15+ Hygge Living Room Ideas That Leave You Feeling Warm

hygge living room ideas

Get inspired with our hygge living room ideas

The long winter nights are approaching, where better to appreciate life’s simple pleasures and hunker down, than in a hygge style living room. They are after all designed with ‘coziness’ in mind, a place to shelter you from the cold weather outside. In this post, I will show you some wonderful hygge living room ideas to help you develop your ideas.

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The whole hygge decor concept is based around ‘coziness’ and minimal living…but comfortably. It has its roots in Scandinavian design, specifically the Danish concept of design, and is in response to the brutal climate. It is this aspect that really helps you understand a hygge home and why a cozy space is treasured.

How do you make your living room idea into hygge lifestyle design? The are are a few concepts that we can work with which take your interior design, add a little ‘scandi’ magic dust, and deliver a wonderful cozy living environment that is full of warmth and Scandinavian style.

When it comes to floors, we work with wood flooring…carpets are not really a part of Danish culture…big faux fur rugs are a big thing here in Denmark. It’s not surprising given the natural resources available in this country.

The living space of hygge interiors is designed to be cosy. Good design is always valued and is obvious when you look at Scandinavian furniture design. However, a key aspect of this is the comfort and the way it makes you feel. This is why most aspect of the design have a cozy element to it. You will see plenty of throw pillows, a cozy blanket or two, scented candles and natural plants. Your hygge home decor is all about comfort and the cozy way of life, there is no ‘cold’ design aspects to be seen here.

One of the main aspects of hygge decoration is soft furnishings, and plenty of them…you cant have enough cushions, a throw blanket and pillows. Candles, books and other quaint little items are all key to putting together a hygge living room look, essentially creating a cozy nook. Lighting…lots of little fairy lights rather than a single light source matched with a neutral color palette, even plain white walls.

It’s not just the living space too. The same ethos extends to your dining room, the kitchen, and even your bathroom. We have also covered hygge bedroom ideas in great detail too…it’s no wonder people cant get enough of these design ideas.

So, let take a look at some wonderful examples of hygge living room décor that take the ‘coziness’ factor to the next level. This is the hygge life.

hygge living room
Hygge Living Room Ideas

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These hygge living room ideas should provide you some inspiration to move your ideas forward. Take a look at the overall themes, the furnishings, the wall colors, the flooring, accessories…put together, they form the basis of hygge…the concept of living comfortably.

Hygge (it is pronounced hue-guh) means a special feeling or atmosphere that you feel when you are surrounded by things that are beautiful, comfortable and cozy. It’s a feeling of coziness and safety away from the cold climate in Scandinavia.

If you are thinking that there are some similarities with boho design, then there is an argument to be made here. We can definitely say that some of the furnishings are very similar and the overall look can be remarkable similar.

hygge living room decor
Hygge living room

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