21+ Christmas Mantel Decorations That Make Any Fireplace Look Lit

christmas mantel decorations

Get inspired with these Christmas mantel decoration ideas

In this post, we consider Christmas mantel decorations that really display the spirit of Christmas. Decorating a mantel, like many interior design projects, is a matter of personal taste, so consider what you like and what will work well in your space.

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21+ Christmas Mantel Decorations That Make Any Fireplace Look Lit

Dressing a mantelpiece for Christmas is a time honored tradition, that is full of tradition, superstition and good old-fashioned fun. The tradition of decorating a mantelpiece for Christmas was first recorded in Victorian England in the 19th century, when people couldn’t afford to put up a Christmas tree and instead decorated the fireplace and surrounding area. The tradition has changed over the years, but mantelpiece decorations are still hugely popular and the best way to decorate your mantelpiece is by putting up a mixture of items.

The mantelpiece is the focal point of most living rooms, so putting a bit of thought into how to decorate it will add tremendous amount of character to your home. Decorating your mantelpiece for Christmas is no different from decorating any other part of your home for the holidays. While you can go with a traditional approach, such as festive stockings and nutcrackers, keep in mind that you can also be as creative as you want.

No matter if you live in a tiny apartment or a sprawling mansion, your mantel is the perfect place to display your Christmas decorations. From vintage ornaments to handmade paper chains, there are many ways to make your mantel a holiday showcase.

Every year, you vow to not make the same mistake. You’ll plan ahead, you’ll get an early start, you’ll resist the urge to just go to Target and grab whatever is on sale. But before you know it, it’s December 24, you’re exhausted, and you’re stuck with the same old decor.

Mantles are tricky things to decorate, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to work with. If you live in a studio apartment and have zero storage space, you’re likely looking for a way to make your space feel festive and homey without taking up too much room. You want something that is beautiful, but also fun and quirky. You can go the traditional route, with baubles and bells, but there’s no law saying you have to use the same decorations everyone else has. The DIY spirit is alive and well, and there are plenty of ways to dress up your mantle without spending a lot of money. The same principle also applies to wreath chandeliers.

How do you dress a mantelpiece for Christmas?

For a simple look, arrange a cluster of natural-looking objects on your mantel: a pinecone, a cluster of berries, a small acorn or other seedpod, a few sticks, and a single red berry.

The key is to find decorations that complement the mantel, without distracting too much from it. The easiest way to do this is to start with a color scheme. Start with the mantel itself. Does it have a color you can match to a Christmas color? If no, look for decorations that are in colors that will complement your mantel.

How do you decorate a Christmas mantel with a TV above it?

It is time to decorate for Christmas! This is one of our favorite times of the year, and it is even more fun to decorate with the kids. When you start to decorate your home, be sure to consider how you will display your TV. It is not uncommon to have a TV over your fireplace, but you will want to figure out an attractive way to have the TV on display without taking away from your decorating. The best way to do this is to consider the actual mantel. There are many things you can do with this mantel that will enhance your decorating, and keep the TV from being the star of the show. From gold and glass to wood and candles, there are many options when it comes to a Christmas mantel.  There are three important factors to keep in mind when decorating a mantelpiece: safety, budget, and functionality.

How do you decorate a fireplace mantel with a mirror?

A fireplace mantel can be the perfect place to display some of your favorite things. But if you’re looking for a bigger wow factor, consider mounting an ornate mirror above your mantel. Mirrors are even more versatile than one might think. They can reflect a warm, glowing fire, making the space feel even more inviting. They can be a great complement to the colors and patterns in your decor, reflecting their hues and shapes. A mirror can also help draw attention to one side of the room, to make it feel larger. With such a versatile tool at your disposal, it’s hard to imagine that mantel design wouldn’t be easier.

So, with that said, lets take a look at some Christmas mantel decorations and ideas.

simple christmas mantel decorations fireplaces
Simple Christmas mantel decorations fireplaces

Get inspired with these Christmas mantel decor examples

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21+ Christmas Ideas for Living Room That Bring Cheer

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decorate mantel for christmas simple
christmas mantel decorations simple
christmas mantel decorations rustic
christmas mantel decorations fireplaces
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how to decorate a fireplace mantel for christmas
Decorate mantel for Christmas

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I hope that these Christmas mantel decorations have fueled your creative spirit and inspired you to create something wonderful. Why not pin your favourite images onto Pinterest.

decorate mantel for Christmas
How to decorate a fireplace mantel for Christmas

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