Teal is also a color palette that has history in home design, therefore it should be considered a ‘safe’ choice, even if it isn’t that common. The teal paint color has wonderful presence, especially in Victorian home design.

Does it suit a contemporary kitchen, as well as traditional styling?

As demonstrated in the wide array of images below, the answer is both! In the modern kitchen examples, they deliver a very sleek teal cabinet that delivers style in abundance. Despite all the teal color history, it is very much a modern color.

Teal kitchen cabinets in a more traditional setting also work well too. In most cases, people often opt for lighter colors, such as turquoise. However, in the right setting, teal can work well, especially on shaker cabinets.

Teal as part of a two tone kitchen

We demonstrated the popularity of two tone kitchens in another article. As we discussed, having two colors has real benefits in a kitchen. It prevents a ‘wall of color’ created with a kitchen cabinet and thus, creates more interest. It also separates areas of a kitchen with color, so the transition is seamless. It especially works well with a teal kitchen island with a white countertop, whether it’s a dark color like navy or red, or a light color like baby blue, turquoise, pink or orange.

As we determined, contrast works well here. That is why navy kitchen cabinets, grey kitchen cabinets and black cabinets work very well against the contrast of a white kitchen and white cabinetry. As you can imagine, dark teal cabinets are a perfect candidate for this kitchen space.

Other ways to introduce teal into your kitchen

If you fancy a change from the standard white cabinets, you don’t have to spend huge amount of money changing your kitchen cabinets. you have a range of options open to to introduce this wonderful teal color.

One of the easiest ways is to introduce an accent wall on your kitchen wall. A teal wall will add a a real splash of color to add character to your kitchen.

Another option is through your backsplash. Consider a tile or subway tile backsplash to add color to your kitchen. This can be done at low cost and you have a huge choice of colors and patterns to choose from.

If you want to really add a unique aspect, consider a marble countertop or quartz countertops. A teal one will add a huge amount of character but be warned, this is not a cheap option. At a lower price point, the are a number of kitchen counter options available, so take a look around to see what countertop fits your budget. Take a look at these white and green kitchen ideas.

Let’s take a look at some images and see if you can develop your design ideas.

teal kitchen cabinet ideas

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Check out these teal kitchen cabinet ideas…

teal kitchen backsplash
teal kitchen
teal kitchen island
teal kitchen decor
teal modern kitchen
teal kitchen cupboards dark
teal kitchen cupboard ideas
teal kitchen cabinets
teal kitchen cabinets modern
teal kitchen cabinets farmhouse
light teal kitchen cabinets
teal and white kitchen cupboards
teal kitchen cupboards
kitchen teal cabinets color combos
kitchen teal modern
kitchen teal cabinets
kitchen teal cabinets modern

As with most kitchen design ideas, it is better to add a mood board. That way you can separate your colors into warm and cool tones. This is a great way to decide upon your color palette and prevent costly mistakes.

I hope our teal kitchen ideas have helped you develop your design ideas to the next level. As you can see in the images, there are a number of design options open to you, some of which you may not have considered. If you do go ahead with your teal kitchen, be sure to tag us into your images if you post them on your socials.

teal kitchen ideas

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