21+ Concrete Kitchen Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

concrete kitchen ideas

These concrete kitchen ideas will make you question everything you ever thought

Whether you think that concrete kitchens are a passing fad or here to stay, one thing is for sure, they are impressive…very impressive indeed. Who would have thought that the same material you find you sidewalks made from, could look so beautiful? See for yourself…I have curated a number of concrete kitchen ideas that should really get you thinking.

For those of you that have never seen a concrete kitchen worktop, you will be surprised. They are far away from the ‘rough’ countertop material you imagine and are perfectly at home in a contemporary kitchen. Modern kitchen concrete surfaces are on par with many premium materials, such as a granite countertop, a marble countertop, natural stone, stainless steel or quartz. They are absolutely refined enough to sit in your home, indeed modern concrete counter surfaces are often infused with other materials to give them a particular look. Polished concrete countertops are finished smooth giving it a super-sleek look.

Why do people like a concrete kitchen countertop so much? Well, they offer something that most other countertop materials don’t. They give you an industrial look that few other materials can even come close to. That ruggedness gives a certain image that is absolutely desirable in certain places. Think of a loft apartment or an ultra modern new-build home. They often have a polished concrete floor or concrete tile that match the look.

With it being a familiar material to most, does that mean you can make your own? Well, it is absolutely possible to make your own…and many people do to varying degrees of success. Our concrete kitchen ideas below should show you what is possible. The reality is that, should you choose to make your own, you could potentially save a lot of money. With retail starting prices at $70 per square foot, you can just imagine the savings.

Thinking about making them and actually making them are two different things. There are plenty of things that can go wrong and there are plenty of factors to think about with your kitchen design.

The biggest worry will always be the weight of them. Often floors and kitchen cabinet need reinforcing to take the weight, especially if you have a large concrete kitchen island. They also need much more care than other materials like granite. The porous nature of them means they need to be frequently sealed and cared for. This also applies to other areas of the kitchen that may also be constructed of concrete like a sink, backsplash or concrete island.

If you have looked through our concrete kitchen ideas and are seriously considering concrete counters as a serious option, consider the following advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Concrete Kitchen Countertops

  • Concrete counter tops can work out significantly cheaper
  • Durable surface that will stand the test of time if cared for properly
  • Unique look that can be stunning in the right setting…think minimalist kitchen
  • Make a custom concrete countertop, create any size counter tops you want
  • Very accommodating with design, as long as you can form the mold, you can design anything
  • Potential to create any color and finish to your cement countertops by adding other materials such as glass, stones etc
  • Concrete is scratch resistant and unaffected by heat
  • Perfect for an outdoor kitchen
  • Possibility of a DIY concrete countertop
  • Versatile material that looks great with stainless steel appliances, wood finishes, flooring, and the general decor

Disadvantages of Concrete Kitchen Countertops

  • Can be prone to cracking…although it is a simple repair – they can also be strengthened during production using carbon fibers or steel
  • Very heavy…although not as heavy as you think! Still, cabinets and floors may need reinforcing
  • If you are having them made, it can be quite expensive
  • Concrete is susceptible to staining regardless of the sealing that you undertake…but to put that into context, so are most other materials.

So, let’s have a look at my curated collection of concrete kitchen ideas…

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The important thing to remember is that you do not have to limit your concrete creativity to your concrete surfaces. If you are looking to introduce concrete into your kitchen cooking space, there is plenty of opportunity without having to change your worktops.

Few use concrete to their full potential…a complete waste in my opinion, it really does give a great look…if done right. Getting it wrong can leave you with a very cold and uninviting feel. This is where planning your ideas becomes very important.

Your concrete flooring is a great opportunity to introduce concrete, giving your space a very industrial and urban feel. Of course there are issues that need to be considered, such as the strength of the kitchen floor and durability. If you overcome those, the potential is there for a relatively cheap ‘wow’ factor.

A concrete wall is another obvious place, something we are increasingly seeing in office and retail spaces. Concrete effect walls give an urban look that few other materials can match, and given the nature of the material, almost a timeless look. Given the flexibility of the gray countertops, they look great in a white kitchen to a black one.

Concrete accessories are also bang on trend at the moment. You only have to look at the number of views that certain channels on YouTube get to see how popular they are. I’m talking from lampshades to planters, bar stools to bookshelves . The limit is your imagination. The low cost of producing these items is an encouragement, but let me assure you that a well-designed item can look a million dollars.

Creative thinking and a commitment to the cause is fundamental to introducing concrete kitchen ideas into reality. You obviously have many aspects to consider, but well worth it in my opinion. This view is reflected in the value placed on them when the time comes to sell up. They really are a desired material if done well and buyers appreciate your efforts.

You have plenty to consider so I hope you find the concrete kitchen photos and images here spark a creative streak within you. If you think that these images might be of interest to a friend. please do consider sharing this page with them.

kitchen concrete
Kitchen concrete

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