21+ Cat Room Ideas That Will Have You Purring

cat room ideas

Get Inspired with these cat room ideas

In this post, we take you through some cat room ideas. You may well not have heard of these, let alone seen one, but they do exist. We recently took you through another pet room, which was dog room ideas, and the same principle works here too.

Many people who create a cat room, do so because of a couple of reasons. Firstly, they love their feline friend and simply want the best for them. Secondly, they have the room to create a little space.

We will take you through a few examples, showing you what they contain and how they are set up. Let’s take a look at some real life examples of cat room ideas.

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21+ Cat Room Ideas That Will Have You Purring
diy cat room ideas
DIY cat room ideas

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Check out these cool DIY cat room ideas…

simple cat room ideas

A very interesting room that is a cross between a cat tree and a cat house. Plenty of room for multiple cats to roam around, climb and generally entertain itself. There are plenty of cat scratchers, cat perch and toys to engage with. The entire room here is dedicated to your furry friend, with so much vertical space, this is perhaps even their dream home!

indoor cat room ideas

Another entertaining example that your mogul will love. Only cat lovers would go to this much trouble. This cat room contains a cat shelf, litter box, and a cat shelf. With plenty of cat furniture, it is an entertaining space. With scratching posts, tunnels, and a cat tower with perch, it is a great cat playroom.

ideas for cat room

A simple yet stylish cat room idea. This example contains a pet bed that also contains a cat tower. Space to sleep and play. To some cats, it may well just be their dream home. As far as DIY projects go, this living room is transformed very simply.

ideas for a cat room

A simple yet entertaining space for your cats. With plenty of open shelves for your cat to jump around on, it also contains some lovely furniture. A cat perch allows the cat to sit at different levels. Even an outdoor cat would enjoy this space.

homemade diy cat room ideas

This entire room is is dedicated to the cats. With custom made homes, this really is pushing out the boat. What a fantastic space this really is. Mentally stimulating and entertaining too, this is literally a cat version of a cat condo!

easy diy cat room ideas

Play is the name of the game here. Jump from one cat shelf to another. With a cat bed and scratchers, this is very much the modern cat house.

cute cat room ideas

A fun time to be had here, these kittens don’t know where to start. With many levels to sit at, there are many zones to play and relax. With even a cardboard box and cat litter tray, it is a fully functional place.

cool cat room ideas

This little nook under the stairs works perfectly as a little space for your cats room. With a pet bed, and its own home decor…this is a really fun little project.

cat themed room ideas

A high end example of a cats room. The cute little cut outs are very visually appealing. Yet, there is everything there for your furry friends. With a cat tower, open shelving and cat bed, there is plenty there to occupy your cat.

cat room ideas small

A brilliant way to make use of the room under your stairs. The glass wall makes it a great little space to watch your cats place.

cat room ideas diy

A room dedicated to the cat, this little room is designed to engage your cat. With little spaces at different levels, your cat can jump and climb to their hearts content.

cat room design ideas

A simple set up, this cat tower is quite the presence. Plenty of room for your cat to relax and play. To the side, we have a litter tray and a little pod for your cat to relax.

cat room decorating ideas

Another simple set up, this cat room set up has a cat tower, other cat furniture and a cat bed. As you can see in the image, no wonder the cat looks so relaxed.

cat play room ideas

It’s a fact, cats love climbing. They will absolutely love this room, plenty of places to jump around and play. It’s very colorful too, which makes the home more appealing. If you are looking for cat room ideas, there is plenty of inspiration here.

cat living room ideas

Some basic furniture is more than enough to engage your cats. There are cat toys, scratching posts, at even a cat bed. As far as a cat playroom goes, it’s very engaging.

cat litter room ideas

I hope that these cat room ideas are inspiring to you, there are plenty of ideas to think about. What image is your favorite? Pin it to your social media and don’t forget to tag us in.

small cat room ideas
Small cat room ideas

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