33+ Mudroom Laundry Room Ideas That Seriously Impress

mudroom laundry room

Get Inspired with these mudroom laundry room ideas

Making the most of your home is not only practical, but it offers real value too. One of the key trends we are seeing at the moment is the mudroom laundry room. This is a dual purpose room that is also an entryway that contains all the washing machines and dryers.

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There is a real practical purpose to putting the two together. There is probably already access to electricity and water outlets. It therefore makes sense to combine the space, especially if space is at a premium. As a functional space, it means you can keep your kitchen and powder room free of any machinery.

The mudroom itself offers real benefits to a family home too. It keeps it clean, minimises clutter and without doubt, allows you to stay more organised. The benefits of a laundry room are obvious, combining the two areas is practical and makes sense.

Let’s take a look at some wonderful mudroom laundry room ideas that should go someway to inspiring your next project.

laundry mudroom ideas
Laundry mudroom ideas

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These mudroom laundry combo ideas will impress you…

small mudroom laundry room

This laundry mudroom impresses…

The laundry space is evident here, some counter space and plenty of cupboard space to hide things away. The long bench is practical too. As well as working as a bench to sit down, it can also be used to hold thing. It almost looks like an IKEA mudroom design.

small laundry mudroom ideas

This laundry room with mudroom offers plenty of storage…

Plenty of laundry room storage space here with these wonderfully tall cupboards. The integrated mudroom bench looks comfortable, perfect to sit and remove your shoes. I suspect the cabinetry is the same as the white kitchen, with the style fully integrated. This combined laundry mudroom is a wonderful little space.

small laundry mudroom combo

This kitchen mudroom combo offers plenty of laundry space…

This is a very functional space. The dividing wall separates the two activities. One area reserved for your dirty laundry, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and storage. This side also includes a hanging rack and open shelving too.

The mudroom side is perfect to declutter yourself before you head inside. Plenty of shoe space and coat hooks. There is plenty of floor space for both activities. The owners of this space have really thought about the practicality.

mudroomlaundry room ideas

Mud room ideas don’t come better than this…stylish and functional…

Perhaps one of my favorite images, the design ideas here really work. Two different zones to work with, the mudroom side is very practical. A perfect place to remove your dirty boots and dirty clothes. The utility sink is perfect to clean up before you head inside. There is plenty of floor space and cubbies to hold you things. The built-in look of the cabinetry gives this a very premium look.

mudroom with washer and dryer

Some laundry mudroom ideas are simple…yet very effective

A small laundry room with a practical place to use as a mudroom. It’s not very spacious but it still serves a purpose. It does demonstrate that you don’t need lots of square footage to get both. There is still plenty of counter space and storage in the laundry area. The mudroom area is a small space, but it contains a bench to sit on, as well as the usual coat hooks and storage.

mudroom with laundry

These laundry mud room designs offer plenty of functional storage…

The wallpaper really gives a homely vibe here. As you can see. there is plenty of room for a washer dryer. Although is is missing a bench and storage, it feels more like an entryway than a conventional mudroom. The coat hooks are practical whilst the entryway mirror helpful. However, the laundry aspect contains storage and cupboard space.

mudroom laundry

This mudroom with laundry attached makes use of the space available…

Plenty going on here in this image, a laundry zone, a mudroom and the dogs home! It is simple design, but it works well. It makes great use from an odd sized room at the back of the house.

mudroom laundry room ideas

This mudroom and laundry room combination offers plenty of style…

A wonderful amount of light in this entryway, it really brightens up what would otherwise be a dark room. The built-in cabinets are wonderful, floor to ceiling. The natural wood integrated bench is a delight. Overall, a beautiful little space for a modern home. Check out this post on hallway laundry room door ideas.

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mudroom laundry ideas

This mudroom with washer and dryer integrated delivers a solid design…

A picture book scene, the delightful teal color of the cabinets delivers depth and a real impact. With the open shelving and a functional countertop, this is a practical room that doesn’t take up a whole bunch of room. Some people may conclude that the storage space is insufficient.

mudroom and laundry room

Want some laundry room mudroom ideas? This stacked version offers just that!

Simple and practical, stacking the washer and dryer saves plenty of space. The mudroom aspect is simple, somewhere to sit and hang up your coats. Simple yet effective design.

mudroom and laundry room ideas

This mudroom offers coat hooks with storage…

A design suited to a more traditional house…isn’t it beautiful. The full length bench is amazing, and the amount of worktop space useful. With a utility sink, this is a very practical room…with a delightful amount of light.

mudroom and laundry room combination

This laundry room mud room offers a minimalistic space…

This modern home makes the most of its space to create this wonderful zone. Minimalism is the key here, clean lines and structures. The full length hanging rack rail is wonderful, and the sheer amount of counter space is impressive.

mud room laundry

This almost looks like a house in itself, isn’t it a huge amount of space. It is practical though with separated zones. Plenty of storage and counter space, perfect for the job. They have done a great job with this mudroom renovation.

mud laundry room

A practical space that is purpose built. The cabinets are purpose made for the room. Although there isn’t a whole load of space, it serves its function.

laundry room mudroom

The split zones of this mudroom laundry room idea make this a very practical space. Classy, elegantly styled and perfectly designed, this is the result that most people want from their laundry mudroom.

laundry room mudroom combo

This is a huge room, but the owners have made the most from it. The separated zones makes for a great working space with a huge amount of storage. The size of the integrated units makes for plenty of storage.

laundry room mud room

These beautiful white units create a lovely space. With plenty of laundry space, it is definitely a functional space.

laundry room entryway ideas

A little room with a big function. The laundry aspect takes up most the room but the mudroom aspect is just as important. Maybe the other side of the room shows a whole new perspective.

laundry mudroom

A very modern home with a very modern Mudroom laundry room. The matt white cabinet design works really well with the natural wood bench. The black faucet and accents really help the design ‘pop’. The grey flooring is perfect for this room.

laundry mudroom combo

What an amazing space. These turquoise kitchen cabinets make this a lovely space. Very elegant and premium looking.

laundry mud rooms

The owners of this lovely home have gone with blue units. It works really well with the beech bench. A functional space at the rear of the home.

laundry mud room

A premium design with custom units, everything is made to measure here. The pull out worktop just reflects the level of detail that has gone into it.

laundry mud room designs

An interesting green color for this practical laundry room and mudroom. The bench space is really nicely done, and stacking the washer and dryer saves plenty of space.

laundry and mudroom

A beige grey design here. It definitely makes the most of the room available, separating it out into zones. With benches and plenty of storage, it ticks all the boxes.

laundry and mudroom ideas

A bright blue design that really shakes your senses! Well designed though, with separated zones and lots of storage incorporated. The huge sink adds to the functionality.

laundry and mudroom combo

These mudroom laundry room ideas should really have shown you what is possible. Whether you have large home, or simply a small space you want to utilise, it can be done. There is plenty of inspiration here to help your design ideas. Which image is your favorite? Pin your favorite image on Pinterest and tag us in. If you have a moment, why not share this post with your friends on social media. See you soon!

mudroom laundry combo ideas
Mudroom laundry combo ideas

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