17+ Dog Room Ideas That Won’t Have You Barking Up a Tree

dog room ideas

Get Inspired with these dog room ideas

In this post, we take a look at dog room ideas. We know that as a dog lover, your dog is part of your family, an integral part of it. In the past, a dog kennel may have been sufficient…but things have changed. A new trend we are seeing is a dedicated dog room that is effectively your dogs very own bedroom. Not a dog house in the garden, not a comfy dog bed in the living room or laundry room…their own bedroom!

Traditional DIY dog house ideas have been based on the garden. This new trend revolves around your home decor. A space for your small dog or large dog, that is custom designed way beyond traditional dog houses. This interior design led room is decorated for your dog, a perfect place to play and relax, and ultimately, sleep.

Let’s take a look at some great examples of a dog room.

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Dog Room Ideas That Won’t Have You Barking Up a Tree
indoor dog room ideas
Indoor dog room ideas

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Check out these indoor dog room ideas…

small dog room ideas

A very comfortable dog room…if your dog could talk, I’m sure they would tell you the same. Contrast this with a dog kennel, it is a world away. A basket full of dog toys, its favorite toy is not far away. Lovely furry rug to sit on and a dog bed for your furry friend.

indoor dog room ideas

This dogs room is the perfect space for your pooch. With a comfortable dog bed, a dog bowl and feeding station and a place to play, it’s a super little dogs space.

dog room ideas under stairs

This is an alternative dogs room. Essentially you have a little dog space that is a little kennel with a pet bed, however it is part of a dog room. As far as dog house ideas go, it is a very chic solution.

dog room ideas in house

This dog owner has plenty of space for these two beauties. Dog beds, a dog crate, a feeding station…and a lamp for some mood lighting.

dog room decor ideas

For those dog lovers with multiple dogs, this set up is incredible as well as amazing. It has a full size feeding station for the dog food, a dog shower, and pet gates. The wall decor is customised too.

dog play room ideas

This lucky little dog has the perfect space. Everything the dog needs is here. Essentially, what you have is a pet parent treating this dog like a child! Everything has its place…from the dog toy to a chew toy. A place to sit and relax…and a dog crate too!

dog kennel room ideas

Home decor is on display here…this magnificent room is almost beyond belief. The impressive custom dog bed looks like it cost a pretty penny!

dog closet room ideas

A very organised solution if you have a number of dogs. It’s comfortable yet still very functional.

diy dog room ideas

A pet bed dominates this cool little dog room. Stylish and comfortable, this dogs room is a perfect place for a little snooze.

bedroom ideas dog room ideas

These clever little dog beds are constructed from pallets. With everything in its place, it is simple yet very effective.

cute dog room ideas

This little nook under the stairs is the perfect place to experiment with some dog house ideas. With enough space to store everything you need, it is orderly as well as stylish.

basement dog room ideas

I hope that these dog room ideas have shown you what is possible, often at little cost. The biggest factor is the amount of room you have available to you. If cats are your thing, consider these cat room ideas. Which one was your favorite? Pin it on your social media and make sure you tag us in!

bedroom dog room ideas
Bedroom dog room ideas

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