19+ How to Hide a Washing Machine Ideas

how to hide a washing machine

Get inspired with these awesome ways on how to hide a washing machine

Today, we will be solving a problem that many households struggle with…how to hide a washing machine. As we all know, they aren’t the most attractive of appliances and they take up plenty of room, which is an issue if you are in a small apartment. The other issue is the flexibility of the washer and tumble dryer appliance.

Most people keep them their laundry appliances within a kitchen cabinet, as they are restricted by the drain hose and outlets. However, if they are prepared to move them, the laundry machine can be moved to a more inconspicuous area of the home.

Doing this means that you have many more options on how you can conceal them. If they remain in the kitchen, your options are limited. Creating a custom laundry area means that you have much more flexibility. Having a small laundry room is the ideal scenario, somewhere to keep your laundry basket with your dirty clothes.

In this post, we will consider a few options in different parts of the home. If only there was a way where we could make them disappear from view and hide the washing machines? Well, consider the following ideas on hiding a washing machine;

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how to hide a washer and dryer
How to hide a washer and dryer

Hide washer and dryer in walk in wardrobe

walk in closet with washer and dryer
walk in closet with washer and dryer – Source: Pinterest

This is a great solution providing you have a laundry room or a walk in wardrobe of course…or you have the space to build one. Essentially, it is a laundry closet which can house a stackable washer. There will be some cost involved in running to outlets, but if you can find a solution to this, this is a very viable option. It is out of the way, hidden from view, somewhere to store your laundry supplies…and best of all, it is not a functional space in terms of time spent…so it is out of the way.

Hide your washing machine in the closet

cabinets to hide washer and dryer
cabinets to hide washer and dryer – Source: IKEA

Your closet may be another viable option if you can get a washing machine hose to it. Whether this is a closet for your clothing, or more realistically, a place which you use as storage. It is effectively a solution that is ideal for laundry space. As we can see in the image above, the bifold door hides the appliances. It sits very well alongside an array of household goods and laundry storage for things like a drying rack. Shielded from view when not required, it is a great solution and can free up space elsewhere in your home.

Sliding bookcase

hidden laundry
hidden laundry – Source: Pinterest

A sliding bookcase is a magical solution, providing you have the space to implement it. The cost of creating this is pretty minimal but the ‘wow’ factor is incredible. Simply slide the bookcase when you need to enter the laundry room and slide back to hide your washing machine. At the very least, it will be a talking point among your friends.

Hide your washing machine under the stairs

washer dryer under stairs
washer dryer under stairs – Source; Bobvila.com

We all know that the space under your stairs , in most cases, is a wasted space. Usually, it becomes a dumping ground for junk. Why not transform the space into a functional space by hiding your washing machine and dryer? It is a very viable option and best of all, it is hidden from view, as well as freeing up counter space in a more premium area of your home.

The bathroom cabinet

laundry room bathroom layout
laundry room bathroom layout – Source; Houseoffenki.com

Again, this is a viable solution if you have the space. The real benefit is that you can easily add outlets to the area, reducing the cost of installing the washing machine. You also have the option of buying ready made bathroom units with a countertop, sink, shelf and cabinet door, that accommodate washing machines into the vanity area. This is a very efficient method, especially for a small apartment.

How to hide washer and dryer in hallway with a hallway sliding door

hallway laundry room ideas
hallway laundry room ideas – Source; Pinterest

A hallway in most cases is a wasted space…very under utilized. If you have an irregular hallway shape, you may well be able to fit a washing machine and dryer into it. Don’t worry though, it wont be on show to all your visitors…you can install an impressive sliding door that you can simply slide across when required. Best of all, an over sized sliding door is a real feature of the home. Plenty of benefits here, utilizing a wasted space while also creating a visual wonder.

How to hide a washing machine in kitchen with a curtain

hide washer and dryer with curtain
hide washer and dryer with curtain – Source; Pinterest

Perhaps the simplest solution out of all of them, your washing machine will sit in a washing machine cabinet…except that it is hidden by a curtain rod. It is the cheapest and simplest option, if you match the curtain material with the décor, it will look like it is an inherent part of the design.

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Hide the washing machine in a cabinet

stacked washer dryer closet
stacked washer dryer closet – Source; Neptune.com

You may well be able to integrate some additional units into your small kitchen, or even convert them to accommodate your washing machine and dryer. If you are installing a kitchen range, you may want to give a cabinet for your washing machine, some serious consideration. The solution itself, is neat and tidy, potentially creating more storage space, if you decide to implement it into another part of the home.

Put your washing machine into the garage

washer and dryer cabinets
washer and dryer cabinets – Source; Moneypit.com

A corner of your garage can effectively be converted into a utility room, housing your washing machine and dryer. It is out of the way and any noise is contained within the garage. It is a practical solution but understand that you may be stood in the cold whilst trying to deal with your washing. The same applies if you move your appliances into the basement but it does give you plenty of space for other things like laundry bins.

Hide washer and dryer…some additional images…

walk in closet laundry room combo
Source: Pinterest
hallway laundry room
Source; Pinterest

Washing machine cupboard

hallway laundry closet ideas
hallway laundry closet ideas – Source; Pinterest

Concealed washing machine cabinet

under counter washer dryer
Source; Pinterest
bathroom laundry designs
Source; Shahraradecor
washing machine cabinet
Source; Organized-home.com
how to hide washer and dryer in kitchen
Source; Home Exin
washer and dryer in kitchen
washer and dryer cover ups
laundry room door ideas
Source; Pinterest

I hope you found the ideas and images on how to hide a washing machine useful and inspiring. Remember, before you start thinking about any specific options, consider your property first and what is realistically viable. This may include considering issues like electric outlets and water pipes. Remember also that some solutions may cost a lot more to implement so your decision needs to be balanced amongst many things.

hiding a washing machine
Hiding a washing machine

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